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Photoshop Express MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) v8.7.1035

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Photoshop Express is a professional photo editor. The app is easy to use and offers dozens of filters, unique stickers, and many valuable features.

After a long release time, the application has received millions of positive reviews from global users. The application has a variety of filters, unique stickers and powerful photo editing tools.

If you need a great photo editor on the go, this is a great choice. Download “Photoshop Express Photo Editor” now to edit collages with just one touch!

General information about Photoshop Express Photo Editor

Photoshop Express is one of Adobe’s famous photo editors, which varies in size for each Android device, and has reached hundreds of millions of official downloads on Google Play Store.

The application is suitable for anyone, especially amateur photographers. The application does not provide advanced photo editing tools (such as Mask, Layer, …), but instead, valuable tools are available. Users need to open the app, select the artwork, choose the essential tools, select the effects and enjoy the magical transformation.

Many advanced photo editing tools

Photoshop Express has a complete set of image editing tools such as cropping, rotating, flipping images, and changing color tones. In addition, you can also customize contrast, exposure and white balance with a simple touch.

Thanks to features like crop & merge, users instantly correct warped images and correct distorted camera angles. In addition, users can also smooth grain, reduce color noise and sharpen details to create the most fantastic photo.

Plus, the app can also intelligently remove blemishes and remove red-eye. You can easily drag and reduce scars and spots on your selfies or portraits. Get ready to create the perfect photo possible!

If you want to create an exceptional visual experience, use the “Blur” feature. The “Blur” feature allows users to blur radially to blend the background and shift focus to specific subjects.

Discover many unique stickers and memes

Photoshop Express has an intuitive interface and offers many unique stickers and memes. If you do not want complicated operations, the application is a good choice. In addition, the application supports multiple platforms, including Windows, iOS, and even Android.

The app offers almost a full range of excellent tools and effects, so feel free to personalize your visual experience with awesome stickers, memes, and captions. In addition, the application also allows users to create a personal impression with a variety of fonts and layouts.

It is recommended that you add borders and frames and stamp creations with a custom watermark.

Many amazing color filters

Photoshop Express offers many great color filters. The application has dozens of impressive color filters, and users can easily slide the bar to adjust the color temperature, vibrance and other color effects.

Of course, you need a good eye and experience to create a unique new photo. It is recommended that you create a professional quality gallery by adding photo grid layouts and modifying borders and colors. Take your time to explore all the great features of the app!

The application also has intelligent AI, automatically adjusting the contrast and exposure. All operations are elementary, and you only need one touch to change everything. Remember to crop, straighten, rotate for an eye-catching composition, and remove the red-eye effect!

Quickly share artwork via social networks

Photoshop Express is easy to use, but if you don’t have much experience, you can watch video tutorials on youtube. First, you click Upload Photo, and then you should upload a photo in JPEG format (size limit is less than 16 MP) for easy editing. Plus, the developer is constantly updating the app, so users have new filters and effects in the future.

Of course, the app also allows users to download images from various sources and formats (including RAW and TIFF). Users can quickly post their new artwork directly to social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr and other popular conversation platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Signal and Line. Get ready to inspire photography around the globe!

Alternatives to Photoshop Express Photo Editor

Adobe Lightroom is a popular photo editor on Android. If you often take pictures, this is a free and powerful application. Thanks to advanced image editing tools such as sliders and filters, users easily create unique photos with high resolution. Get ready to experience the application to improve your photography skills!

Photo Editor Pro is also a powerful photo editor that you should try. The application offers dozens of unique filters, amazing effects and a friendly interface. Therefore, you can quickly become a professional photographer in just a few minutes of use. In addition, the application also provides art text insertion so that you can create accents easily.


In short, Photoshop Express is a great photo editor and offers a full range of powerful photo editing tools. In addition, the application also has many unique filters and unique photo frames and a lovely sticker collection.

Download “Photoshop Express Photo Editor” now to create personal artistic photos to your liking!

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