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Ramboat 2 MOD APK 2.3.1 (Unlimited Money)

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Developer Viva Games Studios
Latest Version 2.3.1
Size 61 MB
Mod Info Unlimited Money
Requires 5.0 and up
Updated 2022-03-03
5/5 - (1 vote)

Ramboat 2 MOD APK 2.3.1 (Unlimited Money)

Ranboat 2 poster
Ranboat 2

Ramboat 2 – A wonderful continuation of the famous side-scrolling action games, about a brave character, everyone knows for his adoring appearance, who often saves the world from various villains. Run, jump, shoot, explode, and never stop. Shoot down helicopters, take on primitive crazy bosses, train your heroes and unlock new types of guns to kill enemies.


Ramboat is the popular protagonist in this offline running action sprint game. Hes a fortune hunter who doesn’t have much fortune (he admits he’s never won the lottery, or even got that teddy bear at his country mallard-shooting carnival). He must work with his troops to save the day, even though no one believes he even has a chance… His boss will give him the task because there is no other better option at the moment. Still, running (running away) and shooting is no secret to our big action figures. Ramboat always runs away, maybe he jumps a few times and then maybe asks questions and if he doesn’t like the answer he shoots again… He will defeat his enemies if they are on his mission or if they try to steal your beloved weapon. So, be fearless.

Ramboat 2- Offline Action Game


In Ramboat 2, a new Ramboat shooting adventure, a new war, prove you are the hero soldier to defeat Coronel and his army! Discover a new action arcade experience full of guns and ammo! Collect weapons, upgrade and customize your soldiers, drive military vehicles, get ready for battle and join the best platform shooter! Run from hundreds of enemies, jump and dodge as fast as you can.

In Ramboat 2, you must survive an onslaught of enemy soldiers, paratroopers, missile launchers, and submarines, dodging a hail of bullets while you unload all your arsenal. During your run, power up to increase firepower and collect coins to upgrade guns to fight all enemies.

When participating in the match, players will have for themselves pistols, machine guns, rifles, uzis, rocket launchers. Gamers need to shoot the best gun to be able to destroy the enemy army! Armed from head to toe, you’ll quickly make your way through the deadliest of battles. Customize your war hero with battle items you’ll find on the battlefield, choose outfits and improve your fighting skills! Be a soldier legend!

Like the arcade games: Metal Soldiers 2, and Ninja Dash Run, Ramboat 2 also has its own epic and beautiful plunges.

Game features:

Missions And Stages – Offline Action

When starting to play Ramboat 2, gamers will have to go through different stages and face challenges that make the game more difficult and interesting, players may face challenges like: Destroy the enemy camp, deactivate the bomb, hit the boss! …
There are hundreds of missions, and each has a different difficulty level! Gamers have to Complete as much as possible to earn coins to buy new equipment in Armory and get experience points to upgrade and your military rank.

Ramboat 2
Ramboat 2: Frenzy Action

Powerful Arsenal To Upgrade

Players have a variety of weapons to choose from in Ramboat 2. You need to collect blueprints and buy powerful weapons like homing missiles, machine guns, flamethrowers, vintage pistols, lasers, and more! And become a killing machine! Players must upgrade their weapons and increase their strength, rate of fire, and more. Increase your firepower and hit the enemy’s front lines! In Ramboat 2, you have to go to the store and buy the necessary gear to join the fight! With upgrades for homing missiles, machine guns, flamethrowers, vintage pistols, lasers, and more! Ramboat will bring death to your enemies like a real special ops soldier.

Ramboat 2 screen 2
Ramboat 2: Defeat all the bosses

Collect All Characters And Boats

With Ramboat 2, players will have for themselves many different characters, each character will have their equipment and skills.

And if you already have many characters, what you need now are boats, and There are many powerful and fast boats such as luxury yachts, pirate ships. Or sharks! I think you can collect all the characters and have your luxury boats if you overcome all the challenges that you will have to go through.

Ramboat 2: Customize your solodier

Enjoy Sharp Fun Game Mode

You can also download it for free at the Google Play Store or on our website.

Enjoy the fun of playing with a friend in MULTIPLAYER and double the fun. The player will calculate who can kill more enemies.

And if you want a challenge? Try ELITE MODE if you are confident enough that you will make it through. Gamers will have to shoot and kill like a pro!

Graphics And Sounds

For Ramboat 2 games, players will have great 2D graphics with captivating lighting and color effects, and a simple and intuitive interface that can be controlled with just one finger. Regarding the visuals, we cannot mention the sound of this game. With brutal background music and sound effects, you can run faster and jump faster.

Download Ramboat 2 MOD APK 2.3.1 (Unlimited Money) and start playing NOW!

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