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Splashy MOD APK 1.5.1 (Unlimited Money)

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Developer VOODOO
Latest Version 1.5.1
Size 62 MB
Mod Info Unlimited Money
Requires 7.0 and up
Updated 2022-06-22
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Referring to the game maker VOODOO, you will surely immediately remember the unique games with many different genres, including extremely interesting casual entertainment games with extremely simple gameplay. Today, I would like to introduce to you a new game from the manufacturer VOODOO called Splashy! like other games, the Splashy! game is no less competitive because the gameplay is simple, addictive and more unique than ever. Until now the Splashy! the game has attracted more than 10 million plays on the app using Google Play and receives many positive feedbacks from players. Follow me for more about the game Splashy! through the article below!


The game has very simple gameplay, no need for a deep plot or top-notch graphics, but VOODOO’s games are always supported by a large number of gamers. The special attraction of the Splashy! games are that there are always attractive and addictive gameplay that do not require too complicated things on your part. Your task is simply to touch the screen to move the ball continuously forward, not a flat road, but you have to jump over the boards arranged in succession to the end of the horizon, the longer you touch the farther the ball will jump so you have to be very careful if you don’t want to fall into the cliff if you let your ball fall the game will be completely over. Increasingly, the speed will be pushed up very high, requiring you to calmly handle the situation, in addition, you also have to correct the direction of the ball, it sounds really simple but it is not easy at all.


In the game Splashy! still the addictive gameplay in the style of Twisty Road when Splashy! developed in the style of Endless Run, because it is unlimited, you are free to move as far as possible to create special records in Splashy! you keep going until the ball falls into the cliff, the game will end, moreover to achieve the higher score you have to move the ball to eat yellow diamonds, it will help you get x2, x3 or even x4 your score drifts. In addition, the fact that you hit the centers of the circle also brings more points when you jump into those normal positions, take advantage of this point to maximize the number of points you earn during the game.

In addition to increasing points, diamonds also help you unlock unique balls in the AppStore, the Splashy! game has hundreds of different balls, created with fun and funny shapes, all kinds of colors are waiting for you to unlock from mushrooms, soccer balls or many more. On that side, you may find it a bit difficult to control at first because the trajectory of the ball seems unusual, but it only takes a few levels and you will immediately get used to how to control the ball Splashy. On the other hand, the Splashy! game does not have too many support items on the way, which will easily make you feel bored when traveling long distances. But that’s okay, with endless gameplay like this, you will be excited and stimulate your patience, guess how far you will control the ball!


Graphics of the game Splashy! developed in 2D looks extremely fun and eye-catching and has become a trademark of Voodoo games. In particular, you will experience the colorful roads that are constantly changing, which will make you feel like you are lost in a wonderland. The interface in the game is Splashy! designed to be simple, harmonious and well-interacted with players. The music in the game Splashy is vibrant, because the ball will move to the beat of the background music, so you will enjoy a series of the most exciting EDM music, which will surely make you excited and drawn to playing Splashy!

The game Splashy! with compact configuration compatible with many models, you can rest assured about your operating system, play Splashy! comfortably. And now, don’t wait for any more, quickly download the game Splashy! to get more new experiences from this game genre. And you can try other games like Beat Jumper, Tiles Hop, which have similar content to Splashy! but described in a different way. Have fun playing the game!

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