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Used Car Tycoon Game MOD APK 22.12 (Unlimited Money)

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The description of Used Car Tycoon Game MOD APK 22.12 (Unlimited Money)

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Used Car Tycoon Game has interesting idle Gameplay. You collect dozens of old cars and improve them to generate income. It also has many minigames.

Used Car Tycoon Game is the perfect combination of a management simulator and great entertainment. You join the car industry, step by step, and become a tycoon in a rich used car dealer. Of course, things are not easy, and you must deal with many busy Jobs.

Introduction to “Used Car Tycoon Game”

Used Car Tycoon Game is an attractive emulator & manager of supermt, about 220 MB in size, compatible with Android 5.0 and above, released in September 2021, reaching millions of official downloads on Google Play Store.

Used Car Tycoon Game is about the used car industry. You are a talented boss, running a used car business and must attract many customers. Your task is to buy back old cars and repair them to generate income.

In addition, you can also hire many good employees, unlock unique equipment, and boost ads to make a profit. Get ready to build an old car empire and become a car tycoon in this amazing virtual world!

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Explore a diverse car collection

Used Car Tycoon Game offers a wide variety of vehicles. You are the owner of a shop specializing in buying and selling used cars. Your task is to collect old cars for recycling and repair directly. Then you sell the recycled car at a higher price to earn a profit. You can make money from the used car business, step by step, becoming a tycoon in the used car field.

Get ready to satisfy your passion for collecting! There is a wide variety of modern vehicles of all sizes, and each has impressive points. The game offers dozens of unique car models ranging from vans, small cars, sedans, sports cars, and off-road vehicles to model cars, pumpkin cars, and large displacement vehicles,…

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Gameplay is idle and simple

Used Car Tycoon Game has idle and simple Gameplay, so it is suitable for anyone. Like other business games, you have to start from the bottom: a direct worker. After a long operation, you become a manager and an executive.

At the start, you only have to buy used cars at a low value, then repair them yourself and sell them for a profit. After a period of operation, you have money to hire good staff.

Although the Gameplay is simple, you must have a smart strategy to create a prosperous store. If you make wise investment decisions, you can easily make a lot of money in a short time and do not need to do anything. Remember that Machines work continuously and constantly generate products & revenue, so you still have a great profit in your spare time.

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Enjoy the extremely engaging storyline

Used Car Tycoon Game has an extremely engaging storyline, and the mission system is very diverse. Besides managing the old car company, you also have to solve many difficult tasks, such as helping villagers build roads, helping schools upgrade classrooms, supporting racers to win races, and helping taxi companies make amazing cars. Get ready to spend hours enjoying a variety of rich storylines!

You also interact with antique car dealers to buy pieces of special cars. In addition, you can also use a crane to pick up the old car wrecked in the river, bring the necessary tools to dig the puzzle pieces and hire the villagers to find the antique car pieces. Try to find the puzzle pieces to unlock valuable antique cars!

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Discover the process of repairing old cars

Used Car Tycoon Game has a realistic simulation, so you can not only interact but also get a better understanding of the old car repair process. From broken & damaged old cars, you have to create good and high-priced cars.

Note that every old car gets damaged in many different places, for example, rear spoiler, aero kit, tires, mirrors, hood, muffler, etc. You must fix any damaged parts if you want to sell the car at a high price. In addition, after finishing the details, you can also decorate the car to your liking with many different paint colors. In short, you can restore problem cars by erasing, welding, painting, and changing parts!

Join interesting & fun minigames

Used Car Tycoon Game also offers interesting & fun minigames, and they are very challenging for your brain. Remember that the game needs IQ, so you must consider the upgrade order of many different factors and reasonably combine many different resources to expand the old car empire quickly.

Ready to be the tycoon of the old car empire

In short, Used Car Tycoon Game is a great simulator & manager. The game brings a fresh and interesting theme and combines many elements perfectly. Download the game right here and be the tycoon of the old car empire!

Download Used Car Tycoon Game MOD APK 22.12 (Unlimited Money) for Android

If you want to save time and quickly expand your old car empire, download Used Car Tycoon Game (MOD Unlimited money). Thanks to this amazing mod, you have a large amount of idle money to buy any item and quickly unlock advanced features with ease.

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