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World Cricket Championship 3 MOD APK v1.4.8 (Unlimited Coin)

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Developer Nextwave Multimedia
Latest Version 1.4.8
Size 1 GB
Mod Info Unlimited Coin
Requires 5.1 and up
Updated 2022-11-19
5/5 - (1 vote)

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World Cricket Championship 3 features engaging gameplay, crisp 3D graphics, and a unique career mode. You also interact with millions of global players.

World Cricket Championship 3 is a great entertainment choice if you love Cricket – the most popular ball and stick team game in the British Isles. Cricket is a top sport in countries like India, and the game helps you understand more about a cricketer’s entire career.

Besides attractive gameplay, the game impresses with its attractive career mode. At the same time, the developer introduces high-quality 3D images and an advanced control system.

Introduction of “World Cricket Championship 3”

World Cricket Championship 3 is an attractive sports game; its download size is about 860 MB; it requires Android 5.1 or higher; released in September 2020, Powered by Nextwave Multimedia, and reached tens of millions of major downloads wake-up on GooglePlay. Nextwave Multimedia develops sports games, such as WCC Rivals Cricket Multiplayer, Planet Golf, and World Table Tennis Champs.

World Cricket Championship 3 offers an impressive array of experiences, including brand-new drivers, PvP mode, pro commentary, premium animations, and advanced AI. Thanks to the addition of new features, the game promises to bring you an amazing & realistic cricket game.

The 3D graphics are extremely sharp, and You are impressed by the detailed models (characters, matches) and realistic sounds (the cheers and emotions of each team member).

World Cricket Championship 3 screen 1

Enjoy the full joy of Cricket.

World Cricket Championship 3 lets you Enjoy the great fun of Cricket. The game features hundreds of impressive cricket actions, all realistically recorded, such as batting, bowling, and punching.

The game also features Professional commentary from Australian cricket legend Matthew Hayden and India’s top cricketer and famous cricketer Aakash Chopra, so each match is exciting.

The Stadium system is handcrafted, and the lighting and the pitch are amazing. In particular, the game offers many Professional Tournaments such as World Cup, Tri Series, ODIs, Ashes, and Test Cricket. The AI ​​is advanced and dynamically scales with the player’s skill level.

Explore the Unique & Exciting Career Mode

World Cricket Championship 3 offers a unique & engaging Career Mode. You embark on an impressive cricket journey as a young player in advanced career mode. The more matches you win (domestic, league, and international), the faster you improve your skills.

Cricket players have two basic skill types, including hitting and running. Skills are affected by accuracy, dodging, running speed, catching, throwing speed, recovery speed, etc. Remember to upgrade your player to win difficult victories against strong, experienced opponents.

You need to complete about 400+ matches and Enjoy visually stunning cutscenes. Get ready to enjoy the amazing cricket story!

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Build and manage a talented cricket team

World Cricket Championship 3 allows you to form your favorite team. From here, you experience three positions: manager, player, and Cricket team coach. It would help if you collected good players to win.

Plus, you can Customize Teams with all-new T-shirts and cosmetics. The game is copyrighted, so it simulates real cricket teams with full presets.

World Cricket Championship 3 screen 3

Addictive gameplay, advanced physics, and realistic controls

World Cricket Championship 3 has simple controls, and you use the left thumb to navigate the player and the right thumb to adjust the direction & force of the throw. The Control Mode is flexible and intuitive.

Although the gameplay is fun and the controls are simple, winning is challenging. You have to control the players in many positions, such as Pitcher, Runner, and Batsman. You don’t have much chance of making mistakes in tough cricket matches, as each match consists of only three innings, so you need to practice great skills.

It will help if you customize your play style with plenty of camera and control options.

Join the competition with millions of other players

World Cricket Championship 3 allows you to participate in real matches against other players. The game automatically recommends suitable opponents based on individual achievements thanks to the intelligent algorithm. Join the League of Champs to test your skills and compete against other players!

The game offers seasonal challenges and impressive contests, so you have hours of great experiences. Get ready to win 50 Epic Merit Badges and Platinum Swords from challenging new Daily Quests!

Hints that if you win special events, it’s possible to Win exciting rewards in Power Kits (categorized through Popular, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary).

World Cricket Championship 3 screen 4

Ready to be the top cricket team

In short, World Cricket Championship 3 is a successful version of the series of the same name. Besides the exciting gameplay, you also have many impressive experiences in career mode, compete in the most famous stadiums, and enjoy the latest technological advancements.

In addition, the game features a huge list of cricket teams and impressive stadiums. The game has many impressive animations and realistic weather (day and night effects). In addition to many exciting game modes, you also participate in Quick Matches with global friends.

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