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Truck Simulator Europe MOD APK 1.3.4 (Free Shopping)

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Developer Zuuks Games
Latest Version 1.3.4
Size 152 MB
Mod Info Free Shopping
Requires 5.0 and up
Updated 2022-10-15
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The description of Truck Simulator Europe MOD APK 1.3.4 (Free Shopping)

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Truck Simulator Europe allows players to enjoy long trips in realistic 3D graphics. Get ready to explore the real highways of Europe!

Truck Simulator Europe offers a realistic driving experience and addictive gameplay. Players experience completely realistic missions and engage in exciting activities.

In addition, you also run your own business and build your transportation empire.

Introduction to “Truck Simulator Europe”

Truck Simulator Europe is a Zuuks driving simulator; its download size is about 171 MB; it requires Android 5.0 or higher; released in April 2018 and reached more than 100 million official downloads on Google Play Store.

Zuuks was founded in 2014 and specializes in developing driving simulators such as Bus Simulator: Ultimate, City Driving 3D, and Driver Simulator. Zuuks also released fun casual games, such as GANGS Valley, Word Match 3D and Balance of Country. After a long time of development, Zuuks games have been downloaded by hundreds of millions worldwide.

Truck Simulator Europe offers about 15 vehicles, including cars, trucks, tractors, and petrol trucks. Each type of vehicle has a unique function and mission. In addition, the world is large and has diverse locations such as airports, construction sites, shipyards and others. Finally, the 3D graphics are impressive, and the physics are very realistic.

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Intuitive interface and simple controls

Truck Simulator Europe allows players to drive along Europe’s highways and transport various goods. Your goal is to transport goods and explore amazing roads throughout Europe.

The strong points of the game are excellent 3D Graphics, convenient controls, unique camera angles, and many interesting roads in Europe. The game offers three types of intuitive controls: buttons, steering wheel or screen tilting.

The controls are simple, so the game is suitable for anyone. First, you start your Truck using the Start/Stop button. Then you tap the “D” position on the right side of the screen and Navigate the Truck using the brake and accelerate buttons.

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Exciting gameplay and realistic simulation

At the starting point of Truck Simulator Europe, you choose your favorite Truck and then transport goods from city to city across Europe. At first, users only accept small orders, and over time can take on large jobs with high value.

The more bonuses you earn, the more chances you have to unlock new models and upgrade existing cars. The world is very diverse, and it has all the popular types of roads, for example, Country, highway and highway.

The suggestion is that players start with the basic game modes to quickly get used to truck control. In addition to interesting challenges and missions, players also have to face disadvantages, such as bad weather, complex traffic systems and different types of running tracks.

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Customize and upgrade your favorite trucks

Truck Simulator Europe offers more than 15 types of trucks, and all of them are the most modern trucks. The design of each car is precise & extremely detailed. It is suggested that if you do not have much experience, choose a short vehicle for the easiest control.

You must use the best quality items to conquer long distances or transport large items. Take your time to upgrade your Truck and build a massive transport empire! Of course, You can also customize & upgrade the truck model as you like.

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Useful driving tips for newbies

Truck Simulator Europe has fun gameplay and simple controls, but if you are a newbie, then check out the suggestions below:

  •       You choose how to control your Truck on the Settings menu. The right controls help you drive more efficiently.
  •       If you participate in night missions, use the Headlight button to move more smoothly.
  •       If you follow the traffic rules, you will be less likely to fail, complete tasks easier and earn more bonuses. Of course, the faster you complete the task, the more bonus you will earn.

Enjoy the exciting truck-driving journey.

The game offers about 13 Modern Trucks with Realistic Interiors. Besides engaging gameplay and a realistic truck driving experience, the game offers more than 250 fun radio stations and three easy Control mechanics (Tilt, Buttons or steering wheel). In short, Truck Simulator Europe is a great driving simulator that you should experience.

Players Drive across Europe and participate in Realistic Traffic Systems (country roads, city roads and motorways). You can Customize impressive trucks, experience Realistic Weather and complete 60+ challenging levels.

The game especially has different Camera Angles (Inner Cam, Front Cam, Outer Cam and more), so it’s easy for you to fully enjoy the feeling of driving and Amazing 3D Graphics and Sound Effects Realistic.

Finally, the game Supports over 25 languages ​​and Online Leaderboards, so you are free to share the fun with your friends worldwide.

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