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Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK v2.23.0 (Unlimited Money)

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The description of Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK v2.23.0 (Unlimited Money)

Shadow Fight 2 poster
Shadow Fight 2 poster

If those who love action role-playing games probably don’t know about the Shadow Fight 2, a game that has caused a fever in the gaming community in recent times, the Shadow Fight 2 game was released by NekkiAction and Fighting Games, a game maker known for action games that attract many gamers to participate. The Shadow Fight 2 game promises to bring players the most unique gaming experiences, Shadow Fight 2 game is a good combination of RPG and classic combat, this Shadow Fight 2 game allows you to equip your character with countless lethal weapons and rare armor sets, and has dozens of vivid animation martial arts skills.


The Shadow Fight 2 game tells the story of a boxer possessing invincible fighting ability who is on a journey to find a suitable opponent to compete with, the character stops at a place called the Shadow Gate, he later freed the Dark Warriors from the Seal, the Dark Warriors took away the character’s form and made him live in a shadow. With strength and talent, he tried to survive to find the most suitable person to break the curse. Your task in the game is to find the form of the master by using skills to fight the dark forces and then chase them out of the Dark Gate.


The Shadow Fight 2 game has role-playing fighting gameplay similar to other RPG games, your mission is to join in 1vs1 fighting battles, use the control keys to move, attack and avoid attacks from enemies, the most important thing is that you must combine the keys to create skills and combos continuously. The Shadow Fight 2’s gameplay is not difficult, the left part is a joystick that allows the character to move, jump, roll, the right is a hand-shaped button for punching, a foot-shaped button for kicking, in addition you need to combine buttons punch, kick button with moves, you can make powerful and beautiful attacks.

Besides, the Shadows Fight 2 game has bold Japanese culture. Each level with many different contexts makes a difference, you will be competing in houses or forests in the land of the rising sun in the presence of an army, especially the character you play. Just a shadow with the task of using the keys on the screen to unleash the palm of the hand to fight the opponents. When you first start playing Shadow Fight 2, your opponent is very simple, just kicking with your feet or hands can be easily defeated. In the beginning, you need to try to master the use of buttons, it will be very beneficial later. After the match, you will collect the corresponding bonus, this money will help you change the weapon for your character.

Shadow Fight 2 screen 1
Shadow Fight 2 screen 1


In the Shadow Fight 2 game, the weapons are quite rich such as swords, knives, clubs, bows, etc, choose the most reasonable weapon. When changing weapons, you must have enough coins or needles and diamonds, you can change weapons.

Shadow Fight 2 screen 2
Shadow Fight 2 screen 2


The Shadow Fight 2 game is the next version of the Shadow Fight game series, in this version of Shadow Fight 2, the manufacturer has made significant changes in both content as well as updated many new features. The role-playing element in the game Shadow Fight 2 is shown through you upgrade the weapons, armor, and attack skills. If you play Shadow Fight 2 on the computer, you will be participating in the battle’s attractive battle with a new movement system, a system of challenges that are raised according to the level.

In addition, the Shadow Fight 2 game is also divided into many levels of difficulty ranging from simple to extremely difficult, the first levels are mainly for you to get used to the controls, so you will quickly pass without any problems. The next levels will have increasing difficulty, you will have to adapt and make precise moves or be finished in the blink of an eye. The game is not too difficult and has many functions but it is not for the impatient. You need to have a certain patience if you want to conquer the entire Shadow Fight 2, the game always keeps its appeal when constantly adding new effects and new areas to explore.

Shadow Fight 2 screen 3
Shadow Fight 2 screen 3


In the Shadow Fight 2 game, you have to conquer the story mode: including 7 main Bosses in 7 chapters, especially in the last chapter, you will meet all the bosses that have been defeated before, Bosses will become stronger as the story progresses and are not easy to defeat, you will need to increase your strength through improved equipment and critical attack skills, after you defeat a boss and bodyguard, you can unlock the storyline and unlock new game modes.

Shadow Fight 2 screen 4
Shadow Fight 2 screen 4


The Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK game has simple beautiful 2D graphics, instead of highlighting the subject on the background background, this game highlights the background while the main character is completely black. Extreme graphic effects by the combination of martial arts scenes, attacks, character effects and weapon effects combine smoothly to create a great action movie. The sound in the Shadow Fight 2 game is lively and gentle, giving you a comfortable and interesting feeling when participating in playing Shadow Fight 2.

In addition, if you like playing action games want to explore different plot content, you can try other games like Shadow Fight 3 and Shadow Fight Arena game, these games are all extreme action role-playing games unique, but with the game Shadow Fight 2, I recommend that you try to experience it, guaranteed to fall in love with no way out.

Let’s play the game to have more new and interesting experiences!

Download Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK v2.23.0 (Unlimited Money) for Android


Solution to the problem with enchantment items: Download and install the original game from the site, or install the original game over the current (if already installed) and go through a moment with enchantment, then install the MOD over the current game again!

For version 2.10.1: run the game and play only without the Internet!

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