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Traffic Rider MOD APK 1.81 (Unlimited Money)

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Developer Soner Kara
Latest Version 1.81
Size 126 MB
Mod Info Unlimited Money
Requires 5.0 and up
Updated 2022-10-05
5/5 - (1 vote)

The description of Traffic Rider MOD APK 1.81 (Unlimited Money)

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Traffic Rider brings fierce street races. Players sit behind the wheel of a powerful motorcycle and explore many challenges in 4 exciting modes.

Traffic Rider is a fun driving game that uses a first-person perspective. Players choose about 20 cars and enjoy the roads full of vehicles. Get ready to hit the straight highways, beat the strong opponents, and enjoy the sharp turns ahead.

Introduction to “Traffic Rider”

Traffic Rider is a motorcycle racing game by Soner Kara, about 120 MB in size, requires Android 5.0 or higher, released in early 2016, and reached more than 100 million official downloads on Google Play Store. Soner Kara specializes in developing simulators such as Traffic Racer or Wings on Fire.

Traffic Rider has the attractive features of a motocross simulator. In addition, the game adds many new things, such as full career mode, first-person perspective, quality 3D graphics, and realistic sounds.

The game offers dozens of endless highways with complex traffic. Finally, you can upgrade and buy new bikes to become a street tycoon.

Simple controls and intuitive interface

Traffic Rider is one of the standout moto games on Android. In this game, you have to move at high speed along the highway and enjoy the fantastic adventure. You must face a series of other cars and trucks in each challenge. Of course, try to get as many points as possible.

If you have ever experienced the gameplay of Traffic Racer, it does not take long with this game. You accelerate by pressing the accelerator icon on the right and slow down by pressing the brake pedal icon on the left.

If you want to navigate the bike, then just tilt your device. Thanks to the advanced simulator, the movement is very smooth.

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Discover dozens of unique motorcycles

Traffic Rider offers a great collection of motorcycles. Initially, the player is only equipped with a basic bike with a maximum speed of 100 km / h. After each successful challenge, you get a bonus and use them to buy expensive motorcycles. Remember that the more expensive the motorbike, the more rewards you have to accumulate.

The game offers more than 20 different vehicles, all designed based on real life. Famous manufacturers such as Kawasaki, Indian, Harley-Davidson, BMW, Suzuki, and Yamaha are available.

Enjoy many great maps

Traffic Rider is an excellent choice for speed enthusiasts. The game has endless roads, challenging levels, and exciting challenges. You can try expensive supercars or test your reflexes against dangerous highways.

In addition, the game also offers a variety of landmarks, and each level has the necessary checkpoints. Get ready to explore and enjoy the fantastic & challenging roads!

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Discover four exciting game modes

Traffic Rider has four main exciting game modes, and each method has its advantages. If you like the experience, choose the career mode with over 70 missions, from easy to complex.

If you like an entertaining race, then choose Endless mode. In this mode, you are free to explore the endless road with two options, including 1-way or 2-way streets. Get ready to hit the highest mark and share the record score with your friends!

If you like facing the time test, then choose Time Trial mode. In this mode, you have two options, including 1-way or 2-way, and try to set a record distance in the allotted time.

If you want to explore the big world comfortably, choose the Free Ride mode. In this mode, you are free to participate in freestyle races with no time and distance limits.

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Impressive 3D graphics and realistic sounds

Traffic Rider has awe-inspiring 3D graphics. The design is rich in detail, including the car model, the setting, the highway, even the weather, and the unexpected crashes in the game. The game is built on a modern engine, offering a great entertainment experience.

In particular, you will surely be impressed with the realistic design of more than 20 super motorcycle models such as ARTIL TP4, YNH S1, DCT 89 10H… In addition, the sound system is efficient and complete so that you can Hear the sound of an engine, the sound of falling rain, and more.

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Helpful tips in Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider has minimal gameplay and simple controls, but you also need a lot of experience & skills if you want to win the final victory. Hint the faster you ride, the more points you get.

In addition, if you reach speeds above 100 km/h, try to pass near traffic cars to receive bonus points and cash. Even if you break the rules by Driving in the opposite direction, you will get extra points and cash.

Enjoy the exciting street racing.

In short, Traffic Rider is a breathtaking racing game in every way. The vehicle collection is highly diverse, with about 30 advanced motorcycle models. The game supports First Person Camera View, providing an immersive experience.

Besides realistic 3D graphics, the game also impresses with Detailed Environments with day and night variations and Real Engine Sound effects. In addition, Career Mode is beautiful, with more than 70 missions.

Finally, the game supports Online Leaderboards with more than 30 achievements and Supports 19 popular languages.

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