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My Mini Mart MOD APK 1.15.9 (Unlimited Money)

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The description of My Mini Mart MOD APK 1.15.9 (Unlimited Money)

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My Mini Mart allows players to own a Mart. You can grow organic fruits, sell products to customers, and expand the product area. Enjoy it!

My Mini Mart is a fun casual game. You can do many things like grow organic crops, build animal farms and sell high-quality products to customers. Players embark on a relaxing yet challenging journey operating a Mini Mart.

In addition, players can also hire new employees and build and expand the supermarket area. Get ready to grow your Mini Mart into a globally famous empire!

General information about My Mini Mart

My Mini Mart is an exciting simulation & management game from Supersonic Studios, released at the end of 2021, reaching tens of millions of official downloads on Google Play Store, compatible with Android 5.1 and above, and about 50MB in size. Supersonic Studios specializes in developing fun casual games like Become a Queen, Basket Battle and Move Animals.

My Mini Mart is excellent entertainment, has simple Gameplay and is suitable for anyone. The game offers exciting challenges, dynamic Gameplay and cute 2D graphics. The only task is to help the main character complete difficult jobs in a convenience store. In particular, the store only sells the best and eco-friendly products, so you face a lot of customers and a lot of work.

Simple and addictive Gameplay

My Mini Mart offers simple and addictive Gameplay. Players take on many roles, such as shop owner, farmer, and poultry farm owner. You own the farm of organic food & other dairy products and manage the store to meet the market demand.

At first, players may have difficulty managing operations, and the financial situation is modest. However, over time you can sell new products, maximize profits, and hire more workers.

In addition, the player is also primarily responsible at the cashier counter. Remember that everything is not easy, and it takes time to master everything. Concentration and agility are the keys to success. Sure, you have to do many things in a short time if you want to win the challenging levels. Try to unlock more products to expand your business!

Build a flagship convenience store

My Mini Mart allows players to own convenience stores. In the beginning, you couldn’t hire staff and assistants, so you had to deal with all the tasks and serve all the customers. This isn’t easy, but after a long time of getting used to it, you like the high dynamics.

Store management is the main content. Players take care of animals and grow fruits in the shop, then sell suitable products to customers for profit.

In addition, you can install more shelves and earn a lot more money. Many exciting products are waiting for you to discover, including tomatoes, apples and eggs. Remember that most of the work must be done manually, and you need to unlock various shelves to sell products ranging from fruits to animals.

Get ready to serve hundreds of customers daily, collect more money and become a convenience store tycoon!

Lots of fun, challenging levels, and cute graphics

My Mini Mart brings a fascinating virtual world, and you feel the excitement and enjoyment in each challenge. The game has hundreds of challenging levels, and each level contains unique puzzles. Of course, the manager must have a macro vision and strategic business planning according to the times.

After many hours of playing, you have more practical business knowledge, which is very useful in life. In addition, the game uses simple & cute graphics. Objects and subjects are all simulated minimally, so the game is stress-free and suitable for most smartphones today. In addition, the game has a rich storyline and is the perfect combination of casual entertainment and valuable business experience.

Get ready to experience the role of supermarket manager and find a way to grow a robust business! Finally, the game has a diverse item system. Players receive corresponding rewards in each challenge. The value of the item depends on the difficulty of the challenge. Each segment contains surprises.


In short, My Mini Mart is a fun casual & simulation game if you like to own your supermarket. The game allows the player to manage a store, work as a cashier, expand facilities, and own organic fruits and animals.

If your business grows big, you can offer more products! Besides planting fruit seeds and taking care of animals, you can also replenish inventory and serve large customers. The game has addictive Gameplay, and a charming graphic style, and the rhythm is fast & fun.

Download “My Mini Mart” now to own a small supermarket full of great products and have a fun management experience!

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