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Lara Croft GO MOD APK 2.1.276590 (Unlocked Skins)

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Latest Version 2.1.276590
Size 513 MB
Mod Info Unlocked Skins & Unlimited Hints
Requires 5.0 and up
Updated 2022-11-28
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The description of Lara Croft GO MOD APK 2.1.276590 (Unlocked Skins & Unlimited Hints)

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Lara Croft GO offers exciting puzzle & adventure experiences. Companion with Lara in a new adventure. Get ready to collect artifacts and win Venom!

Lara Croft GO is an excellent combination of puzzles and adventure. The Game uses a turn-based strategy, and you must explore many dangerous places in an exciting experience with the brave Lara.

Lara finds an ancient manuscript about the poison queen Venom and accompanies her in exploring the ancient ruins. Get ready to unravel the mystery and uncover valuable treasures behind deadly traps.

Introduction to “Lara Croft GO”

Lara Croft GO is an exciting role-playing & adventure game by SQUARE ENIX, about 600MB in size, Requires Android 5.0 or higher, released in August 2015, and reached millions of official downloads on Google Play Store. SQUARE ENIX is a famous game studio from Japan and has released many outstanding mobile games such as Life is Strange, Hitman GO, and Deus Ex GO.

Lara Croft GO is the mobile version of the popular Tomb Raider series and still offers the signature puzzle adventure experience. However, the Game uses a turn-based strategy, and the setting is a long-forgotten world. The main character is Lara Croft, a brave, intelligent, and beautiful female adventurer.

Explore the ruins of an ancient civilization and face deadly challenges in the legendary journey of Queen Venom.

Enjoy the exciting adventure.

Lara Croft GO offers adventure, and if you want to complete a journey, explore the ancient ruins that lie deep within each. Of course, the location is hazardous, and you must face difficulties lurking around. Ancient treasures are waiting for you to discover!

The Game offers over 100 unique challenges, and the content is divided into seven chapters. Each chapter contains an ancient relic, and the Challenges are unique. You must activate many parts of the building to overcome challenges, as well as try to avoid pitfalls everywhere.

In addition, you can also collect a variety of rare artifacts. The more valuable artifacts you order, the more bonuses you can unlock to unlock new skills or eye-catching item pages.

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Intuitive interface and simple controls

Lara Croft GO has an intuitive interface, and the gameplay is quite simple. Players only need to swipe to move the character, and the number of steps is not limited. Because of the freedom, you always have a comfortable experience and are free from any rules.

In addition, the control is very unified, so you don’t need to spend time practicing if you have ever experienced the adventure puzzle genre. However, the Game is turn-based, so you must think carefully to complete the level successfully.

The Game has attractive gameplay and is similar to Hitman GO. Therefore, you can only move along the available lines or walls. Although the movement is limited, Lara’s direction is fluid, so it’s pretty interesting. In addition, Lara can perform somersaults and even spectacular climbs.

The gameplay is unlike traditional Tomb Raider games, so you never die from stepping too far or misjudging a jump.

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Confront a series of dangerous enemies

Lara Croft’s primary opponents are varied; most are dangerous animals (e.g., snakes, lizards, and spiders). Each animal has its attack method; for example, the snake likes to hide, and the lizard likes to watch Lara’s every move.

In addition, you also face many other more dangerous things. Take advantage of indirect methods to destroy them instead of direct physical impact!

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Unlock many unique skins of Lara

Lara Croft GO offers a lot of beautiful skins. After each successful challenge, you get a certain amount of bonuses and use the Bonuses to unlock new skins. Each garment has a unique design and gives a unique look. Try to Collect all the unique skins and create an outstanding Lara!

Note that the Game has Seven Chapters so that you can collect seven valuable artifacts. Of course, to complete your journey, you must collect enough artifacts. Antiquities are valuable, mysterious items with extraordinarily delicate and sharp motifs. Get ready to uncover all the secrets of ancient buildings in the strange world of Venom!

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Sharp 3D graphics and impressive sound

Lara Croft GO also has sharp 3D Graphics and impressive sound. Graphics are improved quite a lot, and everything has become more realistic. The design style is bright and easy on the eyes, so it is suitable for anyone.

In addition, good graphics is an essential point as it makes it easy to observe to overcome many pitfalls. The sound effects are impressive, and the Game has many attractive soundtracks.

Accompany Lara in the attractive mobile version

In short, Lara Croft GO is a great adventure game, and it is the first choice if you want to enjoy the adventures of heroine Lara on Android. Besides the addictive gameplay, the Game also has lush visuals and captivating background music, and the controls are straightforward.

Players have to Solve more than 115 puzzles, and the content has seven primary chapters. Get ready to overcome dangerous obstacles and Collect Ancient Relics with Lara!

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