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Motionleap MOD APK 1.3.14 (Pro Unlocked)

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The description of Motionleap by Lightricks MOD APK 1.3.14 (Pro Unlocked)

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Motionleap by Lightricks is a professional photography application. The application allows users to create unique animations. In addition, the application has other useful features and a user-friendly interface. In particular, AI is dynamic and elite, so users are free to express more unique ideas for unique photos.

Get ready to animate your photos, add more 3D visuals with filters, and discover many other unique features!

General information about Motionleap

Motionleap (formerly known as Pixaloop) is a photography application by studio Lightricks (studio of Videoleap, Facetune, Photoleap and others). The app is about 130MB and has more than 50 million downloads on Google Play Store. Animations are unique. If you want to create many unique effects for your commemorative photos, check out the article about Motionleap!

The application provides everything users need to edit animations, including a wide range of stylish effects, filters and valuable tools. Key features include Anchor, Geometric (3D motion), Camera FX (background effects), Animate, Loop (motion loop), Sky (sunset, sunset effects), and overlays (like bubbles, rain, emoji).

Of course, you can directly post your artwork on top social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

Explore the world of unique 3D animations

Motionleap by Lightricks enhances your images with amazing animation effects. You can easily create smooth transitions with one touch, and the 3D animation is incredibly lifelike. The operation is effortless, and you use the arrows to add motion, choose a speed and replace the background. Intelligent AI powers tools and effects, so it’s easy to control & define all areas of your photo.

Suggest that if you change the background, it will open up many new artistic ideas. It is recommended to use the sky change function to create a new environment and atmosphere.

One of the most exciting tools is cloud color. This tool allows users to create moving clouds; for example, you can create brilliant sunset photos with beautiful orange clouds.

The interface is intuitive and friendly

Motion Leap has an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to perform the smoothest and most flexible interactions. The main interface is divided into many different areas and categories, so you can easily explore and enjoy all the features.

With just a few taps, users can choose from countless fancy effects. First, you need to add the photo to the editor. Then, mark some necessary points and insert many different effects such as stars, flowers, or engaging animations …

Even so, you still need some time to get used to all the tools. Suggest you refer to other people’s beautiful photos for more creative ideas!

More unique overlays and effects

Motionleap by Lightricks allows users to easily add unique overlays and effects to still images to attract followers. You give life and movement to your images with animations and cinematic effects. Of course, everything is free and easy. It is suggested that you use different filters and effects to create a new beauty for your artwork.

Users can also use various 3D visual effects to create maximum vibrancy. The application provides many different effects such as flying birds, butterfly wings, broken, or flying smoke. Of course, the photos are more vivid than ever. In addition, you need to use the multi-layer feature to profoundly and broadly customize the image to your liking.

Undoubtedly, the many unique modes in the application will bring out the most impressive results for every photo. In addition, AI is professional and flexible, so the movement of each image is very efficient & smooth. Of course, users do not need to have in-depth knowledge to create many fascinating masterpieces. Get ready to experience the app, and you are a future photo editing pro!

Alternatives to Motionleap

Movepic allows users to create amazing animations, backgrounds and gifs with animation effects. The app has impressive effects, including more than 180 dynamic skies, 230+ vivid 3D stickers, and 140+ popular filters and overlays. You can quickly become a pixel artist and create attractive professional motion pictures or movies thanks to the application.

VIMAGE is a famous cinemagraph animation tool on Android. Featured functions include creative 3D motion effects, flow animations or unique overlays on images. Thanks to the intuitive interface, users can easily create beautiful animations for photos and attractive moving photos. Get ready for lots of fun and improve your photography skills in no time!


In a nutshell, Motionleap by Lightricks allows you to easily edit images with artistic 3D animation tools, including background changer, 3D Live, 3D motion, image overlays, and more.

Also, the interface is intuitive, the AI ​​is powerful, and everything is straightforward & easy to use. As a result, you can easily create vibrant photos in amazing videos, amazing boomerangs, and unique GIFs.

Finally, Apps are for everyone, so you’re free to get creative with tons of fun effects, overlays, and animation tools. Download “Motionleap” now to turn each photo into a magical work of art!

Download Motionleap by Lightricks MOD APK 1.3.14 (Pro Unlocked) for Android

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