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Westland Survival MOD APK 4.1.0 (Free Shopping)

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Developer Helio Games
Latest Version 4.1.0
Size 321 MB
Mod Info Free Shopping
Requires 6.0 and up
Updated 2022-11-01
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The description of Westland Survival MOD APK 4.1.0 (Free Shopping)

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Westland Survival offers an exciting world. You find a way to survive in the Wild West, participate in many minigames and enjoy a unique adventure.

Westland Survival is an excellent combination of adventure, role-playing, survival, construction, and action. The game brings the western world full of fun, mystery, and challenge.

Introduction to “Westland Survival: Cowboy Game”

Westland Survival is an action & adventure game, developed by Helio Games Studio, about 330MB in size, requires Android 6.0 or higher, released in June 2018, and reached more than 10 million official downloads on Google Play Store. Mutiny Pirate Survival is another standout game from Helio Games Studio.

Westland Survival is an excellent choice if you love Wild West Adventure survival. It will help if you become an honest bounty hunter in the vast and dangerous virtual world.

Thanks to the exciting gameplay and great content, players can do many things, such as building characters, taming horses, and participating in many unique online events.

The exciting plot about the western world

Westland Survival introduces an exciting storyline about the world of the West. The game takes place in the red valleys of Great Oregon in the Wild West, where you face outlaws and even the sheriff.

The West is very dangerous and fierce, and you must be ready to face hazardous opponents, such as Bandits, bounty hunters, and dead souls. Spend hours exploring the prairie delights of Texas or New Mexico.

Westland Survival screen 1

Build a safe farm in the Wild West

Westland Survival emphasizes authenticity, and the western world is complex, so you need to build a shelter to survive against dangerous challenges. In the beginning, you don’t have anything. Over time, you Collect resources, craft workbenches, earn rare materials and build a perfect fortress.

Of course, the horse is an indispensable pet of any cowboy. To own a strong horse, you must build a large stable. The stronger the horse, the faster you move and the more extra items you carry.

Westland Survival screen 4

Crafting weapons and hunting wild animals

Westland Survival offers a diverse collection of weapons. Players need to collect rare blueprints if they want to craft the most powerful weapons and armor. Suggest that you practice your Shooting Skills if you’re going to win with the most dangerous bandits.

Besides building bunkers and fighting bandits, players also do other crafts, such as mining some wood to make bows and arrows and mining some ores to trade with the Indians.

The virtual world is vast, so you have a lot of fun exploring unique locations. Each location has a unique design, providing resources and dangerous enemies. It would help if you visited the Native American Tribes to craft spiritual items and exchange them for great bonuses.

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Join the excellent PvP mode with global friends

Besides the attractive game mode with an exciting storyline, Westland Survival also brings a lot of great fun in PVE / PVP mode. You should complete daily quests and complete bounty hunts to earn special rewards.

In particular, you can create an Alliance or join the PVP mode if you own a strong Alliance in the Wild West, fully actively mine for gold, and fight for treasure with other players.

The game also offers many unique & limited-time Events on the Oregon Trail, such as fending off a train raid and saving survivors from bandits.

Westland Survival screen 3

Cultivate many powerful pets

Westland Survival also allows players to tame any animal they love. Animals are very diverse, so you have the option of Taming many animals in the open world of the Wild West.

Players can also Hunt wild animals, such as wild boars, tigers, and even giant elephants. Try to hunt wild animals in the open world to collect precious furs; Or tame them for a powerful fighting force!

Besides survival activities, the game also introduces an exciting life of a real cowboy. You have many recreational activities, such as horseback riding and walking around the map, shepherding sheep, participating in some random gunfight for bonuses, or searching for mysterious treasures scattered across the map-wide.

Impressive 3D graphics and realistic sounds

Westland Survival has impressive 3D graphics, a realistic design, and bright colors. Thanks to the third-person perspective, the game gives you an overview of all the details.

In addition, the interface is intuitive, and the sound effects are incredibly realistic. You can hear various noises, such as gunshots, horses, bombs exploding, and other collisions.

Enjoy the fun in the strange western world.

In short, Westland Survival is a great entertainment option, and it helps you Enjoy the fun in the strange western world. Players have many exciting activities, including building a shelter, designing military strategies, making guns, and confronting dozens of types of enemies (ghosts, monsters, looters).

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