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Vortex Cloud Gaming 2.0.1 MOD APK (Free Subscription)

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Developer RemoteMyApp
Latest Version 2.0.1
Size 87 MB
Mod Info Free Subscription
Requires 5.0 and up
Updated 2022-03-20
5/5 - (1 vote)

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Vortex Cloud Gaming is a great entertainment app to play popular PC games on your smartphone.

The game market is growing rapidly and strongly, so games often require high configuration for a stable experience. If you own low-profile devices, the enjoyment is limited, for example, lag. However, Vortex Cloud Gaming allows players to enjoy the most popular PC games.

The app brings the game world to the cloud and streams the game from the server to your device. Therefore, the application is suitable for both casual players and heavy gamers.

Of course, you don’t need to own a powerful smartphone to enjoy the latest PC games. Download “Vortex Cloud Gaming” now and enjoy all the PC games from the Vortex library right on your Android phone!

Great app for global gamers

Vortex Cloud Gaming is a great app, and it comes from the publisher of RemoteMyApp. The application allows you to play all PC games from the Vortex library on your Android phone via an internet connection. Currently, the app is free on Google Play and has tens of millions of official installs.

The special feature of this cloud gaming service is the reasonable price. Thus, you don’t need to waste money on gaming hardware and play all the demanding PC games on any smartphone device.

Get ready to play your favorite games online on your Android phone with just one sign-up!

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Save thousands of dollars

Vortex Cloud Gaming allows users to save thousands of dollars. The app uses the Cloud protocol, where games are run and saved on remote servers and then streamed directly to the player’s device. Cloud data storage is not a strange protocol because it is popular around the world and has many successful names like Google Drive or OneDrive.

This mode of operation helps the device save a lot of data, and users do not need to prepare high-end hardware. Therefore, you can fully experience powerful PC games right on your mobile device. However, your device needs a stable & fast internet connection when using the cloud protocol.

In particular, the application supports HD images with 60FPS. As a result, you will enjoy the best streaming quality by the powerful machines of the developers. No lag and Full HD 60FPS picture. In addition, the application stores hundreds of popular PC games in the cloud, so you can play games online quickly without having to update or download any data.

Vortex Cloud Gaming screen 1

Enjoy any popular game on Android

Vortex Cloud Gaming allows users to Enjoy any popular game on Android and a massive game store with more than 100 different products. In addition, the publisher updates new games every month, which should satisfy most global gamers. Popular games include PUBG, Fortnite, Apex Legend, Minecraft, Dota 2, GTA5,…

You Only need an official registration to access the best games. No downloads and no updates are required. Thanks to server computing power, games are always up to date and ready, so users don’t need any GPU power, and saves are stored in the cloud.

You need a premium internet connection if you don’t want lags and other issues. In addition, this game also integrates an optimal adjustment mechanism, so users can change to suit their preferences.

Vortex Cloud Gaming screen 4

The modern interface and easy to use

Vortex Cloud Gaming is like a game streaming application. Content is streamed from a computer elsewhere to a smartphone, and users can interact and control the game right on the phone through virtual keys or gamepad.

The interface is quite intuitive and ensures compatibility with most mobile devices today. The design of the main interface is very logical, so users can easily find the main features. Black is the main color, so you can easily change your avatar and find your favorite games in the background.

Vortex Cloud Gaming screen 7

Thanks to the application, users can play most PC / Console games right on the phone without worrying about configuration. Of course, you don’t have to wait for data downloads, settings, or updates, either. The operation is very simple, and you need to click on the game for hours of great entertainment. In addition, the gameplay interface is also very perfect so that you will personalize everything in the game quickly.

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The fee is very reasonable and suitable for many people

Vortex Cloud Gaming is the future of entertainment, so you’ll have plenty of great features. Remote gaming is the future, and the app is one of the successful pioneers. Usage is really easy. First, you need to download the app, create an account and sign up. Finally, you will have endless wonderful entertainment experiences right on your smartphone device.

The application currently provides three service packages: BASIC, PRO, and ULTRA. The fee is very reasonable and suitable for many people. If you want to experience the app, you should choose the Basic plan. Choose the Ultra package if you like full entertainment, engaging and varied. In addition, the application also supports TV, Windows and Mac.

If you prefer the traditional experience, then control the game with the screen’s touch and virtual buttons. In addition, the application also supports control by the gamepad. Of course, you are completely free to use any controller compatible with your Android to control the game. Note that the app requires a 4G or 5Ghz WiFi connection, as this guarantees HD picture quality.

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In short, Vortex Cloud Gaming is the perfect application for low-end mobile devices and the future entertainment experience. This app allows you to enjoy all your PC games right on your smartphone, and you don’t need to own a powerful smartphone.

Thanks to the application, you can experience all the popular PC games, but you need a stable and fast internet connection. In addition, you can control the game right on your phone through virtual keyboards like gamepads – this is great if you like racing or action FPS genres.

Although the app still has some shortcomings, overall, it’s great. In addition, the publisher regularly releases new updates, so the application is a great choice for those who love games but do not own a high-configuration device.

Download “Vortex Cloud Gaming” now and immerse yourself in the endless world of Full HD entertainment!

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