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Pokémon Quest MOD APK 1.0.6 (Free Shopping)

Pokemon Quest game icon
Developer The Pokemon Company
Latest Version 1.0.6
Size 162 MB
Mod Info Free Shopping/Dummy Monsters/Low Hp
Requires 4.4 and up
Updated 2022-11-06
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The description of Pokémon Quest MOD APK 1.0.6 (Free Shopping)

Pokemon Quest poster

Pokémon Quest introduces an adventure on Tumblecube Island. You collect hundreds of Pokemon, complete dozens of quests, and build a base camp.

Pokémon Quest impresses with its pixelated 3D graphics. The game introduces the exciting adventure and companionship of cube-shaped Pokémon on Tumblecube Island — a land of wonder & wonder.

Your goal is to find great gifts and collect hundreds of cute Pokémon. Download the game now if you love Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue!

Introduction to “Pokémon Quest”

Pokémon Quest is an RPG & action game, about 240 MB in size, requires Android 4.4 or higher, was released in June 2018, developed by The Pokemon Company and reached over 100 million official downloads on Google Play. Pokémon Magikarp Jump is a hot game if you like pokemon themes.

Pokémon Quest combines many elements, such as action, adventure and construction. Players explore cute Tumblecube Island, defeat dangerous enemies, and collect evolution stones and hundreds of cute Pokémon. Besides the Android version, the game is compatible with the Nintendo Switch.

Explore the unique pixel island of Tumblecube

Pokémon Quest is based on the original content of Pokémon Red and Blue. You are a pokemon trainer participating in the journey to find the rarest and most powerful pokemon species on the island of Tumblecube. Players can collect wild Pokemon with delicious food from dangerous ingredients.

The game offers an open world, and the island is divided into many different areas. Each area has its structure and type of monster. The further the site is from the centre, the more difficult things are. Thanks to the diverse number of levels, you have had many great experiences throughout the journey.

Pokemon Quest screen 1

Join the fierce and fun battles

Pokémon Quest offers great adventure, and players explore 12 different locations, each with 3 to 7 challenging levels. The island of Tumblecube is very large, so you need to spend a lot of time to uncover the whole mystery. Try to find the Hidden Treasures to collect the gems!

Every land has wild Pokémon, and they’re a real challenge to your Pokémon. The game has a unique fighting style, and the control operation is extremely simple. After hours of experience, you are sure to enjoy the lively and fun battles.

The player clicks on the skill icon to perform the desired attacks. In addition, the game also provides Auto mode, and it is only suitable if you own super-powerful Pokemon.

Each Pokemon has two important stats: HP and ATK (attack), and each Pokemon is also equipped with a different set of skills. The basic squad consists of 3 Pokemon, and if you want to create the perfect team, you need to take care of 3 factors: Strength, conflict and suitability.

If you use the right Pokemon, the probability of winning is very high. Do your research well before each game!

Pokemon Quest screen 2

Discover hundreds of amazing pokemon species

Pokémon Quest offers more than 150 species of Pokémon, each with special abilities. The game has many different areas, including the jungle, the vast desert and the mysterious swamp. If you want to collect all the Pokemon, you must spend time exploring all the beautiful islands.

In the beginning, players choose between 1 of 5 basic Pokemon, including Pikachu, Eevee, Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur. After each win, the player collects two items: cooking ingredients and power stones. You use cooking ingredients to make different dishes, and Pokemon are attracted to delicious food.

Pokemon Quest screen 3

Decorate your base camp with cute items

Pokémon Quest also brings a building element where you manage your base camp, where you can build buildings, unlock many tools, and collect many recipes.

Your base camp is the main home and the central point of the adventure. In particular, you can decorate the house in your favourite way with cute and fun decorations.

The game has two quest branches: The main quest and the challenge mission. The main task is a little. It mainly helps players get acquainted with basic activities such as cooking, training Pokemon, collecting ability stones, etc. challenging tasks are diverse and attractive.

3D pixel graphics and funny sounds

Pokémon Quest has pixel-style textures, and the design style is similar to Minecraft. Scenes (such as castles, lakes, oases, and bushes) are subtly represented by unique shapes. Thanks to the pixelated graphics, the game is reminiscent of arcade products of the past.

In particular, the game emphasizes fun, so you don’t need to worry about fast speed or complicated operations. The background music is very cheerful and dynamic. You will hear exciting background music with a fast tempo if you participate in the matches.

Finally, the game allows you to back up your data to the cloud to enjoy your new journey on any device.

Enjoy the cute pokemon world.

In short, Pokémon Quest is a fun game if you’re a fan of the cute pokemon world. The game has an interesting story, addictive gameplay, simple controls and a large open world.

Download Pokémon Quest MOD APK 1.0.6 (Free Shopping) for Android

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