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KREW EATS MOD APK 30.9 (Unlimited Money)

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The description of KREW EATS MOD APK 30.9 (Unlimited Money)

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KREW EATS is based on the famous Mukbang movement. Get ready to record! Accompany many famous people, and enjoy memorable meals. Download here!

KREW EATS is about the live eating of stars. The game is in the idle clicker genre, and you click on the screen to eat all kinds of delicious food. Players accompany YouTube content creators on an exciting adventure.

Today, YouTube is very popular and has tens of millions of famous & rich creators all over the world. Thanks to Youtube’s massive growth, many videos have become popular, and Mukbang is one of the prominent movements.

Mukbang is the central theme of KREW EATS. Your only mission is to eat all the giant dishes and unlock lots of new & exciting content.

BBTV’s fun idle game

KREW EATS is BBTV’s excellent idle game, released in June 2021, compatible with Android 6.0 and above, reaching millions of official downloads on Google Play Store. BBTV specializes in developing cute and fun games like TheOdd1sOut, Fernanfloo, and Jackass Human Slingshot.

Eating is a pleasure, and food is essential to life. Without food, you will surely starve to death. Nowadays, many celebrities make Mukbang videos because they’re exciting. Mukbang is a unique video genre where people eat in bulk at once and share the joy directly with the fam. So, if you love seeing celebrities eating and drinking, KREW EATS is a perfect choice.

KREW EATS is a clicker game, and you must eat giant food. Your only goal is to eat lots and lots of unique dishes. In addition, you can also collect super cute pets and create many unique looks! Of course, the game revolves around the Youtuber Krew family.

KREW is a group of celebrities consisting of 5 siblings, and all of them are famous YouTubers. Get ready to join Rainbow, Gold, Funneh, Lunar and Draco on an epic dining adventure!

Enjoy the pleasure of eating

KREW EATS is the right entertainment if you like the theme of eating. The game has addictive gameplay and simple controls. Specifically, Characters automatically eat food on the table (including plates and containers), and you touch the screen to speed up the action and collect rewards or pets. The game does not require complicated operations; you only need one finger.

The game has simple but exciting content; of course, you eat as much food as possible, and the more coins you earn. Players use currencies to upgrade different foods and unlock many other exciting items.

Accompanied by many cute characters

KREW EATS has many cute characters such as Rainbow, Lunar, Funneh, Gold and Draco. They’re all celebrities and want a full belly, but Who’s the winner in the end?

You can play your favorite characters like Rainbow, Funneh, Draco, Lunar and Gold. Each character is based on the basic version, so fans will enjoy it. Because the only mission is food, the more you eat, the more coins you earn.

In addition, the game also offers a wide variety of food, from Asian to European, from street food to luxury restaurant food. Of course, you must pass the required levels to discover all the unique dishes. The game even has desserts, snacks and other unique foods available. Get ready to constantly tap on the screen to enjoy eating and having fun!

Collect dozens of cute pets

KREW EATS also has over 25 PETS, which are very cute. Pets are beneficial because they help you eat more, so try to collect pets in this great adventure. Players use the bonus coins to unlock new pets. Pets always appear around the level, and it also helps you speed up eating.

Create a unique fashion style

KREW EATS also has a unique fashion collection, so you are free to create your style. Get ready to wear the most beautiful and special outfits!

Not only can you accompany Gold, Draco, Rainbow and Funneh, but you can also customize their look with different beautiful clothes, accessories and outfits. In addition, the game offers different interesting situations and other unique powers.

Enjoy the fun of dining with celebrities

In short, KREW EATS is an exciting game with unique 2D anime graphics, so it promises to bring hours of great entertainment. If you are a fan of the famous KREW family, the game will provide a good time for you.

The game has a straightforward way of working, so you have hours of fun eating each unique item. By helping these famous YouTubers, you can accumulate tons of bonus points and unlock many unique fashion styles and dozens of cute pets.

Download KREW EATS MOD APK 30.9 (Unlimited Money) for Android

If you want to unlock unique fashion items or cute pets quickly, download KREW EATS APK (MOD Unlimited Money). Download and enjoy endless fun! Thanks to this mod, you have a lot of money to buy any special items.

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