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Racing Xperience: Driving Sim MOD APK 2.1.1 (Free Shopping)

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Developer BMZ Games
Latest Version 2.1.1
Size 796 MB
Mod Info Free Shopping
Requires 5.0 and up
Updated 2022-11-01
2.7/5 - (4 votes)

The description of Racing Xperience: Driving Sim MOD APK 2.1.1 (Free Shopping)

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Racing Xperience: Driving Sim offers unique racing experiences. The game has high-quality graphics, many attractive modes, and nearly 200 types of supercars.

Racing Xperience: Driving Sim brings exciting racing games with real car driving physics and nearly 200 modern vehicles. You can drive supercars and SUVs or choose from exciting game modes like PvP, drift, drag racing, and more.

Introduction to “Racing Xperience: Driving Sim”

Racing Xperience: Driving Sim is an impressive 3D racing game from “BMZ Games,” about 910MB in size, Requires Android 5.0 or higher, released in September 2020, and reached more than 500 thousand official downloads on Google Play Store.

Racing Xperience: Driving Sim offers exciting races with many different unique genres. Players have countless great experiences and hours of stimulating entertainment with various racing modes. Each game mode/round has some challenges, and you must practice a lot to win the final.

Attractive Gameplay and simple controls

Racing Xperience: Driving Sim has attractive Gameplay and standard control methods. Players use the left-hand virtual steering wheel to navigate and utilize the brake & accelerator icon if they want to increase/decrease the speed at will.

In addition, players also have many different button options, so you are free to make perfect drifts. Of course, you need to have a specific level and practice time if you want to understand the control mechanism.

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Discover and customize nearly 200 famous supercars

Racing Xperience: Driving Sim offers a diverse vehicle collection, with over 160 modern and multi-genre vehicles (e.g., sports cars, supercars, supercars, and SUVs). Depending on the vehicle type (sports car, supercar), players can find a variety of exciting racing experiences.

In particular, players can also change the appearance of each vehicle and improve performance to overcome challenges. If you want to change the appearance, you can change the rims, paint colors, and neon lights. If you’re going to increase speed, you need to adjust the suspension, increase the turbocharger and add a nitrogen tank.

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Six exciting game modes

Racing Xperience: Driving Sim offers six exciting game modes, and each game mode has its own attractive & unique points. If you like the whole racing experience, choose Career Mode and embark on a long & challenging extreme racing career. You can also buy and sell cars in this mode, unlocking new tracks and exciting new races.

If you like a fast entertainment experience, then choose Quick Race mode. If you want to improve your driving and racing skills, choose Practice Mode. In this mode, you enjoy testing challenging tracks, off-road driving, parking, hill climbing, top-speed car test, drifting and more.

Of course, if you are a racing fan, you cannot ignore the drift mode. In Drift mode, players freely perform impressive performances. It is suggested that you ensure the car’s correct speed if you want to create the perfect drift.

Drag Race is the ultimate game mode, and it tests your car’s top speed and gearshift response.

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Explore the exciting open world

Racing Xperience: Driving Sim also offers a large open world where you can freely choose different environments. The off-road environment is exciting, providing big roads with many other environmental elements.

Especially if you are bored of racing alone, you can completely join PvP mode to enjoy great online races. Suggestions you can create random rounds and add quirky elements to enjoy times of fun.

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High-quality 3D graphics and realistic sounds

Racing Xperience: Driving Sim is considered one of the most realistic free car racing games of 2022 because of its stunning visual effects, detailed interior views, real weather effects, and natural damage. In particular, the grip of tires and asphalt depends on weather conditions and the type of road surface.

Racing Xperience: Driving Sim is sure to impress with its stunning 3D Graphics, and the picture quality is incredibly sharp. The weather simulator is realistic, and you will be impressed with the highest real sunny and rainy environmental conditions.

In addition, the developer also pays great attention to every detail of the interior of each vehicle. If you want to keep the whole movement of the racing car and enjoy the surroundings, then you should choose a third-person perspective. You can change your mood during the race; if you like realism and observe the environment directly from the driver’s seat, you can drive from the first-person perspective.

Finally, the sound effects are very lively and realistic. You may hear car engine noise, crash or tire friction as you drift. Of course, the game also has many exciting soundtracks!

Enjoy impressive driving pleasure

In summary, Racing Xperience: Driving Sim is a great racing game that promises to bring the most authentic experience. In addition to a diverse collection of supercars, the game has a series of attractive game modes and an excellent drift feature. Finally, the 3D graphics are high quality, and the physics are very advanced.

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