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The Road Driver MOD APK 2.0.5 (Unlimited Money)

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Developer Long Path Games
Latest Version 2.0.5
Size 166 MB
Mod Info Unlimited Money
Requires 4.4 and up
Updated 2022-09-08
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The description of The Road Driver MOD APK 2.0.5 (Unlimited Money)

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The Road Driver offers authentic experiences about the exciting life of a truck driver. It has an intuitive interface and many advanced features.

The Road Driver is a realistic bus driving simulator. The game has sharp 3D graphics, and you choose between dozens of different types of buses and explore excellent routes.

Download the game now and discover the realistic & detailed simulator!

Introduction to The Road Driver

The Road Driver is a realistic driving simulator by Long Path Studio, about 220 MB in size, compatible with Android 4.4 and above, released in November 2019, and reached more than 5 million official downloads on Google Play Store.

You start your adventure as an employee and end it with a hugely successful company. The Road Driver is one of the successful products of Long Path studio, and it is a realistic truck driving simulator. You choose between dozens of large vehicles, such as trucks and coaches.

Throughout the journey, you are free to explore the wide roads, enjoying detailed scenes. Besides, the game offers Two depth-rich maps with various structures, companies, bus stations, gas stations, and more!

The Road Driver screen 1

Intuitive interface and simple controls

The Road Driver allows players to discover everything about truck driving. First, you need to choose the bus company, choose the correct bus route and be ready to conquer any challenge.

It would help if you used the GPS Tool to quickly search for areas of interest, such as gas stations and rest stops. The simulator is realistic but driving the bus is not too difficult. You need to touch the appropriate buttons on the screen to navigate the car. For example, if you want to accelerate, press the gas pedal icon, and if you’re going to change the speed, turn the steering wheel. You can tap the action buttons to open the door or trigger the flash.

In particular, the game offers many control options (Steering wheel, Slider, Arrow Keys, Tilt), so you have the smoothest driving experience. In addition, you can also adjust the sensitivity and use the Gamepad.

The Road Driver screen 2

Drive more than 30 popular vehicles

The Road Driver offers dozens of different large vehicles, including three main types: trucks, trailers, and buses. Mission System Depending on the vehicle type, you have two main types of missions, including Cargo or Passenger Transport.

Each mission is different and has its own set of difficulties, so you should study everything carefully if you want to do it successfully. With each successful contract, you earn bonuses and gradually become a transportation tycoon. Note that the Weight and Volume System affects fares and the number of trips.

Vehicles (including trucks, trailers, and buses) have been faithfully recreated. In addition, the publisher is constantly updating, and more cars will be added from time to time.

In particular, you can modify your vehicle the way you want, such as paint color, wheels, headlights, suspension height, and other accessories. Get ready to create unique skins to your liking and enjoy the new fun!

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Lots of great extras

The Road Driver also offers many other great extras, such as touch-sensitive buttons (activation of indicator lights, windshield). In addition, the game also provides a unique map with a clear route, so you can quickly identify different points of interest, such as car shops and gas stations.

In addition, players also have the option of Photo Mode and automatic and manual transmission options. In particular, you can create your favorite character with clothes and appearance. Get ready to enjoy walking around and discover natural and dynamic weather (Sunny, Cloudy, Rainy, Fog, Day and Night).

The Road Driver screen 4

Realistic 3D graphics and natural sounds

The Road Driver has Realistic 3D Graphics, and you can customize the image quality to your liking. Although the 3D Graphics are not so great, it still provides a reasonably realistic experience. In addition, the control panel is very well designed and rich in detail.

The game also contains sound effects like rain, engine sound, and footsteps.

Download The Road Driver MOD APK 2.0.5 (Unlimited Money) for Android

If you like the game but don’t want to spend much time, download The Road Driver (MOD Unlimited money). Thanks to this mod, you have plenty of idle cash to unlock any of your favorite cars and have great fun!

Enjoy the fun of long-distance truck driving

In short, The Road Driver is a great driving simulator, and you will have a great time driving dozens of unique bus models. The game has attractive and quite realistic gameplay, so you experience everything about truck driving.

The game is suitable for those who love driving and cargo transport. At first, you are just a tiny employee, then you gradually progress through each level and own a cargo truck of your own. Try to complete many complex tasks to develop your transportation business career.

The game also allows you to upgrade & customize a variety of vehicles, offering a unique contract system (transporting goods or passengers). In particular, the game provides convenient GPS so you can easily manage routes and maximize income.

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