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Wrestling Revolution 3D MOD APK v1.770 (Unlocked All)

Wrestling Revolution 3D game icon
Developer MDickie
Latest Version 1.770
Size 89 MB
Mod Info Unlocked All
Requires 5.0 and up
Updated 2022-11-10
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The description of Wrestling Revolution 3D MOD APK v1.770 (Unlocked All)

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Wrestling Revolution 3D offers exciting matches. You build your favorite wrestler, participate in fierce tournaments, destroy opponents and have fun.

Wrestling Revolution 3D is an exciting action & sports game, and the famous WWE inspires the content. Players choose between dozens of powerful wrestlers, participate in various unique events, and perform dozens of exciting action skills.

Introduction to “Wrestling Revolution 3D.”

Wrestling Revolution 3D is an action & sports game, about 40MB in size, requires Android 5.0 or higher, is powered by Mdickie, released in November 2014, and reached over 100 million downloads Official on GooglePlay. Mdickie is an indie game developer and has released impressive products such as School Days, Weekend Warriors MMA, and Hard Time.

Wrestling Revolution 3D introduces exciting matches; you join the epic wrestling universe. Players accompany famous wrestlers, participate in weekly entertaining contests and enjoy beautiful performances. The game has two modes, including practice and competition.

Simple controls and smooth action

Wrestling Revolution 3D introduces exciting matches, and it is based on the actual American WWE. You join the competition circle, control your favorite wrestler and make the match of your dreams.

The control system is straightforward and convenient. You use the virtual joystick on the left side of the screen to dodge and control the wrestler’s movements; you use the symbolic letters (A / G / R / P / T) to perform actions such as: making a kick, holding an object, making a shot, and even a powerful kick.

You have a wide selection of special skills, such as powerful kicks and attacks from MMA “Weekend Warriors”; techniques Gogoplata and Kimura; Front Facelock and Muay Thai Clinch; Rear Naked Choke; Powerbomb and Stomp. Spend a lot of time practicing to create beautiful action combos and increase your chances of winning!

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Create your dream Backstage Pass

Wrestling Revolution 3D offers dramatic and engaging action experiences. If you love the WWE game show, then you love this exciting action game. The game offers various special events. The specific event is the international tournament, where you have to fight with up to 20 boxers. If you like hitting a particular opponent, go for a quick 1vs1 match.

The “Backstage Pass” is a unique event where you choose up to 9 famous fighters, and all participate in a dream match of your creation. Of course, you must spend a lot of time practicing to win the big tournaments.

Wrestling Revolution 3D screen 2

Control 20 famous wrestlers

Wrestling Revolution 3D offers dozens of famous wrestlers. However, the game has no official copyright, so the characters do not have real names, most of which are inspired by real wrestlers like Andre the Giant, Hulk Hogan, or Undertaker.

The game features famous characters from shows like RAW, SmackDown, or even NXT. Throughout the journey, you discover and control world-famous WWE superstars such as Angel Dust, Monty Python, Demento, and Danny Might,… Each character has basic stats, looks, and special skills. Choose your favorite character to create beautiful attacks!

In particular, the game also allows you to create your favorite wrestler, and the customization system is advanced with four pages of rules. From here, you can create interesting characters to your liking of any shape & size. Remember that the only limit is imagination, and be ready to make a big & powerful super wrestler!

Wrestling Revolution 3D screen 3

Impressive 3D graphics and realistic sounds

Wrestling Revolution 3D has stunning graphics and rich details. Although the game is small, the character design is realistic and all simulated like real people.

The background scene is detailed with the audience, lights, background, arena, and more. In particular, the motion animations are very smooth, so you always have the realistic experience you want. The sound is full, including the sound of collisions, screams of the wrestlers, cheers of the audience, and exciting commentary.

Note that the game is well optimized, but if you have big problems, try the following: turn off the referee and set a limit on the match size; select the character model “Basic”; Turn off the shadows and reduce the highlights of the crowd.

Wrestling Revolution 3D screen 4

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of wrestling

In short, Wrestling Revolution 3D is an engaging action & fighting game. The game is based on original WWE content, has interesting gameplay, and has simple controls.

Players can use a variety of attacks, such as punches, blocks, and movements. In addition, players can also perform dozens of complex and beautiful combos. The game also impresses with sharp 3D graphics, realistic sound, and great content. The game has two main modes, including practice and tournament.

The significant shortcoming is copyright, so you can only control anonymous characters. Download “Wrestling Revolution 3D” now and enjoy fantastic wrestling matches!

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