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Survivor.io MOD APK 1.7.0 (Defense Multiplier, XP Boost)

Survivor io game icon
Developer Habby
Latest Version 1.7.0
Size 160 MB
Mod Info Defense Multiplier, XP Boost
Requires 5.0 and up
Updated 2022-11-21
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The description of Survivor.io MOD APK 1.7.0 (Defense Multiplier, XP Boost)

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Survivor.io offers exciting action experiences. The gameplay is roguelike-based, and the game features hundreds of amazingly challenging levels.

Survivor.io is a great action and adventure game. The game occurs in a post-apocalyptic world, where hundreds of zombies destroy every city. You are a mighty warrior and the only hope of humanity.

So get ready to protect the population from the devastating attacks of the zombies and enjoy the fun of the io genre!

Introduction to “Survivor.io”

Survivor.io is Habby’s casual action game, released in August 2022, and It Requires Android 5.0 or higher; it is about 210MB in size and reaches over 5 million official downloads on Google Play Store. In addition, Habby has released many interesting casual games like Kinja Run, Penguin Isle, and Spin Rhythm.

The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, and dangerous zombies rule entire cities across the globe. However, you are a strong hero awakened by the test of peaceful dreams. Therefore, you are ready to fight dangerous zombies and save this fallen city.

The game has a fascinating gameplay and offers exciting battles like Vampire Survivors or Alien Shooters. So get ready to face hundreds of zombies and enjoy the action and fun!

The exciting story of heroes and dangerous zombies

Survivor.io brings a compelling Story of a hero and scary zombies. Fierce zombies have dominated the post-apocalyptic world and want to attack crowded cities. You are one of the superheroes awakened from the test of dreams, and you have the power to save the town!

You are a human warrior with unlimited potential and can control powerful weapons and fight hordes of evil zombies. However, the number of enemies is vast, and you quickly fall into the fire pan if you lack concentration. So get ready to face danger and become a mighty hero of the post-apocalyptic world!

Simple controls and addictive gameplay

Survivor.io has minimalist 2D graphics and Vertical View, so you can easily see all zombies. By swiping the screen, you can move your character in any direction. In addition, How to play is very simple; you need to touch your finger on the screen and swipe in the desired direction to navigate the character.

However, the character automatically uses the Gun and destroys any enemy within the most range of the land. Enemy Count steadily increases rapidly, so you must move your hero correctly if you want to win.

Hundreds of excellent, challenging levels

Survivor.io offers hundreds of challenging levels, diverse maps, and unique roguelike gameplay. Each level has a random structure, so you always have epic battles with hundreds of monsters.

In particular, the game also provides decisive boss battles in which you need a lot of skill & strength to win. These bosses are mighty and quickly take down anyone with massive blows. Some bosses even have magical powers and summon a bunch of dangerous zombies.

Unlock many skills and modern weapons

Survivor.io also provides many skills and modern weapons. However, you must collect many gold coins in each match to learn new fighting skills. Note that you choose a new skill at the beginning of any round. Therefore, you must prioritize choosing the right skills to fight more effectively.

If you like melee ninja style, then choose Katana. Katana is a powerful weapon that is useful if you encounter agile zombies.

If you want to create an effective broad area attack, choose Gatling – an incredible killing machine. Thanks to Gatling, you can defeat large hordes of zombies with ease. Kunai is a Japanese throwing knife and is the right choice if you want to take down zombies from a distance.

Of course, you need to choose the skill & weapon that best suits your fighting style. For example, if you like close combat, then Katana is a good choice. However, it would help if you used combos to create powerful attacks and Combined powerful weapons to achieve the most potent attack effect.

Get ready for the endless exciting zombie war.

In short, Survivor.io is a great action game. If you like big battles with fast-paced, then the game is a great choice. In addition, the game allows you to Fight at the same time with nearby monsters.

In addition to the diverse challenge system and many unique maps, it is easy to operate with one hand. In particular, the game has an entirely new Roguelike skill system, so you are free to create creative combinations.

In addition, the game has simple 2D Graphics and dynamic sound effects. Therefore, the game does not require high hardware and is perfectly suitable for low-end smartphones. The sound effects are very realistic and a perfect complement to the gameplay. Get ready for hours of Dramatic entertainment in each new round of varying difficulty!

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