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Ninja Ryuko MOD APK 1.0.77 (Free Shopping)

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The description of Ninja Ryuko MOD APK 1.0.77 (Free Shopping)

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Ninja Ryuko offers a great action experience. It has impressive 3D graphics, an engaging storyline and beautiful skills. So get ready for the ninja war!

Ninja Ryuko is one of the featured Action Games on Android. The game offers an exciting ninja story, and the Protagonist tries his best to protect the clan and the ancient legend of Ryuko. Players have to go through a difficult journey and face many risks in life.

In addition to the fierce battles, the game also offers the beautiful scenery of medieval Japan, the characters with a unique appearance, and the weapon system is very cool.

Introduction of “Ninja Ryuko: Shadow Ninja Game”

Ninja Ryuko is an exciting action & role-playing game by Horizon Studio, released in October 2021, reaching more than 5 million official downloads on Google Play Store, Android 5.0 or higher is required, and the original size is only approx. 100MB. Horizon Studio specializes in developing 3D games with unique gameplay, such as Grand Prison Escape 3D, Takashi Ninja Warrior Samurai and Gangster Detroit.

Ninja Ryuko is an excellent blend of a ninja warrior and samurai fighting gameplay. The game has a rich storyline, and you explore the five damaged areas of Kurome in turn.

Excellent and unique ninja game

Ninja Ryuko is an excellent game with a ninja theme. The Player is perfectly trained, a Shadow Warrior who has finally returned after twenty years and is ready to face the brutal monsters of feudal Japan.

The enemy AI is very advanced and different. Ryuko’s ultimate goal is to become a brave shadow warrior, rescue his teacher Taguchi Sensei and end the greed of the land of darkness.

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The engaging and dramatic plot

Ninja Ryuko offers an engaging and dramatic Storyline. The game takes place in feudal Japan in the hypothetical land, Kurome. Kurome was the source of the shadow ninja warriors, but the locals were corrupted by greed.

Therefore, the Kurome locals wanted to expand their territory and spread their dark power in the world of vanity. Taguchi Sensei is one of the top samurai warriors, and he went to Kurome to end this corruption but mysteriously disappeared.

Ryuko is a young and brave female shadow hunter who decides to explore Kurome to find Master Taguchi and end the corruption of this faraway land. You’ll meet unique characters throughout the game, explore exciting landmarks, and enjoy Kurome’s hidden beauty.

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Explore five mysterious areas

Ninja Ryuko features five mysterious regions, and players battle a series of brutal shadow warriors across each area. Each area has a Hunter’s Castle for you to rest and upgrade characters and weapons. Sites also contain strange characters, and they bring a lot of great things.

Black Eye Fortress is the first area where players learn basic combat mechanics. In this land, you know and understand stealth kills, finishing moves, performing continuous attacks, and how to use elixir and special abilities.

Garden Creek is Kurome’s second region, where you must face more ferocious shadow warrior enemies. Mangle Forest is a particular area, and it is designed to be played in stealth mode. If the Player wants to defeat the flaming demon enemies, they can only be killed by stealth attacks from behind.

The deserted castle was a large and open area of ​​Kurome. You face more monsters, ninjas, fiery demons and hunters. Ministry town is the last area, and this place is also the destination for top hunters. To free Master Taguchi, you must defeat all the top dangerous hunters.

Note that the map is enormous, so you can enjoy the open world and spend a lot of time collecting valuable treasures. Through unique treasures, you can upgrade your character’s weapons & skills.

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Attractive gameplay and advanced fighting style

Ninja Ryuko uses a third-person perspective, so players can easily observe the whole scene. Ryuko is a talented ninja, so she has many attack options, including confrontation or raids to take down enemies. Besides, you also have to communicate with NPCs to be able to find clues about the dark forces.

The game has a diverse arsenal of weapons, including great swords, double swords, darts, bows, and pistols. Of course, the stronger the character, the more special weapons and armour will be unlocked.

Besides the powerful weapon system, players can also use elixir and different skills to defeat different types of enemies. In particular, the dark forces of darkness are very diverse, including giant monsters with ugly shapes.

Of course, the game has no shortage of powerful bosses equipped with solid weapons and armour, such as Yasuke Masashige, Sakamoto Ronin, or Yasuna Tadayuki.

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Download Ninja Ryuko MOD APK 1.0.77 (Free Shopping) for Android

If you like the game but want to save money, download Ninja Ryuko (MOD free shopping) right here. Thanks to this great mod, you have a lot of money to buy any weapon.

Explore the unique Ninja world

In a nutshell, Ninja Ryuko brings the unique world of Ninja. Players can experience many signature ninja skills, such as Stealth Mode. In particular, the game has a diverse weapon system, many unique potions and highly unique characters.

In addition, the game also has a large open map with many impressive bosses. So get ready to enter the Realistic Battlefield and experience this fantastic game For fans of Japanese style.

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