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Like a Pizza MOD APK 1.55 (No Ads)

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Developer MondayOFF
Latest Version 1.55
Size 50 MB
Mod Info No Ads
Requires 5.1 and up
Updated 2022-08-06
5/5 - (1 vote)

The description of Like a Pizza MOD APK 1.55 (No Ads)

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Like a Pizza is an excellent restaurant simulator on Android. The game has fast-paced, cute 3D graphics and a unique pizza world. Download!

Like a Pizza is a dynamic casual game, the player must manage unique aspects of the virtual business. The game allows you to order a pizzeria and grow it into a successful business.

MondayOFF’s unique pizza restaurant simulator

Like a Pizza is an exciting simulation game of MondayOFF, released in June 2022, compatible with Android 5.1 and above, reaching tens of millions of official downloads on Google Play Store. MondayOFF specializes in developing exciting idle games like Life of Mellow, Sneak Out 3D and Tiny Run 3D.

A Pizza allows the player to manage a pizzeria, and you have to do many things, including the first thing you have to prepare food and serve it. However, the gameplay is straightforward, and you need to go to a place, select a few objects and bring them to the corresponding location. Sure, you get hooked quickly after a few hours of experience.

You only have a small oven and a few ingredients at the starting point. If you progress, you can purchase more facilities, scale up, and attract more customers. The game takes place in a small town, where you are the most famous pizzeria. Get ready for the minimalistic graphics and highly addictive gameplay!

Manage a large pizza restaurant

Like a Pizza is an excellent business simulator with minimalist 3D graphics. Players must run a pizzeria, prepare food and promptly serve insatiable diners. Everything is so simple, so it’s suitable for anyone.

At the beginning of the adventure, you only have a simple oven and a few rustic tables. After overcoming many challenges and accumulating money, players can buy new machines, expand facilities and develop a home pizza delivery service. In addition, you should also invest money in hiring good employees and upgrading their skills.

Intuitive interface and simple controls

Like a Pizza has an intuitive interface and simple controls, the game is suitable for anyone; you need to touch it to enjoy the endless fun of the game. In particular, the game is free, easy to install, and supports offline mode, so you can enjoy the pleasure anytime.

However, the game also has challenges, such as time constraints and fast-paced. Each client has specific requirements, and you must fulfil them within a particular time.

In addition, you also face requirements, and if you want to win, you must upgrade the kitchen and add more ovens and tables to serve the maximum number of customers. Try to expand your business and make more money!

Expand the scale of the pizza restaurant

Like a Pizza brings many authentic & exciting business experiences. The more money you make, the more you can hire more maids and expand your restaurant. In addition, the game also has a home delivery service, so you need to choose good staff to take care of orders.

In addition, the game’s appeal is the excellent animations and sound system, so the gameplay is rich in appeal. The character design is minimal, and the animations are realistic & varied.

In addition, the sound system is excellent, including sound effects such as customer voices, oven beeps and cash register chimes. The background music is very upbeat.

Four outstanding features of Like a Pizza

Like a Pizza has four outstanding features, including:

  •       Simple gameplay: The game does not require complicated operations, and you can play while relaxing.
  •       Become a virtual pizza restaurant boss: This game lets you Become a virtual pizza restaurant boss and create exceptional dishes.
  •       Improve Time Management Skills: The key to success is time management. The better you serve others, the better your Time Management skills will be.
  •       Intuitive interface and minimalist 3D graphics: The game has simple controls and minimalist 3D graphics, so it is suitable even for children.

Ready for the pizza whirlwind

In a nutshell, Like a Pizza is a fun simulation & management game. Players enjoy addictive, entertaining gameplay and hours of relaxation. In addition, the controls are straightforward, and you only need one finger to build your favourite pizza restaurant.

Since you are the owner, you must take care of everything from pizza baking to on-time delivery. Download now Studio MondayOFF’s exciting game and develop a famous pizzeria!

Download Like a Pizza MOD APK 1.55 (No Ads) for Android

Like a Pizza is a fun game, but if you want to expand your restaurant and improve your staff quickly, you have to watch ads. In addition, the game has a lot of annoying ads. But if you want a smooth entertainment experience, immediately download Like a Pizza (MOD No Ads). Thanks to this mod, you can serve pizza to many customers without interruption.

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