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Voloco MOD APK 7.7.1 (Premium Unlocked)

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The description of Voloco MOD APK 7.7.1 (Premium Unlocked)

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Voloco: Auto Vocal Tune Studio is an essential audio app if you want a quality mobile recording studio experience right on your smartphone.

Thanks to the application, users can edit the sound in real-time. Outstanding features include frequency correction, diverse sound effects, and an extensive beat library. After a long release time, the application has received hundreds of thousands of positive reviews from users.

Download “Voloco: Auto Vocal Tune Studio” now to create the hottest songs, recordings and mixes!

Basic information about Voloco

Voloco is a tremendous audio application of RESONANT CAVITY, compact and has reached tens of millions of official downloads on Google Play Store. The app is also very popular with famous singers, rappers, musicians and content creators.

Thanks to the app, you can easily enhance the sound quality and make recordings like a pro with free rhythm & intuitive tools. Get ready to record fantastic music and performances with this quality sound editor and voice recorder!

Own a quality mini studio on your smartphone

Voloco has an intuitive, user-friendly interface that is suitable for anyone. The application is straightforward, so you can quickly become an audio pro with a few simple audio editing operations.

Thanks to the app, you don’t need a studio, microphone or complicated software. The app has an intelligent AI that automatically removes background noise and allows you to adjust the perfect pitch of your voice.

Get ready to enjoy mini studio-quality through this top audio editing app! The app also offers many presets for compression effects, EQ, auto voice tuning, and reverb. Therefore, you will easily edit out perfect recordings.

Discover top hit songs

Voloco also offers top music, and most of them are posted by users. The publisher tries to update the latest music and, at the same time, suggest to users the most famous piece.

Each track has the necessary information, including the author’s name, number of views, and effects used. Thus, you can create a similar way or discover more tracks when accessing related information.

The tracks can all be streamed, but the productions are personal and have never been published in any media. Get ready to discover Voloco’s hidden musical talents!

High-quality vocal recording

Not only does Voloco allow users to record audio for free, but users can easily apply unique effects or beats, like reverb or automatic voice adjustments. The app lets you import videos of any celebrity conversation, and then you’re free to add products to create exciting sounds like a kid or an angry alien. The only limit is your creativity!

Make a bunch of great remixes.

Voloco can separate vocals from existing songs or beats using vocal removal. It is straightforward: first, import a piece, separate the lyrics with the vocal remover feature, choose effects, add a new beat, and immediately enjoy a unique mix. You can ultimately create music with a unique Elvis voice.

Also, if you want to create a mix with another audio editor, just publish your recording as AAC or WAV for mixing in your favorite third-party application. In addition, the application also allows users to record lyrics. From here, you can create the best karaoke recordings and instantly share them with your friends.

Finally, Voloco also impresses with more than 50 unique sound effects, and they are grouped into 12 preset packs. The Starter effect, for example, allows the user to mix two flavors of voice tones automatically; LOL effects are fun effects that include vibrations, drunk melodies and vocals; The Spooky effect is the weird noises of Aliens, ghosts, ghosts, and more.

Alternative apps for Voloco

AudioLab is a great audio editor that you should consider using. The application has all the necessary features such as Audio Trim, Audio Mix, Detailed Tag Editing, Mix different types of audio, Efficient Audio Recorder, Handy Voice Editor and many more. In addition, the application supports instant preview so that you can easily edit as you like.

FL Studio Mobile is a widespread audio editor by Image-Line. Thanks to the app, users can create different genres of music right on their smartphones. The application is full of powerful tools, so users are free to create and record, edit, mix and render unique songs with ease. In addition, the application also has a high-quality synthesizer, drum beats, sliced ​​loops and various effects.


In short, Voloco is a great audio editor from the publisher RESONANT CAVITY. Thanks to a series of useful features and a powerful toolset, the application has received much attention from newbies and professional editors.

Currently, the application is one of the top choices of the smartphone music creation community. The application allows users to edit recordings in real-time while providing robust editing tools. In addition, the application also has a wide variety of free beats and great lyric features.

Download Voloco: Auto Vocal Tune Studio now to share your passion for music, create amazing remixes and discover thousands of other things!

Download Voloco MOD APK 7.7.1 (Premium Unlocked) for Android

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