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VIMAGE MOD APK v3.3.3.1 (Pro Unlocked)

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VIMAGE 3D live photo animation is a professional photo editor. Thanks to a series of powerful tools, the application allows you to add dynamic effects (more than 20 effects are available) to any still image. From here, you can easily create vibrant photos as you like and share the joy with your loved ones!

General information about VIMAGE

VIMAGE is one of the leading smartphone photo editors, compact in size, and has reached over 5 million official downloads. The application allows users to turn still photos into more vivid images.

Get ready to breathe life into your photos with top aesthetic tools! The app now has hundreds of unique photo effects, presets, filters, and overlays. In particular, you can share your artwork with friends with just a few simple steps. Also, the app’s interface is intuitive, so it’s for anyone, and you don’t have to be a professional photographer.

Intuitive interface and simple to use

VIMAGE is suitable for anyone because of its intuitive interface and simple usage. First, you select the photo you want to modify, then use various simple tools to adjust brightness, saturation, and contrast. Next, you can choose between animation effects, including smoke, clouds, fire, water, birds, etc.

In particular, the application has brilliant AI. For example, if you create a moving sky, the AI ​​automatically corrects it accordingly. Your task is to choose from hundreds of sky presets. Indeed with this tool, you can easily breathe life into boring still photos, like creating an overcast sky from a sunny beach.

Top choice for smartphone photography

Cinemagraph is one of the critical features of any popular photo editor. VIMAGE is the top choice for smartphone photography, and the reason is its Cinemagraphs feature. Classic animations (known as GIFs) are made up of continuous motion. But cinematograph allows users to customize the motion area as they want.

Thanks to Cinemagraphs, you can apply creative 3D motion effects, parallax illusions, flow animations, or overlays to any image. In particular, the application has detailed instructions with various editing tools, so you can easily create perfect movies.

Experience many other unique features

VIMAGE also offers many outstanding features, and each part helps make photos more creative and vivid.

First, you should take care of the “background” feature. This feature has two different tools: adjust and rotate. If you choose adjustment, you can change the brightness, contrast, and saturation depending on your needs. If you select the rotate feature, you can rotate the image.

Next, you need to take care of additional effects. The application provides hundreds of unique effects. Glitters, Confetti, and Paraglide are some of the effects users often use.

The Freeze feature is also handy. Thanks to this feature, you can freeze any object in the moving area. In addition, you can use the delete feature if you make an editing mistake.

Finally, the Speed ​​feature allows users to reverse time and speed up or slow down motion.

Share your passion with a large community

The developer regularly gives gifts to the loveliest users! In particular, the application also has a large community, so you are free to share great live photos with the whole world. It is suggested that you add the hashtag #vimage to the post to increase its popularity on social networks like Instagram or Facebook.

Get ready to be one of the weekly artists and be part of the vast VIMAGE community! In particular, the application also has famous photo contests. If you have a good photo, proactively submit your best animation works to in-app games. You will indeed receive a precious title and be featured in the weekly official hotties if you share a good photo.

Alternatives to VIMAGE

Motionleap has powerful and unique tools to change still images into vivid and realistic photos completely. In addition, the application is an in-depth photo editor with exciting features. Download the app now to create striking images and experience the unique features of this fantastic photo editor!

Movepic is also a great animation editor. The application has an intuitive interface, and the features are helpful. Thanks to this editor, you can easily create vivid photos and experience a wide range of unique effects. Download the app to create stunning works without being a professional photographer quickly!


In short, Vimage is an excellent photo-editing application. Thanks to this editor, you can create fabulous animated pictures. Of course, you can also easily share the results directly to Instagram or save them to the smartphone memory. In addition, the application also has an intuitive interface, simple to use, so it is suitable for anyone. Finally, the application has a large user community and many attractive prizes.

Download VIMAGE MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) v3.3.3.1 for Android

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