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Truck Simulator Ultimate MOD APK 1.2.4 (Unlimited Money)

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The description of Truck Simulator Ultimate MOD APK 1.2.4 (Unlimited Money)

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Trucks are one of the specialized vehicles for transporting bulk goods, to approach this extremely popular type, game manufacturers have researched and released simulation games extremely interesting and very realistic driving simulation, including to mention the Truck Simulator Ultimate is a free truck driving simulation game promising to bring many extremely vivid and realistic experiences. In the game, you have the task of managing a transportation company specializing in providing freight services in more than 100 cities. On the other hand, the game also helps you to better understand the operating principles of this type of vehicle, diversifying life skills as well as experiencing more new things about the truck driver profession. Reality and Integral are the important things that the game will bring to you. Let’s read the article below to learn more about the game!


At the beginning of the game, you will choose the country to open the company, including the United States, China, Canada, Russia, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Netherlands, Turkey, Korea, Japan, Brazil, Azerbaijan, etc. Initially, the company will only have one driver and one truck, overcome many challenging routes, transport a variety of goods in more than 100 different cities, each time completing the mission you will collect bonuses, the bulkier the order, the farther the route, the faster the request time, the higher the bonus.

Once you have accumulated a large amount of money, experience points, and more customers, you will start buying more cars, recruiting more drivers, teller staff, and eventually an asset manager for the company. Build your own fleet of trucks with a variety of specialized vehicles to suit all customer requirements, choose to recruit drivers, employees with suitable salaries, buy cars, renovate offices, garages, storages.

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Many features in the Truck Simulator Ultimate game are based on what has appeared in reality, namely that you will initially be able to choose a truck you love the most, can change its appearance for real tailored to your taste, then you can fully admire all the interior, spare parts inside a truck. On the other hand, you can flexibly change the camera’s viewing angles to your own style you want to make it easy to control and finally follow the instructions to start the engine and start the journey to wherever you choose.

Another interesting point is that the Truck Simulator Ultimate game is also designed specifically for drivers at stops along the way, who can order food, eat and rest. At this time, you can also hear the driver’s chewing food and the talking sound, etc.

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With high simulation features, the game has extremely sharp 3D graphics, smooth images with meticulous attention to detail, the sound is described in the most vivid way from the engine sound to the sound of the surrounding environment. All create a unique game that will surely make you surprised and surprised just like you are driving heavy trucks in real life.


The most important thing in simulation games is the realism it can bring, the Truck Simulator: Ultimate game also has the most realistic surroundings designed with modern graphics, you can freely go to a lot of different places on the map, easy to find stops as well as can fill up gas and buy more food there. The weather also changes according to reality from rain, sun, storm or snow, day, night and some extreme weather patterns can affect your visibility, green roads and trees Or mountains and deserts are waiting for you to explore.

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Not only can you drive, but you can also do business from this potential field, you can receive important orders in more than 100 different cities, participate in auctions for stocks that transport a variety of goods to make a profit for themselves. Create your own business with the investment you earn from completing tasks, finding potential markets to exploit and develop everything. In addition, you can also build a private office with fully modern amenities, everything will be run and controlled by yourself based on your personal opinions or thoughts, hire management staff to support you to operate many different jobs.

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If you are a person who knows a lot about trucks, you will be aware that there are hundreds of vehicles from different brands, but in which vehicles from Europe and America will be the best and highest quality brands. That’s why you will be free to choose between the styles and colors of the truck, turn it into any color, all the cars you are driving are modeled almost accurately from famous brands in real life, there are more than 32 different vehicles you can control and experience.


The Truck Simulator Ultimate game allows you to interact with other players on the server, you can create a private room and invite them to join you, organize races to show off your truck driving skills. own practice. At the same time, you have the option to build reasonable routes and destinations, adjust for favorable or difficult weather to create greater challenges for the race’s drivers. Of course, the rules are also created and controlled by you, use your creativity in organizing races to make more new friends!

The Truck Simulator Ultimate game is available on all AppStore ready for new features and updates, besides you can also experience other truck driving simulation games like World Truck Driving Simulator and Truck World: Euro Simulator to feel many new and interesting things from this game genre!

So, are you ready for a new experiential adventure get? Don’t hesitate anymore, let’s clutch at the Steering wheel and start the exciting adventures on the endless roads. Feel the things you have never experienced before on the heavy truck!

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