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Stickman Annihilation MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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Developer Woger Games
Latest Version
Size 58 MB
Mod Info Unlimited Money
Requires 5.1 and up
Updated 2022-10-18
5/5 - (1 vote)

The description of Stickman Annihilation MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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Stickman Annihilation features advanced physics and a unique collection of items. Players are free to design special trucks and perform crashes!

Stickman Annihilation is a combination of action, simulation, and vehicle design. You must build a car and enjoy the dangerous & fun activity. Try to overcome challenging tracks and discover a lot of exciting secrets!

An Introduction to “Stickman Annihilation”

Stickman Annihilation is an interesting emulator, that belongs to Woger Games; its size is about 60MB, and it Requires Android 5.1 or higher; released in February 2016, it reached millions of official downloads on Google Play Store. “Woger Games” has released several other popular products, such as Random Increase Dice and Stickman Reaper.

Stickman Annihilation allows you to build your unique vehicles. The game offers hundreds of individual items, so you can freely overcome the enemy race in many ways, such as TNT explosive barrels.

Intuitive interface and simple controls

Stickman Annihilation has minimalist gameplay. Impressive points of the game are the complex ragdoll physics, dark control methods, excellent 2D graphics, and breathtaking gameplay. The game has only two simple control buttons: the accelerator and the brake pedal.

Thanks to the simple controls, the game is suitable for many players. Each level has its distinct structure and elements, such as explosives or stickmen.

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Build a unique car model to your liking

Stickman Annihilation is a combination of simulation and action. The game emphasizes funny entertainment, so you enjoy fun in the beautiful stages. The most attractive point is created, and you are free to build a unique car model to your liking.

The game features an advanced editor so you can choose from hundreds of unique items for the final vehicle blueprint. In addition, the game also offers special car collections, so you have many different options, such as speed, power, or weirdness. Each item has its unique ability, for example, a cannon that produces powerful shots.

Try to create a unique car, go on a fascinating ride and destroy any hardcore stickman to earn bonus points!

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Dozens of entertaining levels

Stickman Annihilation provides Dozens of exciting entertainment levels. Your mission is to control a unique car and destroy all the stick people in each challenge. The more stick people you kill, the more bonus points you score. You then use the accumulated points to unlock new cars, opening new levels with more unique landscapes.

Each level has a different theme & structure, so you have hundreds of unique experiences. Note that if you want to unlock the next level, you must use bonus points. Therefore, you must complete the story and meet the tasks if you’re going to have essential bonus points.

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Combination of simulation and action

Stickman Annihilation is highly entertaining, so you enjoy the fun of the simulator through unique challenges. Besides dozens of challenges in great game modes, players are free to create a fantastic car.

The game has a lot of weird terrain types, so you need to make the most of your creativity if you want to complete the difficult experiences. Initially, everything is straightforward, and you only need minimalist car designs.

The difficulty increases over time, so you need creative & reasonable designs if you want to win the most difficult challenges. Try to earn more bonus points if you’re going to improve new and unique vehicles!

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Minimalist 2D graphics and realistic sounds

Stickman Annihilation also attracts with minimalist 2D visuals, advanced physics, and realistic sound. Thanks to the combination of great visuals and sounds, the game promises to bring unforgettable moments of entertainment for any player.

Note that the game allows you to kill the stickman in the most brutal ways freely, so the game is not suitable for young children or anyone under 18. Although the game has violent and gory scenes, it has even more exciting moments.

Enjoy the fun of unique car design.

In summary, Stickman Annihilation is a great emulator with many exciting features.

First, the game allows you to Edit unique car models with dozens of items. Besides hundreds of challenging levels, the game also has Multiple floors with different biomes.

In particular, you can buy TNT to make exciting explosions. Aside from the minimalist 2D graphics, the game also features Day and Night Shifts in winter locations and a cool Slowmo as you create potent actions.

Finally, the game has advanced physics so that you can have fun with the incredible jumps and tricks and the different bizarre stickman poses. Thanks to the distinctive 2D Graphics, and exciting gameplay, players have hours of light entertainment after a tiring day at work.

Download “Stickman Annihilation” to enjoy unique car design fun and experience the strange levels!

Download Stickman Annihilation MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

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