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Kung Fu Clicker MOD APK 1.20.1 (Unlimited Money)

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Developer PIKPOK
Latest Version 1.20.1
Size 177 MB
Mod Info Unlimited Money
Requires 5.0 and up
Updated 2022-07-28
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Kung Fu Clicker is an excellent dojo simulator. You are the boss of a dojo and must build many kung fu warriors to protect the peace.

Kung Fu Clicker brings an exciting world of martial arts. The game has a variety of factions, and the fighting style is unique. Through the game, players understand more about the lives of people who practice martial arts. In addition, the game has a fascinating storyline and many unique opponents, and you must do many things to protect the honor of the dojo.

Exciting Idle Game of PIKPOK

Kung Fu Clicker is an attractive casual idle game by PIKPOK, released in September 2018, compatible with Android 5.0 and above, reaching millions of official downloads on Google Play Store. PikPok is a well-known publisher and has created a fun and addictive games like Flick Kick, Into the Dead, and other popular games.

Kung Fu Clicker is about the war between underground gangs and traditional dojos. You are one of the successors of the famous dojo and must protect the dojo against evil forces.

The gameplay is straightforward, and you do not spend much time if you are familiar with the idle genre. Players tap to invest in the dojo and get an increased idle profit. You then continue to tap and use the bonuses to build bigger, more beautiful rooms to train elaborate disciples and recruit martial arts masters.

The fascinating and dramatic story

Kung Fu Clicker has an engaging and dramatic Story. You are a famous young martial artist and must take over the traditional dojo of your father, and it has existed for hundreds of years under the name of Dojos. Since the dojo was very famous, it faced many challenges and the envy of the bad guys. Even you have to face the gangster gang. Get ready to protect everyone and destroy the bad guys!

Explore the thorny martial arts path

Kung Fu Clicker has many highlights, including exciting characters, engaging battles, unique competitions, global leaderboards, and beautiful 2D animated graphics. At the starting point, you only have small students, limited dojo size, and there aren’t many good kung fu masters.

As a first step, you must train the students by helping them improve their practice skills daily. Of course, you must equip exercise equipment and large classes to improve the build quality and attract more students effortlessly.

Diverse skill system and dojo building

Kung Fu Clicker is very lively and depicts the martial artist’s training and resting process. In addition, you can also explore a variety of fighting styles, including beautiful kicks and punches.

Players have complete control over building a training area for boxers. Each floor is a different room such as a kitchen, a changing room, a meditation room … the training methods are very diverse, in which martial arts students are trained in their ways, alone or in cooperation with teammates. The better you prepare your martial arts team, the easier it will be for you to defeat any dangerous opponents.

Another interesting point is the change in weather. The game has many types of weather, such as heavy rain, sunshine, or cold. Of course, the synagogue still has to operate year-round and is forced to change its training style accordingly.

Try to create a training method most suitable for the student’s physical condition and the climatic conditions; in addition, you should pay attention to upgrading the dojo & adding equipment to attract more quality students!

Confront the strongest opponents

Kung Fu Clicker has a variety of martial arts and a very diverse NPC system. Specifically, you can find and collect masters, and each has martial arts such as archery, swordsmanship, Judo… Even some masters have attractive fighting methods such as food and makeup. Suggest that you upgrade, unlock more skills, and increase the power of the masters!

Of course, the game cannot be without exciting matches and the most powerful opponents. The Deathfang Clan is a significant threat to all dojos, and They want to destroy the schools one by one. Your dojo is a danger to the bad guys. It’s suggested that you try not to let the dark group get too deep into the dojo and defeat the intruder to receive a quality chest!

Download now Kung Fu Clicker (MOD Unlimited Money)

It is suggested that you download Kung Fu Clicker (MOD Unlimited Money) here. Thanks to this mode, players have a large amount of money to freely upgrade their dojo, hire and practice kung fu masters, and easily unlock any particular martial arts.

Become a martial arts master

To summarize, Kung Fu Clicker is a fun idle game if you like the martial arts theme. The game offers an engaging storyline and vibrant, comical graphics. The characters are great, and you will have an exciting experience in martial arts.

Besides a synagogue simulator, players participate in exciting matches and defeat any group of evil dark shadows. If you are looking for fun, download “Kung Fu Clicker” now!

Download Kung Fu Clicker MOD APK 1.20.1 (Unlimited Money) for Android

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