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Merge Life MOD APK 1.25.0 (Unlimited Money)

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Developer Lion Studios Plus
Latest Version 1.25.0
Size 170 MB
Mod Info Unlimited Money
Requires 5.0 and up
Updated 2022-06-25
5/5 - (2 votes)

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Merge Life offers exciting match-3 challenges. Players decorate cute rooms, accompanying the development of the character. Download here!

Merge Life is a fun match-3 game. Players overcome hundreds of challenges, decorate cute rooms and discover a memorable storyline. In addition, players can also interact and decide the fate of virtual characters. A great casual game from the developer of Lion Studios!

General information about Merge Life

Merge Life is an attractive puzzle game of Lion Studios Plus, released in June 2021, compatible with Android 5.0 and above, about 160Mb in size, reaching over 5 million official downloads on Google Play Store. Lion Studios Plus specializes in developing interesting casual games, such as Match 3D, Merge Villa, Airport BillionAir, and Riverside Merge.

The game has addictive match-3 gameplay and supports offline mode, so you can enjoy the fun whenever you have free time. Besides the task of decorating the room, players can also orient their favorite characters.

Decorating the room for a lovely child

Merge Life has very simple and relaxing gameplay. The task is to build a virtual life for the main character through many different aspects. According to certain timelines or ages of the surface, the person must make any changes, such as tools or toys. In addition, the protagonist can follow multiple paths instead of a single direction.

From here, you are free to decorate the main character’s room in various stages. Suggest that even though you have countless interior design projects, keep in mind your child’s needs. If you create a beautiful space but lack amenities, children often misbehave. Ideally, it would help if you prioritized merging items to complete the “order,” such as a bottle for a hungry child or a toy.

Finally, the more orders you complete, the more gold stars you get. Use the gold stars wisely to upgrade your baby’s bedroom and accessories!

Addictive Match-3 and Intuitive Interface

Merge Life has an intuitive interface and is suitable for anyone. The child’s new tasks and wishes all appear on the home screen. The match-3 puzzle genre helps you improve your logic and have a lot of fun entertainment. Of course, if you want to complete the levels and accumulate gold stars to decorate the room, you must overcome the most interesting puzzles with traditional match-3 mechanics.

In particular, the change in the character’s personality or appearance depends on the type of successful fusion item. Undoubtedly, you will open up new possibilities for the main character by constructing the right path.

Create your dream home

Merge Life allows players to create the house of their dreams. Players can design many rooms, including an infant bedroom, a children’s room, and a teen room. Remember, children are others at different ages, so you make sure that the interior design of the room is appropriate for them!

The variety of interior styles helps players to express their desired personalities. The internal decoration mechanism is very flexible and delicate, and you should put together many pieces of furniture to create a unique decoration.

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Discover millions of unique items

Merge Life offers millions of items, so players are free to merge and explore unique variations. The game provides various career options, including astronaut, athlete or rock star.

An energetic and exciting life is waiting for you to discover! Players can actively decide the profession or personality of the main character. The game is rich in replay value, and you should take your time to explore all the occupations and potentials according to ability or interest.

Design your character to your liking

Merge Life also allows players to design characters to their liking. The main character develops over time and goes through many stages of growth. From here, the player can create the right fashion design. Depending on the progression of the character’s age or appearance, the player has an impressive selection of costumes. Get ready to personalize your main character’s wardrobe and discover the most unique & adorable costume themes!


In summary, Merge Life is a great match-3 puzzle game. Players can decorate the children’s room in different stages (from infant to adult). In addition, the game offers millions of items, and you need to merge items to complete Orders to earn gold stars.

Players use gold stars to unlock new items for room decoration and experience a beautiful fashion system with various styles, pieces, and content. Surely players are endlessly immersed in lovable characters.

In particular, players can also choose the character’s profession and have special success experiences. The game offers a fun life simulator and uses simple concepts to provide relaxing and engaging moments.

Download “Merge Life” now to create a new life that matches your interests and dreams and have tons of puzzle fun!

Download Merge Life MOD APK 1.25.0 (Unlimited Money)

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