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Stickman Pirates Fight MOD APK 2.6 (Unlimited Money)

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Developer PhanGia
Latest Version 2.6
Size 131 MB
Mod Info Unlimited Money
Requires 6.0 and up
Updated 2022-07-02
4.8/5 - (6 votes)

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Stickman Pirates Fight brings unique experiences from One Piece. The game has attractive gameplay, a diverse character system. Enjoy it!

Stickman Pirates Fight is an exciting tactical action game by PhanGia. The game is based on the concept of One Piece, and you have to confront the most notorious pirates, ferocious monsters, and dangerous giants.

Download “Stickman Pirates Fight” to team up with legendary teammates as you explore the far reaches of the ocean & collect historical treasures!

General information about Stickman Pirates Fight

Stickman Pirates Fight is an exciting arcade game from PhanGia, compatible with Android 6.0 and above, reaching millions of official downloads on Google Play Store, released in February 2022, about 140MB in size.

Stickman Pirates Fight is based on the concept of the legendary manga One Piece. Players engage in fierce clashes between dangerous forces, control legendary heroes, and fight with lofty ideals. Prove your pro skills with top-notch activities, and become the most powerful superhero in stickman fighting games!

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Great choice of One Piece fans

Stickman Pirates Fight is an excellent combination of fighting and adventure genres. You control legendary stickman warriors to fight against a series of enemies in the vast ocean. Opponents are diverse and robust, and they can be sly pirates, giants, or violent monsters. In addition, players can act alone or cooperate with friends to win the treasure.

Because the content is based on the famous “One Piece” series, the game offers familiar characters and loads of exciting features of the fighting game genre. Get ready to participate in hundreds of exciting battles in the vast ocean and overcome hundreds of challenging levels!

Addictive and fast-paced gameplay

Stickman Pirates Fight has addictive gameplay of the pure fighting genre. In it, you use the left virtual joystick to move the character and the right buttons to perform dangerous attacks & skills. Players will use the available buttons to maximize the strength of the essence.

The match ends if an opponent is defeated. Therefore, you must effectively use all skills to deal the most damage to the opponent. In addition, you also have to dodge to protect HP skillfully. Everything is not simple, and it takes time to practice to understand how the overall gameplay works.

Stickman Pirates Fight screen 2

Control many famous anime characters

Stickman Pirate Fight allows players to unlock many different characters, and you are free to choose your favorite character. Note that each character has their own set of skills, so you need to select the right one for the ability. In addition, you can also use accompanying items to complement the character, as well as recruit more allies.

The game offers many famous One Piece characters, from the Straw Hat Pirates (Luffy), the World Government to the Tailed Beast Pirates, and many other talents. Each hero has extraordinary powers from the Devil Fruit. Discover each character’s practical skills to bring terror to your enemies!

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Enjoy beautiful skills

Stickman Pirate Fight also allows players to upgrade their attack skills to destroy any powerful enemies. In particular, the fireball is a mighty move, so you should use it to defeat high-class monsters.

The upgrade improves basic stats such as attack or defense of the character and creates more substantial skill effects. Finally, players can also change the character’s appearance to their liking. But upgrading requires a lot of coins, so you must fight to create the perfect texture. Note that many valuable items are waiting for you to collect during the journey.

The map system is diverse & unique

Stickman Pirate Fight has an intuitive interface and uniquely designed matches. You can fight in many different environments, such as deserts, snowy hills, busy streets or deserted islands, etc. Each location has different types of enemies and each enemy’s own unique fighting skills.

The journey is divided into different chapters; each chapter covers a certain number of levels and introduces a separate topic. Of course, you also meet scary bosses at fundamental levels. Therefore, you must possess vast energy to destroy any dangerous enemies.

Stickman Pirates Fight screen 4

Beautiful 2D graphics and intuitive interface

Stickman Pirate Fight also has beautiful 2D Graphics and beautiful animations. In addition, the sound effects are pretty vibrant, and the background music is excellent. You will indeed be satisfied and delighted to enjoy the fantastic skill effect.

You should participate in the tournament mode, where the most vigorous opponents gather. If you want to win in the end, you must have the right strategy and possess a strong character.


In short, Stickman Pirate Fight is a great action & fighting game if you like the One Piece theme. The player embarks on an adventurous journey to the far reaches of the sea in search of forgotten treasures.

Besides great 2D graphics and a simple interface, the game also attracts with an easy control mechanism and diverse battle locations. In particular, the game has a mixed character system and different beautiful skills.

Download “Stickman Pirates Fight” to participate in exciting One Piece battles!

Download Stickman Pirates Fight MOD APK 2.6 (Unlimited Money)

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