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Toca Kitchen 2 MOD APK v2.1-play (Unlocked)

Toca Kitchen 2 game icon
Developer Toca Boca
Latest Version 2.1-play
Size 82 MB
Mod Info Unlocked
Requires 4.4 and up
Updated 2022-07-04
4.7/5 - (3 votes)

The description of Toca Kitchen 2 MOD APK v2.1-play (Unlocked)

Toca Kitchen 2 poster

Toca Kitchen 2 is a fun simulation game by Toca studio. Players manage the cute kitchen, use many famous recipes, and choose from various popular kitchen tools.

In particular, the game offers dozens of unique recipes for you to experiment with. The game is loved by children and millions of fans from all over the world. Get ready to be a real chef, prepare the most delicious food, and create many unique products!

General information about Toca Kitchen 2

Toca Kitchen 2 is an exciting simulation game by Toca Boca, released in May 2015, compatible with Android 4.4 and above, about 95MB in size, and reached hundreds of millions of official downloads on Google Play Store.

Toca Boca specializes in developing fun & engaging educational games such as Toca Life World, Toca Hair Salon, and Toca Kitchen Sushi Restaurant. Toca Boca wants to create educational games that spark children’s imagination. Toca products have been downloaded millions of times in hundreds of countries and offer a variety of fun & safe playing experiences.

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Engaging and educational gameplay

Toca Kitchen 2 is rich in education and stimulates children’s creativity. The game revolves around a chef’s job, and you are a talented chef. You use the ingredients in the refrigerator and the kitchen cookware to create unique dishes. Lots of diners are waiting for your food!

In particular, players are free to choose their favorite ingredients and can perform many tasks, including chopping, cooking, frying, baking or mixing all ingredients. Because the game emphasizes creativity, you can even create fish & shrimp smoothies and add flavorings like mustard, ketchup, and more.

Remember that you can do anything with ingredients; of course, you have to serve and expect the customer’s reaction. Each customer has a different taste, but if the food is good, they have a happy expression, and of course, they wince if the dish is too bad.

Toca Kitchen 2 screen 2

Create delicious dishes

Toca Kitchen 2 lets you cook in any way. Remember that you don’t have to create delicious classics; creativity is what matters most. You can juice tomatoes, boil the salad, make burgers, or actively create unique recipes to treat guests. Get ready to surprise with an exceptional dish!

The game offers about six different kitchen utensils, so you are free to choose and create the perfect setting for delicious dishes. Indeed, you enjoy seeing the scary reactions of the characters to different unique dishes. The more unique dishes you mix and match, the more laughs you will create. Remember that you have no time or score limit, so try to enjoy this exciting cooking fun.

The game offers 20+ popular products, including chicken, sausage, potato, lettuce, shrimp, octopus, pasta, tomato, etc. Of course, you can use any method of cooking (fry or cutting board) to create a suitable dish. The developer has updated many new ingredients, including Pineapple, Corn, Peach, Strawberry, Watermelon, Onion, Octopus, Spaghetti and Rice. In addition, players also have a choice of new condiments, including Tomato Sauce and Soy.

Toca Kitchen 2 screen 3

Discover the unique experiences of diners

Toca Kitchen 2 also brings unique experiences to diners. Players discover guest preferences by seeing their reactions. Try the Baked Fish Head with Fried Leftovers, and you’ll have a lot of fun getting an “ew”! Watch the characters react to the spicy sauce and sour lemon or laugh loudly while belching.

In particular, the developer has added more basic levels to the characters, giving you hours of fun. Suggest trying the new juicer and oven to create unique fruit pies. Also, the Deep Fryer is a great addition as you can deep fry anything!

Toca Kitchen 2 screen 4

Enjoy the fun anywhere

Toca Kitchen 2 is suitable for anyone and brings the fun anywhere. The game supports offline mode, completely free and straightforward to install. In particular, the game has no rules or tension and offers an open ending that children will love. Also, the game has no annoying third-party ads and no purchases.

In addition, the game also has cartoon & cute 3D graphics, so it is highly suitable for children. In addition, the details (such as furniture, cooking utensils or ingredients) are varied and quite realistic.

Besides, the game also has a full range of sound effects, such as the sound of a knife cutting meat, the sound of boiling water, the sound of frying fish oil, etc. In addition, the game also has many exciting background music. . Certainly, the great combination of images & sounds creates an attractive vibrancy for the game.


In short, Toca Kitchen 2 is a great cooking simulator for kids. This is an excellent choice if you or your child are interested in being a chef. Kids can learn to be professional chefs full of delicious foods and ingredients. Get ready to learn how to cook your favorite food or experiment with fun combinations!

The game has no time limit or cooking rules, so you are free to explore all the ingredients and kitchen utensils. The game is created to stimulate the development and creativity of children.

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