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Idle Inn Empire MOD APK 1.16.2 (Unlimited money)

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The description of Idle Inn Empire MOD APK 1.16.2 (Unlimited Money)

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Idle Inn Empire is a great idle management game and suitable for all ages. You have hours of fun while managing the medieval Inn. Download it!

Idle Inn Empire is a fun simulation & idle management game which takes place in medieval times. The player must manage the Inn, and this place is the resting place of many heroes. As the owner, you work on the smallest details like managing customer-employee interactions, building staff, expanding the pub, long-term planning, and many other great things.

Fascinating management simulator of “OUTLOU:D”

Idle Inn Empire is an attractive Management Simulator of “OUTLOU:D,” released in January 2021, compatible with Android 8.0 and above, reaching millions of official downloads on GooglePlay, about 180 MB in size. OUTLOU:D has released another fascinating game, which is Idle Pet Shelter

Idle Inn Empire is a medieval inn simulator & manager. You are the owner of a top local inn and use a large sum of money to attract local tourists.

Get ready to build a Medieval Hotel Empire and become a famous business tycoon! The game has attracted a large number of players since its release. Many players have always loved the idle genre despite the simple gameplay.

Become the tycoon of a medieval hotel

Idle Inn Empire takes place in the fictional Middle Ages. Since the Middle Ages, restaurants and inns have welcomed many people from all over the world. They come to the Inn to rest, eat, and entertain. Of course, everyone has a different personality, so the Inn needs a talented manager.

The warriors of the past were extremely belligerent, and every argument ended in a fight. They often gather in large numbers to argue and quarrel with each other. So they need a quality inn to rest, and you are the one chosen to develop the Inn.

Your mission is to become the tycoon of a medieval hotel, know how to run the Inn, and make the Inn thrive. It would help if you built many resorts, entertainment areas, and even battlefields to serve dynamic warriors. Get ready to create the most popular hostel in the area.

In addition, you also do a lot of other interesting jobs such as buying furniture and upgrading rooms, preparing drinks, food and other interesting services (such as sauna or fishing).

Build and upgrade many buildings

In the beginning, the player only receives a small inn available. If you want to attract more guests, you need to expand the size and improve the quality of the hostel. Each guest brings a corresponding bonus amount.

You use the money to buy new furniture, utensils, and materials. It is suggested that you quickly expand the area of ​​the Inn to accommodate more guests. Besides the room area, you also have to build other works such as the arena, the canteen, the amusement park, the relaxing bath, etc.

The game offers about 8 models of Inns in various environments. Especially, you can even Build famous landmarks to make your Inn stand out! In addition, you can also keep animals wandering around to increase the attraction.

Lots of fun activities

Remember that a good hostel is capable of meeting all customer requirements. Customers need hot meals, cool drinks, and a comfortable place to rest and entertain. Idle Inn Empire offers Many interesting management activities.

As the owner, you have to do many things: manage guest salaries and needs, buy new services such as restaurants, new hotel rooms, food courts, and fun activities; Build a team of talented employees.

Recruiting personnel is difficult, and you must take care of many positions from chefs, bartenders, cashiers, cleaning staff, etc. The rental price of each position is different.

Eye-catching 3D graphics and funny sounds

Idle Inn Empire also creates attractive 3D animation images that are quite funny & high quality. The design is quite realistic and resembles the medieval style. In addition, the pictures of the characters are very funny. The colors are mainly bright and eye-catching, so players feel relaxed.

The sound effects are complete and quite vibrant. The background music is great, and the character sounds are rich.

Download Idle Inn Empire MOD APK 1.16.2 (Unlimited Money) for Android

If you want to own the empire to your liking quickly, then immediately download Idle Inn Empire (MOD Unlimited Money) here. Thanks to this safe mode, you have an unlimited amount of money, so you can buy equipment, recruit good employees and create many attractive entertainment areas.

Create the most famous Inn of the Middle Ages

In short, Idle Inn Empire promises to bring extremely interesting idle entertainment experiences. In addition, the gameplay is quite creative and attractive, and players are free to create inns according to their preferences.

In particular, the game has an automation feature, so you don’t need to spend a lot of time managing it. Suggest that you hire good employees to create maximum sympathy with customers. Finally, the game has eye-catching 3D graphics and impressive sound effects.

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