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Infinite Design MOD APK 3.5.6 (Premium Unlocked)

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Developer Infinite Studio Mobile
Latest Version 3.5.6
Size 17 MB
Mod Info Premium Unlocked
Requires 4.4
Updated 2022-05-02
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Infinite Design MOD APK, If you are someone who likes to create digital works of art then this app is a great choice for you.

Infinite Design is an excellent tool if you enjoy digital painting. The application makes it easier for users to design and draw digital illustrations. Thanks to the app, you can quickly create original works of art right from your smartphone. In particular, the application supports cloud and tablet saving so that you will have many wonderful high-end graphics experiences.

General information about Infinite Design

Infinite Design is Infinite Studio’s flagship graphic design app (members include Nubi Creative, Rey zilva Ardiansyah, Ales Sunarnov, and Mad Matt). The app is about 40MB and has over 10 million official downloads on Google Play Store. As technology advances, digital paintings become more popular. Therefore, many young people prefer to use advanced graphics applications such as Corel’s Painter or Adobe Illustrator.

In particular, Infinite Design is one of the top great choices on the Android operating system. The app allows users to design right on their smartphone, so you don’t need to use a PC to create digital drawings. The application has an intuitive interface so that you can do any creative painting easily. The application is full of top tools, allowing artists to create great images with their style easily. Creativity is the only limit!

The app offers fantastic experiences such as Infinite canvas, optical path editing, Boolean, etc.

Explore powerful graphics tools & utilities

Infinite Design is full of powerful tools, so users can quickly turn primary lines and shapes into complete and unique works of art. Thanks to four symmetry types (horizontal/vertical, angular, radial and Kaleidoscopic), users save time when creating individual works of art. If you are not familiar with 3D drawing, use the Cityscapes 3D tool to create fantastic artwork.

The application allows users to interact on an unlimited number of layers (about 60 or 70 different image layers simultaneously). In addition, the application also saves the entire history of the Design, so it is easy to make or undo any necessary changes. Besides, you can easily color the whole or just the border with a simple operation. For example, you can change the object’s transparency, fill the thing with texture, gradient, fill color. Use ColourLovers to search for millions of individual color results!

Use a variety of special graphic effects

Infinite Design allows users to add many special effects, so your paintings become more artistic quickly. Besides the unique brush toolset, users can also add many unique Text templates. Therefore, you quickly turn the monotonous text into more beautiful and professional. Of course, you’re also free to adjust the size, font, title and add effects like border art or block shadow.

Intuitive and easy to use Interface

Infinite Design has an intuitive and easy to use Interface. The app is optimized for smartphones and tablets so that anyone can get used to the Design. The wallpaper is very prominent in the two primary colors, black and white. It is suggested that you arrange the necessary toolset on the top bar to save time.

If you often use tools like creating shapes, adding text, creating visual effects, and more, arranging them in the optimal position is advisable. From here, it’s easy to use the necessary tools, and the Design is more straightforward.

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Support a variety of graphic files with quality

Infinite Design allows users to save high-quality files and share images at will. The application will enable users to export large image files with a resolution of up to 100 megapixels. You can easily save the finished product in popular formats like PNG, JPEG, PSD file, or SVG.

Alternatives to Infinite Design

MediBang Paint is also an excellent app for painters. The application allows users to create comics and draw digital paintings quickly. The application has many powerful tools, such as brushes, fonts, ready-made backgrounds and other necessary resources. The app is available on Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS. In particular, the application also supports the cloud, allowing users to quickly complete work with many different electronic devices.

Infinite Painter is also one of the top choices of digital painters. The application allows users to draw, sketch and create the best digital designs. The application supports multiple platforms, including tablets, smartphones and Chromebooks. In particular, the application has a large user community (more than millions of people) and has won many important awards. In short, the application is suitable for all artists, whether you are a newbie or a professional painter.


In a nutshell, Infinite Design is a compelling drawing and image editing tool. The application allows users to design graphics quickly and on many devices (including smartphones and tablets). Plus, you have the option to save the project in high quality and a variety of formats (including JPEG, PNG or SVG). Finally, you can easily share them directly through any social media account.

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