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Idle Evil Clicker MOD APK v2.22.4 (Unlimited Money)

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Developer AppQuantum
Latest Version 2.22.4
Size 22 MB
Mod Info Unlimited Money
Requires 5.0 and up
Updated 2022-06-26
5/5 - (1 vote)

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Idle Evil Clicker allows the player to become a tycoon of hell. You collect souls, build factories and create many cute torture punishments.

Idle Evil Clicker is a fun idle game. Players are the devilish geniuses, experience the traditional clicker genre, and have a lot of fun expanding their arsenal of torture. You can do many cool things like hire demons, collect souls, and upgrade and automate unique evil devices. Get ready to grow the circles of hell!

General information about Idle Evil Clicker

Idle Evil Clicker is an exciting simulation & idle game from AppQuantum, released at the end of 2018, compatible with Android 5.0 and above, and reached millions of official downloads on Google Play Store. AppQuantum specializes in developing light entertainment games, such as Gold and Goblins, Idle Light City and Party Clicker.

Idle Evil Clicker is not only a fun idle mining game, but it also offers a humorous simulation of the life of the devil. The devil is your worker, and you Invest in the evil company to get the most profit possible. The more souls you collect, the more fantastic torture tools you unlock, like automatic boilers and other cool things!

Become the boss of hell

Idle Evil Clicker allows the player to take charge of what is happening in hell, and you must try to build a real Demon Empire. Your most significant task is to collect the souls of the dead and create brutal tortures. The more unique new punishments you make, the more bonuses you get to improve your torture equipment, recruit new demon servants, and unlock more special abilities.

Besides creating the most incredible torture devices (whips, cages, boiling water pots and even a tickling machine), players can also upgrade the soul workshop to increase their income quickly. The game has highly addictive and fun gameplay, 2D graphics with vibrant colors & cute designs, many fun characters and simple controls.

In addition, the game supports offline mode, so you can find fun from the unique hell wherever and whenever you want. Get ready to be a real hell tycoon in the most unusual way!

Uses various forms of humorous torture

Idle Evil Clicker does not have many scary images, so it is suitable even for children. If you’ve ever thought that enjoying people suffering or experiencing hell is disturbing, it’s all wrong. In the game, the forms of torture are designed in a humorous style and are very human-friendly, for example, washing dishes in eternal hell!!!

In particular, players can also unlock new forms of torture by collecting puzzle pieces. Get ready to create your version of hell with workplaces like the whip station, the boiler, and the hamster wheel!

Idle, entertainment and strategy

Being a boss of hell is not easy. Although taps and swipes are easy to learn, you must employ sound economic strategies to maximize profits. Idle Evil Clicker is a perfect combination of three elements: Idle, entertainment and design.

Take your time to explore this cute game’s fun and unique features! In addition, if you want to collect special souls, you must participate in many exciting tasks, such as saving the girl. Lots of interesting puzzles and Facts are waiting for you to discover.

The game brings the whole exciting virtual world, which is the devil of our life. You can see a lot of sin, people, demons and strange hells inside of you. Be ready to take responsibility and tell a personal story. If you want to be the devil, the game is a great opportunity.

Get many unique rewards daily

Idle Evil Clicker also has many unique daily rewards. This hell world is exciting because you can get more tips and bonuses every day. Featured recommendations include the Wheel of Sins, Daily Quests, and Daily Prizes.

In addition, the game also offers an online mode. If you drag more of your friends to hell, you can get 1% more profit for each new friend. Also, if you connect to Facebook, get 50 more free gems. Be sure to sync your game with Facebook for a complete friends list!


In summary, Idle Evil Clicker is a fun idle game if you like the hell theme. The game has excellent 2D art and animation, and you are sure to have many exciting moments of entertainment while enjoying the unique tortures.

The game is a revolution in idle simulators, and the gameplay is friendly & intuitive. In addition, the game has a lot of upgrades so that you can expand the fun quickly. If you are a lover of idle games and want to experience hell, the game is a great choice.

Download “Idle Evil Clicker” now and prepare for an exciting hell simulator!

Download Idle Evil Clicker MOD APK v2.22.4 (Unlimited Money)

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