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Talking Ben the Dog MOD APK (Unlocked)

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Developer Outfit7 Limited
Latest Version
Size 63 MB
Mod Info Unlocked
Requires 5.0 and up
Updated 2022-12-12
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The description of Talking Ben the Dog MOD APK (Unlocked)

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Talking Ben the Dog brings exciting moments. You can do many enjoyable activities with the cute dog and explore the unique laboratory. Download now!

Talking Ben the Dog is a fun pet simulator and a great choice if you like dogs. Suppose you are a dog lover and want many hours of light and fun entertainment; experience Talking Ben the Dog immediately! The game is one of the outstanding products of Outfit7, the famous studio with the Talking Tom series.

Introduction to Talking Ben the Dog

Outfit7 is a famous game studio and the Talking Tom and Friends franchise creator. Talking Ben the Dog is a realistic emulator of Outfit7, released in mid-2011, compatible with Android 5.0 and above, reaching hundreds of millions of official downloads on Google Play Store. In addition, Outfit7 also released many other exciting products such as Talking Tom Gold Run, Talking Pierre the Parrot, and Swamp Attack.

Talking Ben the Dog is a great entertaining game if you’re tired of the intense action, complicated strategy, and dangerous bosses. With Ben, you are sure to have hours of great entertainment.

The game has no problematic missions, and you don’t need to struggle or have any pressure. Get ready to shoot a hilarious video of your phone conversation with Ben and share it with your global friends!

An exciting story about chemistry professor Ben

Talking Ben the Dog is about a cute old dog; Ben is a retired chemistry professor, and he enjoys a comfortable, quiet life. You can talk, poke, tickle, or even talk on the phone with Ben. Like other dogs, Ben loves to eat well, drink and read the newspaper gently.

However, if you take Ben to the chemistry lab, he’s ready to do exciting chemistry experiments by mixing test tubes. From here, you have a lot of fun watching the hilarious reactions.

Great entertainment for anyone

Talking Ben the Dog focuses on comfort, so players don’t need to complete any main side quests. What matters to you is having fun!

Another attraction is the dog Ben because it can imitate anyone’s voice. For example, if you call Ben or say something cute, Ben quickly repeats it in a funny voice.

In addition, Ben’s dog has a unique design, and it looks like a natural dog in real life. So if you like dogs but can’t keep them, the game is the correct change. Download and discover Ben!

Many enjoyable entertainment activities with Ben

Talking Ben the Dog brings many exciting entertainment activities. You can poke Ben’s newspaper to make him fold it; Then, you can talk to Ben.

In addition, you can do many other cute actions with Ben, including poking or slapping Ben’s face, stomach, feet, or hands. Get ready to see Ben’s funny reactions!

Plus, you can poke or swipe Ben’s graduation photo. In particular, you can phone and talk to Ben or record a funny video of everything. Finally, don’t forget to watch Ben’s amusing reaction to eating, drinking, or burping!

Explore the unique laboratory

Talking Ben the Dog also introduces a fun lab. Each reaction The chemistry gives Ben’s adorable expressions, and you’re sure to love them! You can choose chemical solutions with different colors and watch Ben’s unexpected chemical reactions, such as a big fire, a cloud of smoke, or a big explosion…

The more hours you spend exploring the lab, the more exciting things you will see. Get ready to mix any two test tubes and watch hilarious chemical reactions. Don’t forget to record videos and share many funny scenes on YouTube or with friends and family!

Sharp 3D graphics and realistic voice acting.

Talking Ben the Dog has sharp 3D Graphics and impressive sound. Background scenes, objects, and even the dog Ben are rich in detail and are presented nicely on high-end 3D graphics. You are undoubtedly impressed with Ben’s natural, lively and fluid movements. In addition, the leading color tone is bright and full of life, so the game is suitable for anyone, including girls.

Although the sound effects are limited, you like Ben’s ability to talk.

Enjoy the fun with Ben

The player can do many funny activities with Ben, such as harassing, talking, tickling, and even calling. In addition, the game introduces a unique laboratory, and you can explore unique chemistry experiments by combining test tubes and watching many funny reactions. In short, Talking Ben the Dog is a great simulator.

Thanks to the exciting gameplay with vivid images, the game promises to bring the most entertaining & relaxing moments. Download Talking Ben the Dog now and accompany Ben for hours of fun!

Download Talking Ben the Dog MOD APK (Unlocked) for Android

If you want to enjoy the game entirely, avoid ads and unlock many unique items, then immediately download Talking Ben the Dog (MOD Unlocked) here. This mod is safe, easy to install, lightweight, and very easy to use.

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