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Truck World: Euro Simulator MOD APK 1.237373 (Unlimited Money)

Truck World Euro Simulator mod apk game icon
Developer GameFirst Mobile
Latest Version 1.237373
Size 169 MB
Mod Info Unlimited Money/Gold
Requires 5.0 and up
Updated 2022-08-04
5/5 - (1 vote)
Truck World Euro Simulator mod apk poster
Truck World Euro Simulator mod apk poster

If you are an adventurous person, love racing games off-road, love high-speed racing, and want to conquer all challenges in the racing world, you must have experienced many racing games’ famous terrain, with extremely attractive gameplay. But today, we will introduce you to a new realistic driving game called Truck World: Euro Simulator, which is considered one of the most realistic new driving simulation versions. You will own new trucks, along with realistic 3D graphics that will give players a surreal feeling when driving, promising to be the best ideal experience ever, to bring players from one surprise to another.


At the beginning of the game, the system will provide you with a truck, a very simple single-player way for the player to fully master his vehicle. In the Truck World: Euro Simulator game supports for player 4 different control modes to drive. The first is control mode, you just need to click the arrow to go left or right. The second is the Accelerometer mode, which is designed to give players a more realistic driving experience by tilting the phone left or right. The third is the Steering wheel mode, it is located at the position of 2 arrows, you just need to rotate it left or right to move. The 4th is a simple driving mode, it’s the same as the 3rd mode, but the gameplay and control are much easier.

Truck World Euro Simulator mod apk screen 1
Truck World Euro Simulator mod apk screen 1

In addition, the cockpit is fully designed with parts and functions including horn, brake, forward pedal, reverse pedal, 2 mode light switch, and HUD, including speedometer, fuel gauge data, vehicle durability, and power indicator light. Your task is to drive, choose the transport order and observe the map with GPS navigation to move, the reward after completing each mission is money rewards and experience points. The bonuses and experience points can be used to upgrade the truck, customize, paint, and decorate the vehicle to your liking. Besides the car upgrade, the car’s parts are also upgraded such as the engine is upgraded speed and acceleration, the cabin, the shock absorber system, the transmission number, the fuel tank, the sleeping bag in the car, etc, and many other upgraded parts are very rich and unique. In the right corner of the screen is a designed SOS button, if you are stuck or have an accident in the journey press the SOS button, the system will rescue you immediately, but it can also be a signal to other players and they will come to your rescue.

Truck World Euro Simulator mod apk screen 2
Truck World Euro Simulator mod apk screen 2


With the latest version, you will have the opportunity to experience breakthroughs as well as many new outstanding features. In the Truck World: Euro Simulator game, you will play the role of a driver for a transport company and interact with other characters and players in their own stories, exploring all terrains, weather, completing cargo missions, learning and researching famous European and American brand trucks and upgrading your truck. Besides, with different viewing angles, the 1st person scene mode has created something unique and different for you, giving you the most realistic driving feeling as well as immersing yourself in the life of drivers.

The graphics are designed in a sharp 3D style, the images are smooth, the movement is flexible, giving you the driver the most realistic feeling. In addition, the sound has been integrated into many different levels to bring you completely new experiences.

Truck World Euro Simulator mod apk screen 3
Truck World Euro Simulator mod apk screen 3


Complete missions, pass many levels to collect, and own a collection of trucks, full of models and colors.

  • Owning European and American car lines with more than 16 brands.
  • Experience driving in cities and European countries through moving maps
  • Many stories, missions, and conveying missions to accumulate experience points, bonuses, and upgrade vehicles and car parts.
  • The spare parts store in the game is diverse and rich to let players enjoy customizing the car’s appearance.
Truck World Euro Simulator mod apk screen 4
Truck World Euro Simulator mod apk screen 4

Besides the game, you can also refer to and experience other equally interesting games such as World Truck Driving Simulator and Bus Simulator Ultimate, to have access to many beautiful cars from famous companies featuring their awesome looks and dividing experiences. As a result, the game allows you to fully engage yourself in the experience and have fun driving with many different truck models, feel free to collect and explore the different features of the games!

Now that you are ready for this journey, let’s clutch at the Steering Wheel and start your first delivery order!

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