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Stick War 3 MOD APK v2022.1.3377 (Free Shopping)

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The description of Stick War 3 MOD APK v2022.1.3377 (Free Shopping)

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Stick War 3 offers exciting 2D battles. The game has three attractive modes, addictive tactical gameplay, and a variety of powerful soldiers.

Stick War 3 is a successful version of the series of the same name. Based on the original content, the game offers intense 2D battles and recruits dozens of soldiers, diggers, warriors, archers, and many other heroes.

Besides the attractive single-player mode, the game also offers large-scale online battles between real players. Get ready to build a solid army to win matches against AI or challenge your friends in excellent PvP mode!

Introduction of “Stick War 3”

Stick War 3 is a 2D strategy & casual game, Powered by Max Games Studios, with About 300 MB Download Size; it Requires Android 5.0 or higher and reaches millions of official downloads on GooglePlay. Age of War, Multi Legends, and Stick War Legacy are other standout games from Max Games Studios.

Stick War 3 is a combination of action and strategy. Your mission is to build a strong army and use the right tactics to destroy the statue in the enemy base. The game features dozens of unique challenges and also supports exciting online matches.

The exciting plot about the world of Inamorta

Stick War 3 introduces the exciting Storyline of the world of Inamorta. The game occurs in a fantasy world called Inamorta, where weapons are religion, and struggles are commonplace.

Inamorta is divided by forces, including Swordwrath, Speartons, Archidons, Magikill, and Giants. Each country has its unique fighting style and number of soldiers. For example, “Sicklewrath” has simple farmers and mighty warriors, “The Chaos Empires” has unique Eclipsors ranged units, and “Shadowrath” features agile and dangerous ninja assassins.

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Three fun & exciting game modes

Stick War 3 offers three fun & exciting game modes, the most prominent is the single-player mode. In single-player mode, you participate in massive campaigns that are constantly expanding and engage in fierce battles with advanced AI. The stages are divided from easy to difficult, and the victory reward is two skill points and diamonds.

In addition, the game also has two other attractive modes, including tournament and zombie. In Tournament mode, the player competes with his friends at the league table, and the ultimate winner is the champion. Countless Zombies mode is a fun experience. In zombie mode, you find a way to allocate a certain number of soldiers to fight dangerous zombie swarms at night.

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Simple controls and multiple fighting styles

Stick War 3 offers simple controls and various fighting styles. The player has three main control buttons, and they are located on the right side of the screen. Each button has a specific meaning, e.g., attack, defense. You need enough miners to generate a large bounty and money to replenish the combat force.

As a talented general, you build tactics to your liking, including squad arrangement, fighting style, and military base construction. The game has two major tactical types: main attack and tight defense. However, if you want to end the match quickly or show extraordinary power, you should choose to attack directly.

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Build your army to your liking

Stick War 3 has three main types of units, including miners, archers, and swords. Miners collect gold – the primary necessary raw material. The more gold you have, the easier it is to buy more miners or warriors.

Archers have weak but effective ranged attacks, and warriors have good health and strong melee attacks. You need to use units properly if you want to win against difficult opponents.

Over time, you unlock and collect more notable types of soldiers. In addition to many unique kinds of soldiers, players also unlock many special skills, such as “Rune of Reanimation” (creates an army of Zombies) and “Snow Squall” (freezes an entire legion).

In addition, players also collect many powerful generals of each significant nation, such as “Prince Atreyos” of the Speartons or “Princess Kytchu” of the Archidons. In particular, you can customize your army with unique Skins, Voices, and Emojis.

Stick War 3 screen 1

Join exciting PvP matches

Stick War 3 supports online mode, so you are free to participate in great PVP matches. The game emphasizes strategy and skill, so it doesn’t have a “Pay for Winning.”

You can team up with friends and participate in exciting 2vs2 matches. Get ready to share the fun of action with your friends in excellent games!

Enjoy artistic matches

Stick War 3 also supports live playback, so you can watch and share exciting matches. If you like to enjoy the fight, then optionally pause, rewind, and fast-forward the playback. In addition, the game supports many different viewing angles, so you can fully enjoy any battle.

In addition, the publisher regularly provides new updates, including an expanded campaign with many attractive chapters in development. You can also watch music video-style cutscenes on YouTube.

Get ready for exciting & fun 2D battles.

In short, Stick War 3 is an enjoyable tactical experience. It has unique, minimalistic graphics, addictive gameplay, varied tactics, and a great variety of soldiers and generals. In particular, the rhythm is fast, so the matches only last 10-15 minutes, so it is highly suitable for those who are busy or like to entertain quickly.

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