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VivaCut Pro MOD APK v3.0.4 (VIP Unlocked)

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VivaCut – Pro Video Editoris a professional video editor if you need to create videos with unique music and effects. You will develop professional cinematic videos with catchy music thanks to the features and friendly interface. Get ready to share your impressive videos on top social networks like YouTube and Instagram!

General information about VivaCut Pro

VivaCut Pro is a tremendous and outstanding video editing application on Android. The app is about 120MB and has over 50 million official downloads on Google Play Store.

The app is full of top features, like the combination of green screens, which should allow you to combine compelling videos like a Hollywood-grade movie. In addition, the application also has other exciting features such as Masks, Texts, Stickers, Emojis, etc.

Using the green screen feature is also quite simple; when you need to select two videos, arrange them properly and start greening the background. People or objects are automatically highlighted, and they automatically work together against a green background.

In particular, you can also create unique Mask layers (such as Linear, Mirror, Radial, Rectangular and Oval) all for the scene.

In addition, the application allows users to mark music and add effects to the beat of the music, making the video more unique. Finally, you can enhance the video’s aesthetic with transitions or add any music/audio.

Many outstanding features

VivaCut is suitable for everyone because of its beautiful and intuitive editing interface. In addition, the application has the function of zooming the frame according to the accuracy of the video. Not only can edit text (multiple fonts and emojis, colours, opacity, shadows), the app can also adjust the video through factors like brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, colour temperature, opacity.

In addition, the application also has unique filters and VFX effects, such as Dizzy, X-ray, Dazzled and Zoom Blur. Video editing is fun, and you should get used to it if you enjoy creating cute videos. Suggest that you try Glitch Effects to make the most exciting videos with stable transitions and effects!

Editing video clips is easy and suitable for anyone

VivaCut allows Editing video clips quickly. Thanks to powerful tools, users easily trim videos, Combine video clips, merge clips into one stunning video with transition effects. In addition, you can control the fast & slow speed easily. Of course, you still need a long time to get used to everything. Still, the results are stunning, and you’ll be pleased with the final editing result.

Animation is also one of the features that many people are interested in. Don’t hesitate to share your favourite videos with your friends via YouTube or Facebook.

Add live music to the video

VivaCut allows users to Merge live music into videos. In addition, you can optionally overlay with tools like opacity and blend. The app also has powerful blend modes like Color Burn, Multiply, Screen, Soft Light, Hard Light and many more.

You can choose the hottest music from the app store or add your personal favourites. Try different themes for the best audio experience!

Save and share high-quality videos

VivaCut allows users to create high-quality videos. Quality is an issue anyone has to consider when choosing a video editor. In particular, VivaCut Pro will enable users to render videos in Full HD (720p and 1080p) and even 4K formats. The sharpness comes from pixel-by-pixel image reproduction technology and the power of the device’s processor.

Of course, you can ultimately share videos easily with friends on some popular social networks like Facebook, YouTube, TikTok or Instagram. It’s all straightforward, and you’re just one click away!

The suggestion is to use animated text for better multi-layer video editing for youtube. The “Undo & Redo” feature allows you to undo any steps you took!

Alternatives to VivaCut Pro

KineMaster is currently one of the leading video editing applications today. The application has many powerful, easy-to-use editing features such as colour mixing, background matching, voiceovers, and special effects. Therefore, the application is suitable for anyone, from a newbie to a professional blogger.

InShot is also a powerful editor. The application is full of professional features, such as adding music, transition effects, text, emoji, keyframes, slow motion, video collage, background blur,… However, you can also easily share unique videos with social networks like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, WhatsApp, Facebook,… Get ready to score with your friends through awesome videos!


In short, VivaCut Pro is the best video editor available today with all the necessary features. The application helps you to cut, merge and split videos quickly. Therefore, you can also use other features such as layered chroma, text, music and filters. In particular, the application allows you to save live videos in high quality and easily share everything on social networks such as Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, …

Download VivaCut now to create impressive unique, or top professional videos!

Download VivaCut Pro MOD APK v3.0.4 (VIP Unlocked) for Android

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