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We Happy Restaurant MOD APK 2.8.11 (Free Shopping)

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Developer ChillyRoom
Latest Version 2.8.11
Size 48 MB
Mod Info Free Shopping
Requires 4.4 and up
Updated 2022-10-19
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The description of We Happy Restaurant MOD APK 2.8.11 (Free Shopping)

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We Happy Restaurant is a management simulator. It features a unique storyline, and players manage a restaurant and profit from monstrous customers.

We Happy Restaurant brings unique fun for those who love the management genre. Players run their restaurants and interact with dozens of monstrous types of customers. Use green chemistry to attract customers and build a strong restaurant empire!

Introduction of “We Happy Restaurant”

We Happy Restaurant is an emulator & manager, developed by ChillyRoom; the download size is about 60 MB; Android 4.4 or higher; released in January 2019 and reached millions of official downloads on Google Play Store. ChillyRoom is a Chinese Indie Game Developer and has released many outstanding entertainment products, such as Makers of Soul Knight and Otherworld Legends.

We Happy Restaurant combines simulator and management, where you manage a unique restaurant, serving different exotic cuisines. In particular, you have an exciting secret: the green chemical. Thanks to the addictive nature of the chemical, you can easily attract any hungry customer and enjoy endless entertainment!

We Happy Restaurant screen 4

Interesting story about a strange restaurant

We Happy Restaurant presents an exciting story about a strange restaurant. The game is based on standard management gameplay but offers unique content. Instead of serving regular food, you must create addictive dishes that can turn diners into aliens.

Your restaurant is a horror place, has no ethical standards, and is ready to offer unusual & highly addictive foods. You possess a killer chemical, the green essence.

Thanks to the green essence, you can easily create the most delicious dishes and quickly reap enormous profits. The green stuff attracts any customer, and the number of orders is vast. With an incredible weapon, players do not need to tire of the usual problems, such as improving dishes or managing personnel. Get ready to have some fun!

We Happy Restaurant screen 1

Fun gameplay and simple controls

We Happy Restaurant creates attraction with advantages such as minimalist gameplay, an attractive mission system, horror content, and eye-catching 2D pixel graphics.

In addition to cooking various unique foods, you also add different addictive substances, such as green essence. Thanks to individual chemicals, you can quickly improve the restaurant environment and reach any customer.

Note that if you want to increase satisfaction, you must activate the entire line of addictive products, upgrade food processors and create a professional working environment. Get ready to bring special meals to customers and watch the horror gene mutations!

We Happy Restaurant screen 2

Interact with a variety of monstrous diners

We Happy Restaurant features novel and innovative content, and players engage customers with radioactive foods. Even though customers don’t find the food delicious, they love your restaurant for its green essence.

After eating a lot of food from the restaurant, the guests’ bodies were transformed into monsters, and they had strange problems such as baldness, growing more eyes, changing skin color, and deformed limbs… The more you upgrade (food or processing equipment), the more horror chefs make. In particular, if you create a monstrous dish, all diners will be blown up and turned into bonuses.

It is suggested that you can activate the acceleration function to prepare food more quickly. The more popular your restaurant, the more dangerous monsters you create. Get ready to improve and expand your restaurant to make a huge profit!

We Happy Restaurant screen 3

Brilliant 2D graphics and fun sounds

We Happy Restaurant has brilliant 2D Graphics and fun sounds. The game offers a colorful interface with unique character designs (monsters and aliens). Besides Simple Control Mode, the game has many amazing sound effects and fun electronic soundtracks.

The main highlights of “We Happy Restaurant”

“We Happy Restaurant” has the following highlights:

  •       The simulator is standard, unique, and attractive.
  •       The game is well-designed and optimized, so it has a compact size.
  •       The game has addictive gameplay and easy control, so it is suitable for most small players.
  •       Unique pixel 2D graphics and vibrant sound.
  •       Dozens of exciting challenges and lots of unique content.
  •       Discover excellent food; use the most modern kitchen appliances and appliances.
  •       Interact with dozens of monster customer types!

Ready to become a famous restaurant tycoon

In short, We Happy Restaurant is a fun simulator & manager. The game is based on standard management gameplay but with unique content. Instead of a luxury restaurant empire, you have to Run a restaurant with no ethical standards, Make hideous dishes and attract tons of diners with green essence.

You enjoy the monstrous transformation of diners and use the bonuses to develop evil businesses.

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