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Ninja Arashi 2 MOD APK 1.4.1 (Unlimited Money)

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Developer Black Panther
Latest Version 1.4.1
Size 146 MB
Mod Info Unlimited Money
Requires 4.4 and up
Updated 2022-10-02
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The description of Ninja Arashi 2 MOD APK 1.4.1 (Unlimited Money)

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Ninja Arashi 2 is a great action game, with many improvements compared to the first. Companion with the Arashi in the fight against the demon Dosu.

Ninja Arashi 2 combines two elements, including action and adventure. Players join brave ninja warrior Arashi in his fight against a sinister demon, Dosu.

After escaping from the ice prison, Arashi is responsible for the peace of humanity and rescuing his son.

Introduction to “Ninja Arashi 2”

Ninja Arashi 2 is Black Panther action & adventure game, about 150MB in size, Requires Android 4.4 or higher, Released in December 2020, and reached tens of millions of official downloads on Google Play Store.

Ninja Arashi 2 has simple and addictive action gameplay. Thanks to the fast rhythm and dozens of challenges, the game promises to bring you moments of suspense and unexpected experiences.

In addition, the game also has an RPG element, so you are free to upgrade your ninja skills and experience the depth of the exciting action gameplay.

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The fierce battle between Dosu and Arashi

Ninja Arashi 2 is the second installment in the game of the same name and accompanies the talented hero Arashi on a new, more intense journey. The game has graphics and gameplay like the Stickman series, so it promises to bring great experiences.

Like in the first version, you control the angry Arashi, who is the last righteous Ninja of the late Heian period. Arashi was also one of the victims of the demon Dosu’s sweep. All the ninjas were locked in an ice prison by Dosu, but Arashi managed to escape.

Arashi is responsible for protecting the peace of the ninja world, as well as rescuing his son and exposing the darkness behind Dosu’s plans. Get ready to enjoy a challenging journey!

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Intuitive interface and simple controls

Ninja Arashi 2 offers a fun & challenging platformer. Players have two primary weapons, including a sword and a shuriken. Throughout the journey, you can feel the Japanese style in the story—action, scenery, and music. The developers have spent a lot of time researching and trying seriously!

Similar to products of the 2D action genre, the game has a simple and familiar control method. Specifically, you use the two arrow keys to go forward or backward if needed. In addition, you use the action buttons (jump and attack) on the right side of the screen if you want to fight the enemy.

4 main missions with dozens of exciting challenges

Ninja Arashi 2 has 4 main stories with about 80 challenging stages. Throughout different exciting rounds, you have to face many kinds of enemies. Each challenge has a different number of enemies and obstacles. In addition, you also face many dangerous bosses on 4 primary levels.

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Discover many unique weapons and skills

Ninja Arashi 2 has many new weapons. Arashi has two attack styles: throwing shuriken and using a sword. Although the shuriken doesn’t have an excellent attack power, it is an effective ranged weapon.

Shuriken is an excellent solution if you’re fighting on flat terrain and want to limit enemy access. The sword has strong attack power, but it is a melee weapon, so you can only kill all enemies in a limited area.

In addition, Arashi also has an entirely new Skill Tree System. The journey is full of traps and enemies, so Arashi is equipped with special ninja techniques, such as the double jump to jump over enormous obstacles or slide and climb high walls. Note that you must avoid common traps like spikes and bombs.

In particular, the game also provides an entirely new system of artifacts. In each level, you not only fight the enemy but also have to collect the three necessary stars. Note that collecting is simple in the first levels, as the stars are arranged side by side and in flat positions. But if you play at a high level, the stars are in dangerous situations and guarded by the enemy.

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Minimalist 2D graphics and impressive sounds

Ninja Arashi 2 offers great motion physics, so you always have an excellent experience for every challenge. Although the characters are drawn in silhouette, the overall design is very creative. Thanks to 2D Graphics and beautiful scenery with shadow style, the game is easily compatible with most smartphones.

Ready to become the strongest Ninja

In summary, Ninja Arashi 2 is a great action game if you like fast-paced and Ninja themes.

The player accompanies Arashi, a brave and powerful ninja. Arashi must rescue the village from the evil ruler Dosu and save his beloved son. Besides addictive gameplay, the game has simple controls, 4 primary levels, and 80 unique challenges.

Ninja Arashi 2 has many improvements in graphics quality, skill system, and weapons compared to the first version. In addition, the sound effects are pretty impressive. The game is free, easy to install, and compatible with most smartphones today.

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