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Party Animals APK + MOD 2.0.7 (Unlocked All)

Party Animals mod apk game icon
Developer Recreate Games
Latest Version 2.0.7
Size 104 MB
Mod Info Unlocked All
Requires 5.0 and up
Updated 2022-10-09
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The description of Party Animals APK + MOD 2.0.7 (Unlocked All)

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Party Animals is an exciting PvP action. Besides addictive gameplay, the game has dozens of cute characters, unique maps and many attractive modes.

Party Animals is an exciting PvP action game, and it offers a fun experience because of its unique physics. The game provides many adorable characters, like the cat Nemo. You choose your favorite creature character and challenge other players in fun & fast-paced mind battles.

Download “Party Animals” now to enjoy Saturday night fun with friends and cute stuffed animals!

Introduction to “Party Animals”

Party Animals is an exciting multiplayer action game developed by “Recreate Games” and published by “Source Technology”. The game was released on Steam and quickly attracted millions of global gamers because of its unexpected cuteness.

Players battle with friends as puppies, kittens, and other exciting creatures in the cute fantasy world. Besides online mode, the game also supports offline mode with advanced AI.

The best part of the game is the realistic physics engine, which promises excellent entertainment for weekend nights. If you are looking for a fun, funny and gentle experience, Party Animal is a great choice.

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Addictive gameplay and fun action

Party Animals is heavily influenced by Gang Beasts 2017, so the gameplay is addictive with fun activities. You choose cute animals (dogs, cats, crocodiles, dinosaurs) to fight with your friends. All players participate in the same arena, and you need reasonable tactics and action skills (knowing the strengths & weaknesses of each animal) to win.

The player must complete 1 or 3 matches depending on the game mode. Players can perform cute actions in each game, such as grasping, pulling, pulling, climbing, jumping or using very cute weapons.

Get ready to destroy cute opponents in a hundred different fun ways!

Party Animals mod apk screen 1

Many attractive game modes

Party Animals has two main game modes: Snatch Squad and Last Stand. If you like teamwork, then choose Snatch Squad. In this mode, your task is to coordinate with your teammates to defeat the opposing team in a fierce battle. Of course, the rewards are precious.

If you like the game of Solo, then choose Last Stand. In this crazy mode, you have to destroy all other opponents to become the last survivor. Note that the global players are outstanding, and they have a lot of excellent acting skills.

In addition, Party Animal has two other exciting game modes. If you like teaming up with friends, then choose Team Mode. In this mode, All players must interact with each other and collect the necessary items to complete the final mission.

Team mission mode is another exciting option. Players choose to join one of two groups; the task of You and your teammates is to collect the necessary items to win.

Get ready to spend hours experiencing the fun and watching the hilarious animations!

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Many unique maps

Party Animals offers a lot of unique maps, such as a submarine in the middle of the sea, a secret warehouse or a spacious field. Note that each map has its unique structure and points, so you need to spend time learning to win.

In online mode, you are free to create rooms and join random players from all over the world; or You actively invite your friends to a private match.

Besides the typical action levels, the game also has cute minigames. If you like the tactical experience, try “Who is the Spy”. In this minigame, your mission is to uncover other players’ identities in a series of strange terms.

If you like the music theme, try the minigame “Guess the song”. In this cute minigame, you must listen to the soundtrack and identify the song as soon as possible. Get ready to immerse yourself in the current or most famous hits of your favorite artists and cute animals!

Dozens of cute and funny teddy bears

The big impression of Party Animal is that the animals are adorable and belong to many different species, such as dogs, cats, rabbits, bears, and rhinos,… Each animal has a unique shape—funny and charming movements. Therefore, the game promises to give players a fun-filled experience for hours.

The main animals in “Party Animal” include:

  •       Underbite: is a lovely blue dinosaur with excellent health.
  •       NEMO: he is the CEO of the animal world, works as an art designer and wants to create amazing games.
  •       Karatan is a white hippo and a talented martial artist. Karatan is very good at karate and poses for the camera.
  •       Macchiato is the owner of a vicious criminal gang. Macchiato is very popular with female gamers because of its innocent appearance. However, Macchiato has a lot of special skills, namely a precious can of tuna.
  •       Kato is a Husky and a full-time streamer. Kato loves to play games and is attractive with his lovely gray fur.
  •       Kiko is a mighty cat. Despite his intimidating appearance, Kiko is a cat with a friendly personality and excellent survival skills.
  •       Carrot is an adorable little rabbit. Carrot can fly high for 2 seconds, a great acting skill.
  •       Otta is a gentle otter but has a lot of helpful action skills in the sea world.
  •       Fluffy is a cute dog with yellow fur. With a friendly personality, Fluffy is a great one for everyone.
  •       Coco is a fierce crocodile warrior. However, Coco always wears glasses because her eyes are her weak point.
  •       Uni is a lovely pink unicorn and an exciting choice for those who love weird cuteness.

Cute 3D graphics and funny sounds

Party Animal has excellent 3D graphics quality, the primary colors are bright, and the character design is funny and lovely. Besides, the realistic skill effects make the matches more exciting and attractive. Therefore, the game is suitable for anyone, even children.

Sound is also another strong point of Party Animal. Players always feel excitement and excitement during the extreme levels, thanks to the cheerful music. Indeed, you will love the fun music with a fast & vibrant tempo. In addition, the game also has funny sound effects.

Ready to be a teddy bear tycoon

In short, Party Animals has quickly conquered millions of global gamers and famous streamers with simple & addictive gameplay and cute 3D graphics. In addition to dozens of lovely characters, the game offers many attractive modes and individual levels.

In particular, the game supports offline mode with advanced AI so that you can enjoy the fun of action anywhere. Download “Party Animals” now to have great entertainment experiences with friends and family!

Download Party Animals APK + MOD 2.0.7 (Unlocked All) for Android

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