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Zombie Tsunami MOD APK v4.5.121 (Unlimited Money)

Zombie Tsunami game icon
Developer Mobigame S.A.R.L.
Latest Version 4.5.121
Size 70 MB
Mod Info Unlimited Money
Requires 5.0 and up
Updated 2022-11-24
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Zombie Tsunami offers endless survival. You control cute zombies, collect weird powerups, and overcome hundreds of appealing challenges.

Zombie Tsunami takes place in a strange post-apocalyptic world. Players seek to destroy the human race and attack the city with legions of zombies. Your mission is to turn pedestrians into zombies and create the largest army.

Get ready to create massive zombie hordes and destroy everything in your way!

Introduction of “Zombie Tsunami”

Zombie Tsunami is an action & endless runner game; download size is about 90 M.B., Requires Android 4.4 or higher, Powered by Mobigame S.A.R.L., Released in September 2013, and reached more than 100 million downloads Officially on GooglePlay.

Zombie Tsunami introduces a strange post-apocalyptic adventure. You control an army of zombies and want to turn everyone into green zombies. You destroy everything on the way, collect coins & bonuses and enjoy endless fun.

In addition, the game also has many unique skins, cute 2D graphics, and realistic sound effects.

Zombie Tsunami screen 1

Run the cute & weird zombie horde

Zombie Tsunami allows the player to run a horde of cute & whimsical zombies. The game has addictive gameplay and endless runner features. Instead of controlling a single zombie, you guide many zombies and destroy common obstacles, such as public transport, cars, buses, and even planes.

However, each vehicle requires a certain amount of zombies; for example, if you want to destroy a car, you must use a minimum of four zombies. If you have less than the required number of zombies, you must dodge the target or lose a few zombies to continue.

Innocent residents are the easiest targets, as you can quickly destroy them. The bigger the vehicle, the more zombies you need; for example, Tanks need 12 zombies, and planes need 16 zombies.

Zombie Tsunami screen 2

Discover many awesome powerups

Zombie Tsunami offers many incredible power-ups. If you ever loved Subway Surfers, then you love Zombie Tsunami. The gameplay is straightforward, and your task is to control the zombies on an endless journey.

The interface is intuitive, and the controls are straightforward. The zombie horde automatically moves forward, and you need to click on the screen to make the zombie jump to avoid obstacles or wormholes.

Although the controls are simple, you need skillful control and quick reflexes to overcome complex challenges. The speed increases over time, so you have a lot of trouble if you want to create a record score.

The player collects various power-ups, for example, a zombie ninja, a soccer player, or even a dragon. Each powerup has unique strengths, weaknesses, and designs, so if you use them well, it’s easier to overcome difficulties.

Tsunamis are the most potent power ups. If you reach Tsunami, all zombies ride on a tsunami and destroy everything. In this state, zombies are entirely immortal, so you can easily overcome all challenges, eliminate all difficulties, and collect bonuses quickly.

If the zombie turns into a dragon, the zombie horde can fly for a while, which helps you avoid dangerous wormholes. The suggestion is to upgrade your dragon to limit physical damage like bombs.

The game currently has about ten potent power ups, including Balloon (Helps zombies fly on highways), U.F.O. (increases the number of zombies quickly), and Mecha (a powerful robot with a destructive saw blade).

Zombie Tsunami screen 3

Hundreds of missions and many unique skins

Zombie Tsunami is a combination of action and endless running, and it has more than three hundred different missions. Each mission has specific challenges and difficulties, and the problem increases over time.

In the early levels, you start with a zombie, then try to eat innocent inhabitants and own legions of zombies. You use bonuses to increase the number of original zombies. If you own five actual zombies, there is a better start.

In addition, you can raise several pets to collect more gold, and they are divided into levels ranging from Normal to Legendary.

Zombie Tsunami screen 4

Cute 2D graphics and funny sounds

Zombie Tsunami has cute 2D Graphics and funny sounds. The game does not have horror & disgusting images, so it is suitable for anyone, even children. The design style is hilarious, so players have hours of fun entertainment.

The game also offers many exciting obstacles, cool skins, and funny elements. In particular, the game also has hilarious sound effects, so players do not feel bored after a long experience.

Fight waves of unique monsters

In short, Zombie Tsunami is an exciting action & adventure game that promises to bring hours of great entertainment through engaging gameplay. The game has simple control; you must press one button to control all zombies and make perfect jumps.

The game has about ten awesome power-ups, including ninjas, dragons, U.F.O.s, and more. Players can also upgrade character skins to unlock special skills. The game has More than 300 unique missions, about more than ten impressive backgrounds. In particular, you can also Raise zombie birds and get great powers from them.

Finally, the game has impressive 2D graphics and is well-optimized for all Android models, which should provide a smooth experience.

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