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Ship Sim 2019 MOD APK v2.2.2 (Unlimited Money)

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Developer Ovidiu Pop
Latest Version 2.2.2
Size 380 MB
Mod Info Unlimited Money/Gold
Requires 4.4 and up
Updated 2022-11-03
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The description of Ship Sim 2019 MOD APK v2.2.2 (Unlimited Money)

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Ship Sim 2019 brings exciting maritime experiences. You control a variety of ships, explore the vast ocean from many perspectives and enjoy great fun.

Ship Sim 2019 is an impressive & realistic simulator with amazing 3D graphics, varied weather effects and a massive open world. In addition, the developer offers detailed ship models and three control styles.

Introduction of “Ship Sim 2019”

Ship Sim 2019 is a realistic ship simulator; its download Size is about 400 MB, Requires Android 4.4 or higher; released in February 2019, Powered by Ovidiu Pop and reached millions of official downloads on Google Play Store. Ovidiu Pop specializes in developing realistic simulators, such as European Truck Simulator, Truck Simulator USA Evolution and Coach Bus Simulator.

Ship Sim 2019 introduces exciting transports; you are a talented captain and choose your favorite vessel (tanker, giant cargo ship or a luxury cruise ship) to explore the Mediterranean sea. Get ready to Navigate your craft in a realistic open-world map and complete exciting missions in many famous port cities!

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Explore three types of ships

Ship Sim 2019 has three types of ships: an oil tanker, a giant cargo ship or a luxury cruise ship. The task depends on the kind of ship; for example, if you control a huge cargo ship, you must safely transport hundreds of thousands of tons of goods in the middle of the sea.

The game offers more than a dozen famous ships, all rich in detail and highly realistic. In particular, the game provides a variety of cameras, including outside, inside and deck. If you look at the ship from a third person’s point of view, it’s enormous.

Because the game emphasizes realism, you need to use different devices on the train, such as the throttle that controls the train’s speed and the side engine that aids parking.

Players have many options for their favorite ship, such as text, color and even the flag on the boat.

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Explore the vast ocean world

Ship Sim 2019 introduces a vast ocean world, and the content revolves around tourist hotspots on the Mediterranean Sea. It would help if you spent much time in the first level to master the necessary instructions. Thanks to the in-depth tutorial screen, players understand the basic control skills, change the angle of view appropriately and park the ship most accurately.

The sea world is terrifying, and you must deal with dangerous weather effects like big storms. It is suggested that you plan your move and avoid hazardous areas.

Of course, if you want to complete complex tasks, you must own powerful ships. Work hard to complete missions to collect bonus points & experience!

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Realistic Gameplay and a variety of controls

Ship Sim 2019 has realistic Gameplay and a variety of controls. Like popular simulators, the player starts with a regular oil tanker. After completing many challenging missions, you discover more unique city ports and unlock impressive ships.

Driving a train is a tough job; you need experience in driving and know how to improvise before any dangerous situation. Thanks to the intuitive interface, the player quickly observes all the ship’s statistics and the necessary control keys.

As a captain, you both control and manage a profitable business. Each task has its requirements and commissions; if you complete the essentials well, you can collect many bonuses. It is suggested that you regularly observe the ship’s condition and the danger zones on the radar if you want to win.

The game has many control options, including arrows, tilt or rudder. Choose your favorite driving style and enjoy the vast ocean world!

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Impressive 3D graphics and realistic sounds

Ship Sim 2019 provides excellent 3D graphics, and The effects are natural and realistic. The 3D graphics are rich in detail and offer diverse viewing angles to explore the elements of each ship’s design.

The colors are diverse and realistic, so players have an impressive experience. The sound system is unique, including the sound of the engine, the waves, the wind and the gentle rain.

In particular, the water reflection is very realistic, and you will surely be pleased with the beautiful view. Get ready to explore challenging & fun drama!

Enjoy realistic & exciting ocean cruises.

To sum up, Ship Sim 2019 is an impressive simulator. The player is a talented captain, piloting various ships and exploring different coastal cities across the Mediterranean.

If you ever loved Truck Simulators, then you love this ship simulator. In particular, the game offers eight different cameras, so you can easily control your favorite ship. Finally, the game impresses with highly realistic 3D graphics and impressive sound effects.

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