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Sketchbook Pro APK (MOD Full Unlocked) v5.2.5

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SketchBook is one of the great apps if you enjoy digital painting. The application helps you to draw digital paintings quickly.

The interface is simple, intuitive, and full screen. In addition, the application has more than 150 unique brushes and various drawing tools, so you are sure to create the most amazing pictures.

In short, the App is the perfect choice for both beginners and professionals or professional designers!

General information about Sketchbook

SketchBook is 100Mb in size and has over 50 million official downloads on Google Play Store. The application has won many awards and is one of the top choices for anyone who loves to draw. Users love the App for its professional-grade feature set and variety of drawing tools.

In addition, the application also has an elegant interface, well optimized for smartphones and simple to use. Therefore, it is still possible to create natural strokes if you are a novice. Get ready to express your ideas and make the most artistic paintings!

Modern interface and simple to use

The first strong point of SketchBook is its modern, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface. The application has a full-screen interface, and the toolbars are streamlined. Therefore, your drawing operations are easier & smoother. In addition, you can also find detailed video tutorials on YouTube.

Each photo is saved in SketchBook’s album. You can see all your saved albums in the Library section. In addition, you should take advantage of the album view option to make it easier to find and view your drawing projects.

Hundreds of unique brushes

SketchBook allows players to customize brushes through parameters such as brush radius, opacity, opacity, rotation, etc. Therefore, you will experience hundreds of unique brushes. It is recommended that you take advantage of the brush customization features to create your ideas freely.

In addition, the application can control the minor details (zoom ratio up to 2500%). Indeed, you will see the microscopic details in the photo; from here, you can easily edit the details in the most precise way. Besides the paintbrush, the application also has other useful tools such as pencils, pens, markers, …

In short, thanks to a collection of more than 150 brushes (such as pencils, markers, paintbrushes, …), the application helps you sketch the most vivid and unique pictures you like.

Cloud storage and quick sharing on social networks

SketchBook allows users to link Dropbox accounts so that you can store all of your work on Dropbox’s cloud storage. This helps you sync your results on different devices and saves smartphone memory data. Of course, you need a Dropbox account to review your drawings!

In addition, users can share their drawings with others through multimedia applications, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. Remember that the application has a large community, so the works of art. Millions of people around the globe admire Yours!

Free and easy to install

SketchBook is a completely free application, but it is very effective and suitable for those looking for a simple drawing experience on smartphones. However, you have to see ads or limit some features if you use the official version from Google Play.

Therefore, if you download the application from our website, you will no longer have to deal with the annoyance of ads and access the full pro features. Follow the instructions in the article to download and install it on any of your Android devices.

In addition, the application has minimal hardware requirements, but it is well optimized on the Android system. So you can enjoy and quickly perform sketches on any available Android device. It is recommended that you use a device with a larger screen for the best drawing experience.

However, if you will do some complex 3D drawings, then use equipment with the most potent & modern hardware to ensure the result.

Alternative apps to Sketchbook

ibis Paint X allows users to create quality digital paintings easily. The application has a large user community (hundreds of millions of people). It has many highlights: tens of thousands of brushes, nearly three thousand material samples, thousands of unique fonts, dozens of great filters, and blend mode. In addition, the application also features a recording of drawing progress, a line stabilization feature, and various ruler features.

Infinite Painter is also one of the leading design drawing apps on Android. Application Used by millions and award-winning. The strength is the variety of features and the simplicity of use. Therefore, the application is suitable for beginners to professional painters.


All in all, SketchBook is a great drawing app for anyone. The App offers a full range of brushes: markers, markers, lubricants, and more. Plus, Brushes are highly customizable so that you can create any unique look.

The App also has guides, rulers, and stroke tools that aid in precision so that you can express your ideas with peace of mind. Plus, you can use blend modes for layers to explore the most detailed and color-rich drawings. Finally, the application has a simple interface, so you can focus on drawing the most!

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