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Soul Knight MOD APK 4.3.8 (Unlimited Gems)

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The description of Soul Knight MOD APK 4.3.8 (Unlimited Gems)

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Soul Knight is an excellent mix of RPG and Roguelike. The game has an interesting storyline, dungeon mode, and a variety of weapon & skill systems.

Soul Knight is one of the great RPG games that you should try. Aside from the addictive gameplay, the game features simple controls, advanced roguelike features, an excellent dungeon mode, and an insane arsenal of weapons.

Get ready to enjoy smooth and fun gameplay in the cute fantasy world!

Introduction to “Soul Knight”

Soul Knight is a Roguelike role-playing game by ChillyRoom, about 460MB in size, requires Android 4.4 or higher, released in February 2017, and reached over 50 million official downloads on Google Play Store. ChillyRoom is a Chinese Indie game developer and has released many featured products such as Makers of Soul Knight, Otherworld Legends, and We Happy Restaurant.

Soul Knight is a fun RPG & roguelike game with 2D pixel graphics. You choose between many unique heroes, collect the most potent weapons and enjoy the dungeon mode with your friends.

Players have to fight against many dangerous enemies in fascinating main quests. The main goal is to return the artifact – a magic stone! Get ready to explore all the mazes, find gems, and enjoy hundreds of randomly generated dungeons!

Interesting story about the unique magical world

Soul Knight offers an exciting Story of a unique magical world. The game is an interesting mix of elements like fun, RPG, and action. Through the exciting journey, you can explore the dark world of the dark castle, collect weapons, enjoy a series of challenges and destroy everything.

The game takes place in a fantasy age of guns, swords, and even magic. However, the balance of the world has been stolen by high-tech aliens. The world becomes dangerous chaos, and you are the only hope of peace.

Try to find the magic stone and overcome a series of powerful alien opponents!

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The controls are simple and suitable for everyone

Soul Knight emphasizes roguelike elements, and the content is inspired by entering the Gungeon. In the game, you must explore a series of dungeon challenges and face dangerous threats.

The game offers more than a hundred different weapons, so you are free to build your favorite fighting style. The control method is straightforward and is the strong point of the game.

You use the virtual D-pad on the left part of the screen to move your character. If you want to perform a particular skill, then use the action buttons on the right. In addition, the game supports automatic fire mode, and you need to aim accurately.

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Roguelike is a big bright spot

Soul Knight emphasizes the Roguelike element, so the design of the levels is entirely random. Make sure you never play the same challenge twice. Each dungeon is unique; you have to kill all the monsters if you want to win.

In addition, if you pass the threshold, you will also receive skills that are beneficial to the battle process. In particular, you can hire soldiers to create a strong team (up to 3 mercenaries).

The weapon and pet system is very diverse

Soul Knight has nearly 200 different weapons with various genres (swords & swords for melee enthusiasts; guns, bows, or lasers for rangers). Each weapon has its strength; for example, using a gun can destroy the enemy quickly but consume a lot of mana. The blade can deal more damage, but its range is limited.

In addition, you also have a favorite pet, originally a cat. Over time, You can buy different pets with unique skins.

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Upgrade your favorite hero

Soul Knight has many unique heroes, and Each hero has powerful special abilities (improved weapon strength, easy bullet dodge, stealth ability). Of course, each hero has its weaknesses. Free heroes are still a great choice if you can’t unlock or buy special characters.

Note that you need to collect coins if you want to improve your favorite character. Try to improve your favorite character’s abilities and discover all the unique challenges!

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Unique pixelated 2D graphics and fun sounds

Soul Knight has legendary Pixel 2D graphics, and it offers a lot of nostalgia. Thanks to the simple graphics platform, the game is well optimized and suitable for most smartphones today.

Although the 2D graphics are simple, the design is charming and rich in detail. Besides, the sound effects are attractive, and the game has many impressive soundtracks.


In short, Soul Knight is an excellent combination of many elements like standard RPG, action, and Roguelike. Based on the fascinating gameplay of entering the Gungeon, the game has many exciting and addictive additions.

The game features dozens of unique Heroes with unique abilities. In addition, the weapon system is diverse, with hundreds of special weapons waiting for you to discover. In addition to the randomly generated Dungeon World, players also interact with many NPCs rich in depth.

Download Soul Knight MOD APK 4.3.8 (Unlimited Gems) free for Android

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