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Stick War Legacy MOD APK 2022.1.46 (Unlimited Diamonds)

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The description of Stick War Legacy MOD APK 2022.1.46 (Unlimited Diamonds)

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Stick War Legacy is an exciting strategy from Max Games. The game has fast-paced & addictive gameplay, three attractive modes and minimalist graphics.

Stick War Legacy is one of the top choices for those who love the strategy genre. Players control a powerful army and overcome dangerous opponents in the world of Inamorta. The game has an engaging story mode with dozens of unique challenges.

Download “Stick War Legacy” now and enjoy one of Android’s most popular and highest-rated web games!

Introduction of “Stick War Legacy”

Stick War Legacy is an attractive 2D strategy game from “Max Games Studios,” about 105MB in size, requires Android 4.4 or higher, was released in early 2016 and reached hundreds of millions of official downloads on Google Play Store. Max Games Studios has released many other exciting games like Age of War and Multi Legends.

Stick War Legacy has stickman-style 2D graphics. The game emphasizes fun and offers significant challenges and addictive gameplay. Players build teams and take complete control of every soldier. You do many exciting activities such as building units, mining gold, and choosing your favorite soldier type (Sword, Spear, Archer, Mage and Giant).

If you want to win in the end, destroy the enemy statue and capture all the Territories!

The fascinating storyline about the fictional world of Inamorta

Stick War Legacy takes place in the fictional world of Inamorta. The world of Inamorta is full of warlike nations, and each country must develop advanced technology if it wants to defend and attack. Over time, countries became obsessed with weapons, believing the war was the best solution.

The major countries include “Archidons,” “Swordwrath,” “Magikill,” and “Speartons,” and you are the leader of the “Order” nation. Unlike the belligerent nations, your country is peaceful and knowledgeable, and your people do not worship the power of weapons. Because of different ideas, you have to face a series of dangers from the surrounding countries.

Get ready to assemble powerful squads to fight and collect advanced technology from other powerful nations!

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Addictive gameplay and fast-paced

Your mission is to become the most powerful nation. If you want to destroy your opponent’s walls and conquer all territories, you must build units, mine gold, and train stickman warriors and even giant stickmen. Stick War Legacy has Addictive Gameplay and is fast-paced.

Like the real world, military powers have significant economic resources and powerful militaries. Of course, you need economic development to increase your military power. It would help if you had a lot of gold to build a powerful army.

Let’s exploit the resources of the territory with a large force of talented workers and miners. If you want to fully use resources and optimize the amount of gold mined daily, upgrade the miner regularly.

Besides the source of gold, gems are also an important currency. Thanks to many gems, you can freely upgrade combat units and help miners work twice as fast for a specific time. In particular, you can also use gems to buy magic and rare items in the Shop.

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Three exciting game modes

Stick War Legacy brings fierce battles with fast-paced & highly tactical. The actions are ruthless, and you need experience & reasonable tactics if you want to win in the end. In particular, you can learn their unique and modern warfare technology if you destroy any kingdom.

The game has many different types of soldiers, but you need to choose the exemplary soldier according to your fighting style. The suggestion is that you should create a balance between melee soldiers (Swordsmen, Warriors…) with ranged attack forces like Archers and Mage. In addition, the Giant is an excellent option if you want a strong attack and high protection.

The game has three main modes; if you like to explore the story, then experience the Classic Campaign. In this mode, you gradually learn and build the Empire of Order. Six attractive bonus levels are waiting for you to conquer!

If you like the crazy experience, try the Endless Deads Zombie Survival Mode. Finally, Tournament Mode is an excellent choice for a talented leader. Get ready to fight through dozens of challengers and win the “Crown of Inamorta!”

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It is regularly updated with new exciting content.

Stick War Legacy is also updated with engaging new content from the developer. Specifically, New Levels are released every Friday in Mission Mode. In addition, the Saga Style Map is also added with many unique bonuses.

The game has three difficulty levels, including Normal, Hard and Crazy, so it is suitable for anyone, from newbies to professional gamers. Significantly, Countless new types of challenges have been updated, including victory before sunset, Deathmatch, Statue of progress, Mini Boss and many more!

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Enjoy the fierce & fun 2D battle.

In short, Stick War Legacy is a great strategy game that promises to bring exciting experiences.

Get ready to become a talented leader to rule the entire continent and all lands in the fantasy world of Inamorta! Your primary mission is to become the commander of a mighty army. Besides the signature minimalist 2D graphics, the game has an engaging storyline and significant additional challenges.

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