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Truck Simulator PRO Europe MOD APK 2.6.1 (Unlimited Money)

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The description of Truck Simulator PRO Europe MOD APK 2.6.1 (Unlimited Money)

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Truck Simulator PRO Europe is a fun game. The Game features an advanced driving simulator, a vast virtual world, and a variety of realistic effects.

Truck Simulator PRO Europe is a great entertainment choice if you like driving simulators. The Game emphasizes huge trucks and excellent European roads.

The Game has an attractive central mission system, many deliveries, and a diverse collection of trucks. Get ready to be the best truck driver in Europe, and explore eight amazing European cities!

The introduction of “Truck Simulator PRO Europe”

Truck Simulator PRO Europe is a Mageeks truck simulator, about 1GB in size, Requires Android 5.1 or higher, Released in March 2018, and reached hundreds of thousands of official downloads on Google Play Store. Mageeks Studio specializes in developing simulators, such as Bus Simulator PRO, Construction Simulator PRO, and Farming PRO, Truck Simulator Ultimate.

Get ready to immerse yourself in hundreds of different exciting quests! Truck Simulator PRO Europe has attractive & diverse content, including 8 other trucks, and the player is free to customize the car according to their needs. In addition, you can also build your truck empire, unlock the most profitable shipments, hire talented assistants and create a large fleet.

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Explore the vast & detailed virtual world

Truck Simulator PRO Europe offers a vast & detailed virtual world. This is the right choice if you like to control a big truck company and do hundreds of transport missions.

The Game introduces nearly 10 beautiful European countries and the breathtaking open world. Players can hire more drivers and set up their own transportation companies. In addition, the Game has more than 30 different types of goods and many realistic effects.

In particular, the Game provides an intuitive & detailed interface. Plus, you have two Driving View options. If you want the most authentic experience, then use First Person. In this mode, you see exciting details like Hands, steering wheel, and console, but visibility is limited.

If you want the whole experience and easy to see everything, switch to the third person. In this perspective, everything is not flexible, but you get complete & impressive expertise.

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Wide range of modern & detailed trucks

Truck Simulator PRO Europe offers about 8 impressive truck models from different manufacturers. The design of each vehicle is rich in detail and matches their prototype. Over time, players can also customize any of their favorite cars, including increasing engine power, changing large wheels, and other essential details. Of course, you can also personalize the vehicle with paint colors or stickers.

Each car has different specifications and values ​​, including Max Speed, Speed ​​Limiter, Max Fuel, Horse Power, Gears, Mass, and Durable. It is suggested that you accumulate bonuses to upgrade your vehicle or buy a new truck.

If you change the box, different modes of transportation can be selected. In particular, the Game also offers exciting combinations. For example, the trunk combines a trailer and a tail.

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Build your truck empire

Truck Simulator PRO Europe also allows players to build their truck empire. In the beginning, you run your own business and have to deal with many difficulties. After completing a few missions, you can hire more drivers and buy more modern trucks.

If you want to be the boss of the transportation industry, you have to deal with critical business issues, like how to expand your reach, manage your people, and balance your finances.

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Experience realistic effects

Truck Simulator PRO Europe impresses with realistic effects such as gearshift and steering modes, practical fuel consumption and fatigue system, and real-life speed limits for each country.

In this realistic simulator, you not only have to deal with speed limits but also take care of other issues such as traffic tables, complex traffic flow, and even changing weather.

Realistic 3D graphics and impressive sounds

Truck Simulator PRO Europe uses excellent 3D graphics and meticulous attention to detail. In particular, the change in weather conditions and time increases the driving experience. Plus, you can see the fantastic scenery from the truck’s cabin through the first-person perspective or enjoy the best views from the third-person perspective.

The Game offers impressive visual effects, such as the fog in the countryside and the shimmer on the highway. Of course, different weather conditions, such as sunshine, rain, storm, and snow, are shown in a very realistic way.

Enjoy exciting long-distance truck driving

In short, Truck Simulator PRO Europe is a highly realistic simulator, so players can fully enjoy truck driving. Besides attractive gameplay and quality 3D graphics, the Game is updated so that you will have an enjoyable experience for a long time. The Game offers excellent locations in the 10 largest European countries.

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