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TouchVPN v2.0.7 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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TouchVPN is an essential tool and helps users access any website. Thousands of VPN servers with fast & secure speeds are waiting for you!

TouchVPN is a great solution for those who need to access global websites or apps. In addition, the application saves users from worrying about unprotected wifi hotspots.

Download “TouchVPN – VPN Proxy & Privacy” now to surf anonymously and protect your information from surveillance and hackers!

General information about TouchVPN – VPN Proxy & Privacy

TouchVPN is an essential tool if you regularly surf the web or use the public Internet. The app is about 60 MB in size, has reached tens of millions of official downloads on Google Play Store and is well optimized on most Android devices.

You should know that public wifi is not secure. Our personal information (such as passwords, pictures, application data and other sensitive information) is vulnerable to hackers through public wifi networks.

TouchVPN helps users turn public wifi into private, safe and secure wifi. You don’t need to worry about Mobile Security, privacy, and personal information from here. In addition, you also escape the influence of hackers and other malicious activities through public wifi networks.

In particular, the application is provided by one of the most trusted privacy, security and access providers today, which is Hotspot Shield.

Basic knowledge and importance of VPN

TouchVPN is a perfect solution for a VPN, but you need to understand the VPN concept well to take advantage of all its features.`

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. If you live in China but use a US VPN server, your traffic will look like it’s coming from the US instead of China.

Thanks to a VPN, you can not only unblock geo-restricted or censored services, such as Facebook, Google, and Youtube but can also improve online privacy and security. From here, you surf the web completely anonymously and safely!

If comparing VPN with Proxy, both have the same features. But VPNs offer users more freedom, privacy, and security online.

Free, intuitive and easy to use interface

TouchVPN is completely free, easy to use, and has an intuitive interface. Therefore, anyone can create a secure & fast network connection at the touch of a button. From here, you get completely unlimited and secure access to any server around the globe. The app has multiple VPN options in top countries like Sweden, the UK, Denmark, France, US, Netherlands, and Canada.

The application allows users to access any website in any country. Thanks to a diverse network of VPN servers, you get rid of geo-restrictions and easily access websites blocked or censored by the government, school or workplace. Get ready to enjoy the social network Facebook, watch unique videos on YouTube and discover positive news from Google!

In addition, the application has high-security capabilities, which should help users protect sensitive data from hackers. From here, you’re comfortable and secure when connecting to a Public wifi Hotspot. Get ready to experience bank-grade security with TouchVPN!

The developer always updates the application so that the user will have the most satisfying experience. Especially if you have any feedback or suggestions, send an email to the development team and get a final consultation.

Of course, you still need a short period to get used to the application. It is recommended that you choose VPNs near your country for the highest internet speed!

Alternatives to TouchVPN – VPN Proxy & Privacy

Turbo VPN is a useful tool to experience the fastest and most secure VPN connection. The app has received hundreds of millions of positive reviews from trusted users and is available on dozens of secure & powerful servers globally. In addition, the developer also takes privacy seriously and ensures a smooth and secure online experience.

ExpressVPN is also a great choice if you need a virtual private network with fast, secure speeds. The application is committed to unblocking Netflix and other websites worldwide, supporting torrents, having a friendly interface, and being extremely simple. If you need a quality VPN, this is a great recommendation.


To sum up, TouchVPN is a great and necessary tool in today’s internet age. The app allows you to browse the Internet anonymously and privately on any Android device. In particular, the application has an intuitive interface, completely free and simple to use, so you only need to touch the screen once for a fast & safe internet experience.

Thanks to a worldwide network of VPN servers, the application allows users to watch interesting YouTube videos, listen to Pandora radio from anywhere in the world or access a blocked website in your country.

Download “TouchVPN – VPN Proxy & Privacy” now to experience a useful, extremely effective and simple VPN tool!

Download TouchVPN v2.0.7 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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