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ibis Paint X MOD APK v10.0.4 (Prime Membership Unlocked)

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The description of ibis Paint X MOD APK v10.0.4 (Prime Membership Unlocked)

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Ibis Paint X is a fantastic art and design app if you like Anime style. Thanks to the app, you don’t need expensive pens, and it’s straightforward to use. It only takes a few days to master the application and unleash your creativity.

The application is compatible with most Android smartphones or tablets. With a great set of drawing tools, the application allows users to express hundreds of different aspects in each drawing. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of Anime animation!

General information about ibis Paint X

Ibis Paint X is an excellent application if you need to draw Anime, Manga, and animated characters with many different styles. The app is about 30 MB and has hundreds of millions of official downloads on Google Play Store.

Thanks to the application, you do not need any complicated & expensive tools, such as drawing paper, pencils, markers, erasers, rulers, reference palettes, etc.

Moreover, the application provides hundreds of types of brushes, including the most popular ones such as digital pens, markers, markers, etc.; from here, you can easily create your works of art—high-quality artwork right on your smartphone.

An excellent choice for young artists

Ibis Paint X is an excellent choice for young artists. If you have ever been passionate about comic books like Doraemon, Totoro, Conan, or Lucky Luke, you must want to become an animator. However, not everyone is gifted with withdrawing, so the app is a great help.

Thanks to the application, you do not need to possess considerable graphic knowledge and outstanding drawing skills to create beautiful cartoon pictures. You’ll save time and effort and don’t need advanced drawing experience like Ghibli artists. After only a few days of experience, you can easily create unique animation lines and frames!

Create vivid drawings

Ibis Paint X has a lot of tremendous advantages, among which are the highly accurate electronic rulers (not affected by negative factors such as the human eye, light source, ruler material…). Available in all shapes, sizes and units, it’s quick and straightforward to create the sharpest line.

Plus, Brushes are very smooth and run at up to 60fps. Applications There are more than 300 different brushes, so you are free to create the perfect cartoon pictures.

Easy layering and suitable for anyone

Ibis Paint X has intelligent AI, so you can easily layer layers, creating characters and scenes with the most depth and life. The application handles layering automatically, so you draw the first line, and the animations will automatically appear.

If you have trouble with color mixing, don’t worry. Because the app is designed for even beginners, you’ll have plenty of color mode options. The ink color has the necessary sharpness and is extremely clear, so you avoid common mistakes in hand drawing mode.

Finally, the application has the classic “Manga Color Paint” mode, so you can easily create a vivid and Manga qualified drawing.

The modern interface and full detailed instructions

Ibis Paint X also has a modern interface. In particular, the application uses OpenGL technology to have a smooth drawing experience at a reasonable frame rate (up to 60 fps). Moreover, the application is well optimized and suitable for most popular smartphones.

Mainly, you can also record all your creative processes as a video to watch at any time. Of course, share with your friends or upload to youtube to get lots of positive feedback!

In addition, the application also has an essential SNS feature if you are a newbie. You can quickly improve your drawing skills through lessons and technical tutorials with the SNS feature. In the end, you can still draw with your fingers but use a legal stylus to set a different manga world.

Alternatives to ibis Paint X

Sketchbook is an essential application if you are passionate about digital painting. You can quickly sketch and create the most amazing digital drawings, thanks to the application. In particular, the application is free, and the interface is intuitive and easy to use, so it provides an excellent experience for anyone who loves to draw. Besides the professional-grade feature set, users are also comfortable using highly customizable tools.

MediBang Paint is also an essential application if you like to create comics and digital paintings right on your smartphone. The app is full of brushes, fonts, premade backgrounds, and other essential resources. In addition, the application is compatible with most operating systems and supports the convenient cloud saving feature.


In short, Ibis Paint X is a professional drawing application for both Android tablets and smartphones. The application offers a vast collection of various drawing features, more than two thousand unique materials, hundreds of modern fonts, and hundreds of unique templates.

In addition, the application has dozens of filters, screen tones, and even blending modes for you to draw Manga in your way freely. Finally, remember to access the cool Live Recording feature to capture great working moments.

Download now Ibis Paint X to create beautiful, beautiful frames with your favorite Manga characters right on your smartphone!

Download ibis Paint X MOD APK v10.0.4 (Prime Membership Unlocked) for Android

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