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Love Story Romance Episodes MOD APK 2.0.5 (Unlimited Diamonds)

Love Story game icon
Developer Webelinx Games
Latest Version 2.0.5
Size 91 MB
Mod Info Unlimited Diamonds
Requires 6.0 and up
Updated 2022-08-15
4.8/5 - (5 votes)

The description of Love Story Romance Episodes MOD APK 2.0.5 (Unlimited Diamonds)

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Love Story Romance Episodes is a fun simulator. You are the main character of hundreds of fascinating novels, building the ending to your liking.

Love Story Romance Episodes is an excellent game if you like novels. The game promises to bring adventures in a Hollywood love story, and you will experience unique romance and dating.

The game has hundreds of great stories, thousands of romantic dialogues, and hundreds of fascinating characters. Download “Love Story Romance Episodes” now to read many great stories, chapters, and selections for adults!

About Love Story Romance Episodes

Love Story Romance Episodes is one of Webelinx’s featured novel simulators, released in early 2020, compatible with Android 6.0 and above, reaching more than 5 million official downloads on Google Play Store. Webelinx specializes in developing fun puzzle & casual games like Books of Wonders, Lunescape, and Escape Room.

Love Story Romance Episodes offers a lot of unique novels with lots of episodes and lots of fun. No matter what your Love Story is, you are free to make your decision, choose your favorite story and enjoy the romantic novel of your dreams!

The game has a vast Collection of amazing interactive stories, and you will have plenty of dating experiences and real romance! Note that interactive stories don’t limit creativity, but decision-making is never easy.

The game features classic pure romance stories like PRIDE AND PREJUDICE and THE AMAZING JANE EYRE, or with some more engaging chapters like MAFIA BABY DADDY, THE BILLIONAIRE PROPOSAL, SEDUCING THE CEO, and many more. Get ready to immerse yourself in an endless world of beautiful novels!

Enjoy the fun in the fantasy world

Love Story Romance Episodes allows you to want to escape the harsh reality and join the romantic stories. Step by step, Dive into exciting dating chapters and change the course of essential passages. The interactive game allows you to feel the power of true love, and of course, you can make excellent choices that are never possible in real life.

If you are tired of boring romance novels and want to discover exciting love stories with steamy interactive chapters, then the game is a great choice. You control everything that happens in these adult relationships and make your decisions carefully because the results are unexpected!

Discover three iconic stories

Love Story Romance Episodes has an intuitive interface and simple operation, making it suitable for anyone. The app has different story tabs, and the content is updated, so you’ll have new chapters or new stories. AI is very advanced, so you get relevant & fast suggestions. In addition, the game has impressive cover art, so you can easily choose your favorite story and be ready to start an exciting journey.

Love Story Romance Episodes has the three most representative stories. If you prefer a classic romantic experience, choose THE BILLIONAIRE’S PROPOSAL. In this story, you transform into a promising young artist and discover the classy lifestyle of a rich man who loves art and beautiful things.

In this story, you must appease your loved one and pretend to be in a happy relationship. But you know that things suck, and you have a lot to do! Ultimately, the result is dreamy romance or infatuation, and it’s all your choice! If you like humor and fun, then choose BOYFRIEND FOR HIRE.

If you’re on a true erotic adventure, choose to CALL HIM DADDY. The story takes place in a university environment, you flirt with cute and innocent guys, but you will also meet a perfect older man! Your final choice is the cute student boy or the big hot man?

Build the character you like

Love Story Romance Episodes emphasize freedom, so you are free to create your character. You can freely choose and style your character from here, such as school uniforms, business suits, or outstanding evening dresses! The game offers a diverse fashion collection with a modern style.

Become the protagonist of a romance novel

In short, Love Story Romance Episodes is an excellent game if you like interactive romance novels. You are the main character in a fascinating story, making choices to create many unique endings.

The game has hundreds of unique and diverse novels of different genres, such as Romance novels, adult stories, taboo games, or sweet relationships. Download the game and enjoy the free emotional world you’ve always dreamed of!

Download Love Story Romance Episodes MOD APK 2.0.5 (Unlimited Diamonds) for Android

The game has addictive gameplay, and everything is fun. However, it would help if you had large amounts of diamonds to make the perfect final selections. Download Love Story Romance Episodes (MOD Unlimited Diamonds) here if you want to experience everything fully. The mod is safe and easy to install, and you can buy any of your favorite stories!

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