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School Party Craft MOD APK 1.7.0 (Unlimited Currency)

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Developer Candy Room Games & RabbitCo
Latest Version 1.7.0
Size 46 MB
Mod Info Unlimited Currency
Requires 4.4 and up
Updated 2022-11-09
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The description of School Party Craft MOD APK 1.7.0 (Unlimited Currency)

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School Party Craft is a unique life simulator. The game has outstanding pixelated 3D graphics and a big city, and you can do many exciting missions.

School Party Craft is an excellent entertainment if you like the gameplay of Minecraft. The game takes place in a modern virtual world, and players can do many things, such as hanging out, shopping, building villas, meeting interesting characters, and even walking the streets in the most luxurious cars.

You can even dress up in fashion, walk around town, swim in the vast ocean, watch movies, and dance in the crazy discotheque. An exciting virtual world is waiting for you to explore!

Excellent Simulator of “Candy Room Games & RabbitCo”

School Party Craft is a combination of Simulator & open world of “Candy Room Games & RabbitCo”, released in February 2018, reaching tens of millions of official downloads on Google Play Store, and compatible with Android 4.4 and above. “Candy Room Games & RabbitCo” specializes in developing cool 3D pixel games like Pony World Craft, Huntercraft and Candy World.

School Party Craft is a unique pixel-style fantasy life simulator. The game offers a vast open world where you immerse yourself in an endless magical adventure.

In particular, you have two options: people (boy or girl) and animals (a horse or a unicorn). The game features a diverse story quest system, many interesting open areas (jungles, castles, houses and mines), and many exciting side quests (collect treasures and prizes).

In addition, the game also provides portals so you can quickly move around the locations. If you log into the game often, you can get free bonuses (coins and rubies).

Get ready to dress up uniquely and become a compelling character of the fantasy pixel universe!

School Party Craft screen 1

Explore the open world in a creative mode

School Party Craft allows you to create your world freely. The virtual world is vast and has many different components, including cities, forests, deserts, and caves.

In particular, the game offers hundreds of design blocks, thousands of furniture (including chairs, tables, sofas, beds, cabinets, clothes and more) and decorations (decorative lights, chandeliers, doors and more. Build your dream house.

Therefore, you are free to express your creativity when building works. Spend a lot of time building your unique location where you can invite friends and get pets!

Connect and share the fun with global players

School Party Craft offers an online mode so that you can join hundreds of other players in an exciting campaign. Remember, you are not alone in this city, so you can interact with thousands of other players simultaneously.

Popular group activities include: socializing, making friends, walking together, visiting restaurants and parks, riding supercars, and hanging out in nightclubs.

Significantly, if you like a character, add that person to your phone book, and then it’s easier for you to contact via SMS at any time.

School Party Craft screen 2

Interact with many unique animals

School Party Craft offers a vibrant population of creatures. Various animals inhabit these fascinating lands, such as the forests teeming with beetles and dragonflies and the ponds full of fish.

Most animals are friendly but beware of bright spiders and evil wood monsters. If you mess with them, you can be harmed or killed. Many unique experiences are waiting for you to discover! If you find a Wolf and a unicorn, you can ride them with a light breeze.

School Party Craft screen 5

Explore a diverse collection of skins and weapons

School Party Craft also has a diverse collection of skins and weapons. Players have a lot of skin options for characters and animals. In particular, you can create a unique look through hundreds of colourful clothes: backpacks, shoes and hats.

In addition, the game also features a diverse collection of weapons, including a beautiful set of sticks used to shoot magic balls and modern guns (pistols, assault rifles, exclusive Dinoguns, Bazookas Shark…). Choose the suitable powerful guns to hit the street thugs!

School Party Craft screen 3

Upgrade and develop your character

School Party Craft has a realistic character simulator. Your character needs to eat, so you must always look for food and keep an eye on health and magic stats. Suggests that you look for potions and drink them for faster recovery. In addition, you need to interact with the furniture to sleep and relax.

Besides the intriguing main quests, the game also has exciting mini-games, such as car racing, collecting chests with coins and bonuses, Cruises on ships and planes, or Swimming. On the beach and in the pool.

Enjoy the unique pixel world

In a nutshell, School Party Craft offers a unique & modern pixel world. You choose the type of main character (horse and person) in it. The game has an exciting quest system, and you can also interact with various legendary animals (like riding unicorns and wolves).

In addition, you can build unique structures and interact with many objects (e.g. sitting on a chair and lying on a bed). The big impressions are the 3D pixel graphics and the beautiful shaders with various camera styles (first and third-person perspectives).

In addition, the game adds realism with the colourful change of day and night, and the Music is enjoyable to immerse you even more in the exciting atmosphere.

The game is also well Optimized, so it is comfortable on weak devices. Players can also fully customize the game mode, control buttons, and set the difficulty.

Download “School Party Craft” now and enjoy the fantastic pixel adventures!

Download School Party Craft MOD APK 1.7.0 (Unlimited Currency) for Android

If you want to build freedom and have a tremendous amount of money to buy any weapon or item, immediately download School Party Craft (MOD Unlimited Currency). Thanks to this mod, players have a lot of money to enjoy the game more quickly.

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