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My Talking Tom Friends MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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The description of My Talking Tom Friends MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

My Talking Tom Friends poster

My Talking Tom Friends brings fun entertainment with cute animals. The Game has many exciting activities & minigames and sharp 3D graphics.

My Talking Tom Friends features famous pets, such as Tom, Angela, Hank, Ginger, Ben, and Becca. The Game has fun gameplay from the favorite Talking Tom series.

Besides basic care activities, the Game also adds many exciting minigames. In particular, you can also build a house to your liking and interact with many animals simultaneously, including Tom, Angela, Hank, Ginger, Ben, and Becca.

The introduction of “My Talking Tom Friends.”

My Talking Tom Friends is one of the outstanding pet care & simulators on Android, developed by Outfit7, about 140MB in size, requires Android 5.0 or higher, released in June 2020, and reached hundreds of millions of official downloads on Google Play Store.

Outfit7 is a famous game studio and has released its favorite Tom series. Hanks, Angela, Ginger, and many other pets are famous animals in the Outfit7 universe.

My Talking Tom Friends is one of the famous games of the Talking Tom series. Unlike the original version, the Game allows you to interact with cute cat Tom and other friends like Angela, Hank, and Ben.

Your main task is to take care of the pets. All in all, My Talking Tom Friends is a classic Tamagotchi, and you will have a lot of fun with cute pets.

Similar to My Talking Angela 2Talking Tom Hero Dash.

My Talking Tom Friends screen 1

Exciting Gameplay and lots of fun

My Talking Tom Friends has fascinating Gameplay and lots of fun. Unlike the standalone versions, the Game is full of famous characters who all live their own lives.

The characters have a unique design, which is very impressive with the old version. Most of the animals are designed with cute & eye-catching appearances. The Gameplay is similar to the My Talking Tom series, so the Game is suitable for everyone.

The interface is intuitive, and you must touch the character’s image to control it. For example, tap Angela, then click on the required area icon (kitchen, garden, or dressing room).

Get ready to interact with all the cute characters and have some fun!

My Talking Tom Friends screen 2

Build the house you like

My Talking Tom Friends allows you to build a house to your liking. You can change up all the decor in the living room, choose new furniture for the kitchen or add cute items to the garden. Of course, you need creativity and decorating knowledge to create a unique home.

In addition, You can also share the fun with friendly pets in entertaining adventures in various parts of the city.

My Talking Tom Friends screen 3

Discover many exciting activities

My Talking Tom Friends has many exciting entertainment activities, and the Game has basic pet care activities, such as feeding, walking, alarm, etc. Note that the Game has many different characters, such as the beautiful cat Angela, the uncle, and the cat. The white dog Hank, and the mischievous black rabbit Becca, so you must clearly remember how to take care of each species.

In addition, you also need to give your pet medicine if they are injured or sick, etc. You use coins to buy food such as sushi or fruit (such as bananas and avocados). In particular, the Game has a wardrobe full of fun fashion, so you are free to create cute characters to your liking.

My Talking Tom Friends offers creative and sports activities, such as swimming, swinging, playing the guitar, gardening, playing chess, playing with teddy bears, and using skateboards,… The more you get involved in different minigames, the more valuable bonus points you get.

My Talking Tom Friends screen 4

Cute 3D graphics and funny sounds

My Talking Tom Friends has cute 3D Graphics, and the colors are very vibrant. You are certainly impressed with the complete detail, from the essential furniture and the kitchen to the bed. The character design is cheerful and meticulous. In addition, pets have a variety of character expressions, such as hungry, full, sad, happy, happy, or depressed…

The Sound System is fun; you can hear different sounds, like cute laughter, yawns when sleepy, etc. In addition, each mini Game has background music and sounds, so you have more experience and relax more easily.

Have fun with cute pets

In short, My Talking Tom Friends is a fun pet simulator. You will surely be impressed with the captivating, colorful 3D graphics and vibrant background music. Players can interact with favorite pets such as Tom, Angela, Hank, Ginger, Ben, and Becca.

Players do a lot of pet care, such as feeding, bathing, and meeting their needs. In particular, the Game also has many unique areas in the large city. In addition, players customize many things, for example, houses, costumes, and wardrobes. Ready to change the look of your pet?

Finally, the Game also has a great collection of minigames so that players can test their skills, reflexes, and intelligence. Get ready to share the fun with your pet in this fantastic simulator!

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